the feeling is

What if you already were the prolific writer that everyone aspires to be, how would you write -- or not write?

It puts you in a different light, doesn't it. You now have the responsibility of just writing, not care where the words are coming from. You know that it's going to be there. Your job then is to write the words and nothing else.

So when you write, you do not edit. That's not your job. That's the job of the other you. The you who is not the writer but the editor. When you write, be that writer fully in the moment. When you finish writing and it's time to edit, be the editor that everyone aspires to be, fully in that moment.

You cannot serve two masters at the same moment. You can. Everything is possible anyway. But will that work out for you? I don't think it will. It's called writer's stutter.

Wife left early, took the car. I have more time then. I'll make fish for dinner. I'm thinking of adding pasta and cream to it. I'll have the wife get ingredients for later. I think spring onion will do great with it. Keep it simple. I have a potential client to work with. I have a copywriter's storefront on the internet.

It's like having a bait out in the open sea. You are looking to catch big fish. One good fish is more than enough. The project also has to be in line with your light. How can you find one?

The one I am connecting with sells a pdf file. I think it's lame, but that's a start for him. If he wants to get that dollar amount target, he has to change his marketing plan. Maybe create a subscription service. This way, his customers will pay every month and scaling will be easy.

But how do you do that? What subscription will you sell? I don't know yet. What is it in africa that people will pay to own for themselves? Food. Culture. I don't know. That's not my job to know. I am not in africa. I am sure there is something there. Otherwise, why would people want to go there.

I feel more confident now with my writing. I have a template and a structure. All I need to do is to fill the pond. Everything else falls into place. No need to get anxious as to where the words and ideas are coming from. I trust the higher self that I am. I have connection. It's always been there. You just gotta let go.

How do you write then. You get warmed up, connect to flow and just write. You edit later. You put the words down. You get a dialgou going in your connection and you write as much aof it as you can.

What if you lose it. It's always there. Continue writing. Feel where the flow is, then pick up from there. When are my headphones comig? Maybe I don't need one. It's getting me to move in this direction. If that headphone did not break, I never would have come here. Now I am glad I am here. My job then is to be in the light. I don't have to see what is happening on the outside.

Imagine getting paid to write. Isn't that the ultimate abundance. It's like dollars are coming out of your head. You get the idea. Put that down on paper. I work from everywhere. I am digitalnomad. But that's a label. It's not exactly that. I just write.

I am a dictator? More like a writer. The higher self sends the messages, I am the channel. There is the connection there. The father and I are one. It's more the higher self and local self are one. Where do these ideas come from?

It's in your memory. You put them there so you can fish them out. This is filled pond you are fishing in. only difference is it's like shooting fish in a barrel. But it's not that. It's the image that came to mind.

You get the picture. There's a lot of writing in store for today. I can still do yoga and run today. No need to rush things through. What am I doing here then? If he has a sales funnel in place, then you do not have to be here. I think I can outline a campaign for him.

How? His need is to get more sales for that pdf file. At ten dollars, it has to be something good. A report on the conditions in going on safari. What else is there. Who will want to go on safari. People who need to get that frequenc. Why or what is the emoton there?

It's being close to these animal consciousness. There is something to it that you just gotta experience. It's like being close to a giant and it's there because it can kill you in an instant. But you are not dead. You are alive. You are connecting with its consciousness.

You can touch it. You can see that it's aware of you standing right next to it. The animal is connecting with you. Although there are no words between you, there is that conscious connection. That is priceless. Why would anyone want to kill that? It's fear that the ego self will be overcome and lost. The ego self wants to be full in th emoment. Ego self wants to experience all that is in every moment.

I am connecting with the right words when the feeling is already there. Describe the feeling. You put thewords. You feel it and tell me about it. Do not edit. I just lost the connection trying to describe it. Conitune with the feeling. Feel it, write it down. Edit later. It's a continuing cycle. After this, I do five minutes, then I go again.

I get excited writing that way. It builds up. By the middle of the day, my connections need a break. It's like working out a muscle group. Everything has to work together. You don't just do biceps. The back muscles and your leg muscles are working too. Its's an illusion to think that you can only work out the biceps in isolation.

There is no they. There is all that is. It's all connected and different perspectives at the same tim. I have meetup this weekend. This is going to decide whether I am coming back or not. If that guy dominates the platform to talk about himself, then I am not in that light. I would rather do something else on a weekend.