think those lyrics

Man I miss my headphones. It hasn't been a month since I broke it. Times like when I want to zone out while writing, I miss my headphones. Rather than not write witouth it, i'd rather write about how I miss my headphones.

This way, I get it out of my system. I got back from another meetup. It was the second chance to see if it works out. This time it didn't work out. The narcissist co-host dominated everything again. It's going to be like this all the time then people are not going to come back.

I was hoping to learn something from other people's experience but it feels like a pissing contest in there. I realized that people who go to these meetups are folks looking for work. Hardly anyone there is an entrepreneur. They are all looking for work, or a way to level up.

Where would you find a network of business people? That meetup in for internet marketing might work. I'll go check that out. If you were a businessman, will you spend time attending them or will you not have time to attend these? I think I have the answer already.

I signed up for numismatics. That has potential. Most of these are businessmen. They have something else and coin collecting is an expensive hobby. Will they have websites? I think so if they were dealers. You want to look into verticals like this to find your whale.

Why not go back to the dojo. I'd do that hen I have cash flow coming in. wife is setting up her music. Man, I wish I had my headphones. How can I get that? I don't know yet. Ask for help? I think I can do that. But who will have that much money to lend? I don't know. The only person I know who will help is in a tight situation himself.

He did not say no, but he said he'll send help september. That's coming up in a few weeks. If the budget fits, i'd get a mic and headphone. If not, just the headphones will do nicely and use the rest as gift to my daughter. How will this business pickup?

I don't know yet. Just get writing and finish this. Get to the other side. It's somethnig like white noise. It puts you in the mood to write. The wife was asking about binaural beats that was in her youtube list. I was listening to it all week. What now? I don't know. It's a week's worth of pay. That's a big chunk if you ask me.

For now, only do this. You have traffic going on in there. I will finish that script and have that sent out tonight before I go to bed. I can listen to my own stuff, or not. I can take a nap or something. Maybe I can do something else here. I don't know what it's going to be.

The website has given me a focus, or a beacon. It's something I can put my attention to and sail in that direction. Keep it there. It seems to work to get you going down a path. I can do swipe files again. I haven't finished that sgr. I see a pattern in his writing. I am going to make use of that.

I will run tomorrow. I can do yoga tomorrow morning while they go to church. That sounds neat. Where to get funds for that headphones? I don't know. Wife can't help at this itme. Then it's not relevant for you. Do something else. I can choose to go crazy about it. Or not. In the meantime, only do this. How much will shipping cost?

I think it's about a third of the price or whatnot. Then see where it is going. Or do something else. I finished laundry this morning. Do something else. Finish writing. Post this, then do something else. Maybe I can finish the layout of my website. Or something else.

Or get to work. Go do upwork and practice writing. It's not about getting a job, but writing a copy to get people to respond to my copy. That's fishing for me. I enjoy doing that. Then do that. It's good practice if you ask me. It's playing the numbers.

Apply for a job you go one to one. Do your business and you do spaghetti to the wall. Those folks at the meetup were so technical. Was he that good? I think he started another business but failed. Why not talk about it? Or has he been applying for work since.

It could be that. Why not talk about it then? That way, you learn something in the process. You grow up. But that's just me. Maybe his story is different. Mine is different. I follow a different path. I don't have to go there. It's not for me. Stick to my own path here.

I miss my headphones. When will that come in? Soon as I change my response to it. This is about halfway through. Maybe I can put my head on something else and work? That be nice. If I get upwork gig then I start that and let go of fiverr for a while. But that's me. I can do something else. My copy is getting better here.

I think those lyrics are good. Listen to the accoustic version of that and you see how beautiful the words are. It's poetic. Can you go there? Can you write that way? I already am there. It's just that I don't edit them that way. You don't just sit and write out prose. You sit and do a brain dump inspired. You edit when you finish.

What next? Finish writing this. I think wife will watch the good wife after dinner. Then I sit there and watch as well. It's gotten so interesting they have a weave of charactres. Each thread is interesting and when you wove them together you get a beautiful fabric.

This is good storytelling. How do you get there? You write. You don't worry about how it's going to look like. Just put the words down on paper. When you have them on layout, you edit them to make it work together. So they have several writers going at it, then someone edits them to work together.

I can do that. It's going to take some time but it's possible. What happens on weekends? I have a book coming this week. It's gonna be here tuesday or wednesday. I can go ride the bike going to the library. I can clean the toilet after I finish this.