you don't even

I used my broken headphones earlier today. It's not the headphones, nor the music. It's about getting in the zone. And you don't need fancy headphones to do that. You simply start writing. The headphones, them just details. You get in the zone.

I am getting leads with this. I start making a path down this path. Will I get tired of it? As long as you connect to flow, it's going to be there. You are always going to be in the zone. No matter how it feels, you start wrtiing. You write two pages and then you ared done. Do that for a minimum. When it's time to write, do two pages. You are going to be alright.

The kids go back to school tomorrow. I had carbs over the weekend. I was afraid. I wanted to take a break anyway. It did not get me in the zone. There was anxiety there. I don't have to go there. I can do one percent of pws and i'll be alright. I am ok. I remember going to cubao. Those were fun times. Them be dark days as well. I had fun because the wife was there with me.

It's been fun since. I am glad I came back. I saw that she was a good person. There was a lot of local self in her. She gets in the cave at times. But I can choose how to respond to that. She be my contrast and feedback. This is the contrast I need to get a jump on my reflection. Without a solid contrast, you don't have much to push off.

This is how I see it. You don't have to come up with killer copy all the time. Sometimes you just gotta start writing down an outline. And then you add words. You edit and then add stuff again. You don't block the flow. Let the words come out on paper. You can edit them out later. This is how you connect.

It's not going to make sense. Am I losing it? You never had it anyway. You had it and yet you don't. It's like that. You can listen to your music later. You don't need headphones for that. In the meantime, this is the process you need to go through. This is something here for you. You know that. Use up the energy. Do not invalidate it. It's here for you. You can use the energy or not. Sit through it. You can make something out of it.

Like how? I don't know. I know that this is getting you to get to this fork in the road. You then pick the path that is interesting for you. It don't have to be in alignment. Sometimes you need to see that curve ball. Even this contrast with the family, it's here for a reason. You don't have to hate it. Know that this is opportunity for you.

I just want it to be perfect. I know. But it's never perfect anyway. It's always changing. How you respond to this is the effect you get out of it. You already know that. What do we do here then? Keep writing. You can help people. I have hundreds of impressions on my gig every day since I started it. It's amazing that there's so much looking into it.

I am going to get a lot of hits starting next week. Also there's upwork. That too is an outlet. Let's see where all this is going. I may have to forego programming for a while. It's there at the back of my head. I do it in between. In the meantime, I connect to flow. It's connected anyway. How far? I don't know yet. You make good copy. You behave and live like a good copywriter and you will have your control packages.

This is page two. How do you know you'll get good packages? Because that is the reflection for a good copywriter. It's the details. Once you rre in the light, you see the details in the reflection. But if you focus on the details, you will never see the light. You will never see the reflection. Don't worry about the details. It's going to be there for you.

It's not going to be right because you will always have contarst with you. Edit later. How do you write as a poet? I don't know yet. You simply be in here and see where it is going. And then you know where it is. You can see it in the writing. I think you know how these things go. You can use a softawre to play that thing.

I know. If I wanted to get into it, I can find that and make it work. If not, then it's not relevant. You don't have to go with the herd. What happened to all those people? I don't know. Maybe they too are copywriters now. Maybe they too write much. Or not. It don't matter.

How come you were never invited? I don't know. There must have been a reason and I have my own. I didn't like working that way. I did not really know how to do things his way. And now I know. Because I did not go down that path, I know my way. I write more and that's how you are a writer. When you are not writing, then you are a writer not writing. It odn't matter what others think. It's your universe anyway.

How do I help out that way? I don't know yet. It's not relevant because I don't know how to go there. You know how to do this. You will get the reflection even if you do nothing. Keep to your light and you see.

You keep repeating these things. It's what comes to my head. The movie was good, the get down. It gets dry but let's see where his is going. I think it has potential. Or not. I can go see something else. It's going to take a while. The reflection is not solid but this is me. I do one percent ever moment. That's how I do this. I already know this.

It's the mustard seed. It's the kingdom of heaven. This coming from an atheist or agnostic. I get it once I stepped out of religion. There be hypocrites out there. It's sad. I don't want to deal with that. They encourage each other. They willl see once they wake up. In the meatime, be the positive energy in this reflection. You don't have to change them.

Just be on your path. Y ou don't een have to go their path. Be on your own path. I miss my headphones. I don't know how to get another one. I am building up my business. Losing them headphones was motivation for me. It is getting started. It is like a train already starting off the station. It's going to be like this. Once it starts gaining momentum, things get easy for you.

Keep to the light. Faith, I don't have it. I know keep to the light is different. It's something you do because you know it. They can fight if they want. I am not stopping that.