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It's six degrees this morning and I am freezing when I got up. The kids are having fish sticks for lunch, also the wife. She kisses good. I thought she got up. Who's in the bathroom?

I am returning them kids' phones. I don't need to hold on to them. They don't have internet anyway and they are grounded. It's holding on to fear that I am doing. That's not me anyway, or what I prefer to shine.

Who I am is open. Vulnerable is another way to see it but that has an attached meaning in regular use that is somewhat negative. Open is more neutral and I can use it more often. But when you use the metaphor, vulnerable gives you better leverage. Where is that coming from.

My closet is now different. I spend the day at home. My work, if you can call it that, is to fill in the bucket with light. It's there, you just switch to that channel. The frequency is pws. It's always there and broadcasting. What I am is integrating. I can choose to invalidate, but that's not me. I would rather point downstream and use whatever energy is here for me.

Everything that's relevant is going to make its way by itself to me. What's the point in working to get them when it's already yours. Whatever is here now is for me. I use it. I can use it as feedback and that's what it is right now. It'll be shifting when it gets to me as the source code is in place.

I don't have headphones? I see that I don't need it as much. I can do more with less. This is why it's here. I am also building up my business. I have a storefront and it's working. I have it cheap right now and that's to build up portfolio and feedback. Not that I don't have it already. It's that this is my process and it's going to get me from here to there.

What's up for today? I do yoga, then I run. I have my mind map and it points to what I do today. Either I do a vsl case study, or a critique. I can also write about captain's log. These three are good for me. It's fun to do. In the meantime, the site is accumulating points over time. Everything I do is to be in that light. It's that easy.

This is going to be on autopilot and at the same time, it's giving me things to do that is interesting for me. Next hackathon is on september near the last week. It's going to be in the grid. It's fun here as it's a short walk anyway.

I have a number of things to do. Can I do hackathon anyway? I go there because it's fun. Let's define it that way. Should I focus on the writing? I think so. There is also the need to research stuff. That short haired lady could've used some help with her site copy.

I'll get to that next time. If you were a charity will you switch sides? I think that platform is good. Should I go volunteer with them? I can do htat. I can work remote if needed. I'll go ask about it. It's a family anyway. I can go volunteer and see what happens.

Can I contact nav instead? I can do that. Or go straight to luis. Go with someone you already know. It's good that I get positive feedback with the members. What you want is trusted adviser mode. How do you go there? Be in that light. When you shine your light, those in the same frequency is going to see your light.

Do you need an application form for that? I think so. You write well. Maybe I edit well also. It comes part of the connection. This is that anyway. When you say you are then you already are. What happens next? Those are nice legs on the wife. It's different this time. Why is htat?

I don't know. That needs to go on autocorrect. Do I need to set that up? It's tuesday. I forget what day it is. I'll go fix something up later. I don't need fear to be there but it happened. It showed you a part of you that you seldom see. Why that? I the local self can't full grasp it but as my friend said, we get communication connection with the higher self. From that level, you know what happened.

Be open to it. No invalidation. Everything that's here and now is here for a reason. See it that way and you move forward this way. Do you need to realign everything? No need to. Just be in the light. The neighbors has moved. I am building up the business. Is there a need or my skills?

As long as people are in business, they will need a good communications to convey whatever it is they want to say. You can and will always find work as a rainmaker.