stock the pond

This laptop is doing a system upgrade. It's cold. The kids are getting ready for school. I guess one of them hates me with a passion. This is what parenting is about. It's not always sunshiny days. You'll go through this for the next ten years.

That's like a prison sentence. It's time to do shawshank then. If you were a direct response copywriter, you can do that writing from inside your cell, right? You can't manage clients that way? Of course you can. I wonder if halbert did so. It's going to take longer that way but you can still write.

Research will take the form of delivered reading materials but there's plenty of time in there anyway. What happened to suits? I don't think i'll have something going soon so this is my process. The money i'm borrowing will take a month. I land me a gig on fiverr or upwork and I can get one with a week.

I thought they don't have school. What happens then. This is interesting. I am going deep into copywriting and actively connecting. I'm not as anxious about it as before. I have a path to follow. All I need to do is connect to flow, then fill in the blanks.

I have a client now. I get a new one every week. I then post case studies to my blog and website. It stays there as searchable content that potential clients will find in the future. And that builds up my momentum. The question then is, how do you make yourself comfy?

You can work in the library. The thing about that is food and naps. You can't take breaks with food and nap from there. It's still best in my home office. This is my man cave--the dining table. You can say it's the kitchen table as well. I am in the entrepreneur light.

What else do we do here? Enjoy It. Down the road, you will find your mvp. Right now, it's about writing. It's cold this morning. Not as cold as before. We are headed into spring soon. It's august and eldest daughter's birthday is coming up. That's when spring comes in. I wonder what's in store when the big changes come around.

Whatever it is, it's a reflection to the super consciousness. It's a positive reflection. You may respond in an echo but that's feedback telling you that you are different. You no longer are that person who respond that way before. When will it happen? In the fall of this year. It's going to happen in the next two months then. We are coming up exciting times ahead.

What will it be? Whatever it is, no expectations. Simply ride the wave as long as you can go. It's going to be interesting times coming up after that. There be changes in the system somewhat. Or is that expectation? Right now, things are different with my writing. I tend to write more now and not do programming. Coding was a fork in the road, a skill I needed to put in my process.

I use that in hackathons helping charities setup their wordpress site. That came in handy. Next one i'll be helping with content. I don't have to volunteer for the charity as I have a lot on my plate right now. I can go switch on my ad and start fishing. I do that half way through so I don't get them piled up. I take what I can from here on. I write much. I wonder who else will take up writing?

I don't know and it don't matter much. They do what they want to do. Will they ever think that their dad was a writer? I don't know if they see it that way. They know I go to hackathons. They see that I can fix tech things so they have an idea that I am somewhat into IT. That's ok. That's a segue to what i'm about.

It don't really matter what others think. I'll help out when I can. I wonder what it'll take for them to move here? It's a big step but he has a good job and he's young. His skills are in demand here. Why won't he make that move across the ocean? Maybe his plans are different. He can send in an application to move here then. I'll see what I can do.

Are we moving to australia? Maybe. It's on the table. I am open to it. If we move then we move. That's what wife is thinking about. It's about a job. It don't scale up much. There's a lot of inquiries on freelance boards from australia. It's not the size of the market but your reflection.

How can you test that? You can live in a big population, but when you are in a different frequency, the reflection you get is true. Only the perspective is shifting. How do you line up then? You do it from the inside. You smile first and then the reflection smiles back at you. Can't do it any other way?

Then you put yourself in that light. No matter what you think is on the outside. I have cleared the laundry. It's ready for another set. I have much going on in here. Maybe wife can put her stuff on that side instead. She goes in much anyway. I can do that. I can make changes. It's my choice. I have that opportunity.

You all have the opportunity. You can choose how to respond to things. Each kid is different. I love each of them differently but the positive energy is there. It varies from time to time, but it's a green light if you can meter that energy. It turns red? I don't think so. It goes to yellow, but that's a low bat situation. That tells me I need to recharge.

So it's not love the feeling but positive energy. It's integration. It's pulling together. That's what integrate is about. You take it in. you bring it together. The opposite is negative. It's not hate or indifference or guilt. You look at negative energy and you get what the opposite of love is.

The energy is constantly shifting. One moment it's positive, the next second you are in negative. It's your choice really. You set that energy lever with your source code. You need to be awake and know when you get into yellow light. That's the time to recharge your battery.

That's what I do all day? I think so. It's always changing anyway. We go grocery tomorrow. It's cold right now. Where to get five bucks? I don't know yet. We'll see tomorrow. I can get that by tonight or text the wife later today before lunch. Given the chance, these kids would rather stay home and do their own thing. I'm ok with that.