this is connected

I have two orders this time. There's plenty of time to get this done. This time though, I have a structure to guide me. It feels like it's the same with life. Daughter is wrapping a teaspoon in napkin. She is so organized.

I'll be at the library today. Should I work there? Maybe take the time off to go there. I'll make those drafts, do research on the subject. What are tehir competitors doing. I have swipe files to go over for the direct mail copy.

Get them out the door. Be responsive. Ask questions. Send updates. These are the things i'll be doing. Mostly research learn everything there is to know, then write down the ideas that come to mind. Edit to polish comes last but it's all a cycle. I would rather work on the direct mail copy but it's all connected anyway.

The video scripts are getting more eyeballs. I think it's the trend right now as it's easier to search from there. What's great about direct mail is you get inside their heads with good copy.

What do they want? They want results in place. They want funding in place. Since it's their business, you know how much fun it will be when you have cash flow to make it work. How do you get to the other side then? You don't. You simply be in the moment.

When you get that idea, then change is the only constant working for you. I go to library to get docs notarized. That is going to take all morning. Why not do that when the kids get home. That way I get to do my things as well, then when the midday slump comes around, I have this other things to play with. Is it going to rain today?

It's going to be cloudy. Why not work in the library? Because i'll get thirsty and hungry. If I was spending my time doin gforex, i'd e up hundred percent by now. I have time and being as capital and it's giving me cash flow. So the business is leverage words into advertising. It's direct mail and video advertising. It's what I do now.

And I am having fun with this. I am excited. I am interested. I am plugged in and in the zone. That did not sound right. Still, get this up and running. What do they want? They want their business in the zone and flowing cash flow. They want sincere message that we are here for you. The interest is incidental to cover for risk. What's important is that when they need the money, they have access to it, and fast.

Is it good that it's this way? I have hotdogs in the oven. That's for lunch today as it's been in the ref open for more than a week now. It's getting there. Morning pages helps me connect to flow and I am getting ideas about this. I can do content marketing with them videos and show how to get the most out of it. Also compare how much it costs but really, it's a tool for quick and easy testing. You don't have to wait for others.

You create a package and while the juices are flowing, you make the video. You put them out there and in an hour, you are getting feedback on your ideas. It's that thing that is the benefit. You find the benefits they buy and you expand on it. How do I expand on this business? You can't see it there but you already are doing it. You are adding them on to your site.

I think I can revert back to that other one but the fact that it's getting better analytics, I think I am doing something good here. Don't focus on them though. It's fleeting and change is the only constant for you. I was tired last night. Let it be so.

It's about writing and I am living in the light now. The details will follow. Only post your work to the profile and see how it goes from there. Do they get work from there? I think so. It should work that way. Then how do you put yourself in that light? I don't know yet. Make it like a dynamic and living resume slash portfolio.

You wrte. You know how to connect. Be in that light and you will see. It's always that simple to connect. Make it more about them than it is about you showcasing everything. Like that person who wanted a critique. I'll get to that later but it's negative energy. Do something else later then.

Why is that energy here? They'll get feedback later. In the meantime, they think it's about ego. They see john carlton's video tutorial and they think that works. It's a turn-off. It focuses on him but fortunately his copy works. I'll look into that later but that's just one point of view. There be billions of other points of view and each one is valid.

Get to it then. I start work on that when the kids are off. I go to library after lunch. There be less traffic in there and I can get back sooner this way. I'll take the car then. It's fun this way and I get more done into this. It's my time out for the day. Do yoga. I can bring the kids with me?

No need. Let's see what else we can do here? If I wait for him, it's going to be closed already. The books are going to be there anyway. I think there's something there, a feeling of anymosity. What does that mean. It's like you don't care much. It's allowing. That's the energy you are in.

it's not that you don't care. It's more like you are allowing them to explore even if when it's not relevant for you. This is connected anyway. Let it be in that light. You can write copy later for that then. Talk about benefits always. It's about them. It's about what you can do for them.

There's he connection. It's the link and bridge you look for. The details will follow. It's automatic. It's the reflection. You get much going into this. You don't need the outside reflection. You have it inside of you already. You go in this frequency and you see everything there.

I get that already. It's there. What else needs to be here. Finish writing. I think I have everything in place. I can take picuters of the requirements. It's happening today then. I can do more orders and that gets me in the zone already. It's good copy you have going there. See it that way. It's the urgency that puts you in the light.

You have it there.