not everyone has

Maybe daughter can practice driving while I run. I don't want to give up my run today. I have a busy weekend ahead. I have five articles on dating to write, then a project copy for a kickstarter campaign. Things are moving forward.

It don't matter how much you make as a copywriter. That's just details and they come with the reflection. When you are in your light, these things come automatically. How and why? Because it's relevant. They come with the reflection. Right now, it's based on your source code. You see yourself as not in that frequency yet.

How to change that? Change your response to it. You know that when you start to write, you instantly have access to creative flow. It's always there for you. You only need to close your eyes and tell it which way to go. It's that simple. Not everyone has access to that.

You have all these blog writers. It's different when you are rainmaker. These are one of a kind breeds and they come individually wrapped. How to write more? Do yoga after this, then startw writing the first article. You don't even need music right now but if you did, it's there for you.

I have much to expand on. This is fun. It's so much better than programming. You get clay, you add clay and then you mold it. That's fun. The molding part and adding part is so much interesting. You connect to zone in that place. And then you look up and everything is zooming y right in front of you.

I can write when I go there too. Let's see how that goes. Or maybe she can drive while I am here. Or not. We'll see what happens. Maybe tomorrow or something. Wfie be home tonight but I won't. I have hackathon but she's taking the kids to the city for dinner.

Why stop them when you benefit from it as well? They finish at five so we get together around that time. I then go to my hackathon and they go have dinner. I meet up with them after they finish. I see that. I think we can go from here.

We can meet at the parking lot afterwards. What time do they finish? I don't know yet. About the same time I finish. I think. It's usually around eight thirty somewhat. It's fun. I am excited. The energy is up there. How do you keep that up?

I don't know. Go with people who are uplifting. Don't spend time with others that drain you. You don't have to go there. I have my own business and this is freedom. This is choice. It's all opportunity. That's how the energy is at my store. Isn't this fun?

What to have for breakfast? I don't know yet. There is that yogurt. I can put that in the freezer and have that. Or something else. There's that bacon and eggs. It's the weekend and I am out here. This is day two. No need to go there that way. I bring eggs later.

I don't know what to have for later. I can eat at thome. There's nothing there that's good for me. I think they be going to ben and jerrys for dessert. That be fun. I can wait out by the parking lot if that's where they are going. Or not. We'll see. I think they be going to motorway from there. I see. I can do research later then finish off the writing someplace else.

I can do support or do the upload to server part. I see that. The design process takes up more time that way. You see where this is going right? I will can get everything done this time. It's exciting this way. I see this as part of my process. You connect to flow. It's there for you. Now you write. Why do you compare? No need.

The path is different. You compare and it's different and no comparisons anyway. I think daughter is going to leave soon. I do yoga after this and then I write. There is that energy. You feel that? Filter using positives. Negative filter turns the water into murk.

You don't want to go there. You have access anyway. Let's use this and see where it's going. I have these things to listen to. I can play that while doing yoga. That gives me plenty of material to work with. No need for that bat shit. It's a label but it's something I don't prefer.

What do you prefer? Exceptional work. Puttig more of myself ito the writing. You have six copies on fiverr. You see how good those are. It closes the reader on your gig. That's good. Not everyone has that. I can make changes better. The key is to get the reader involved.

How do you do more of that? I think you see where this is going. Get them there now.

through their videos

It's almost six and wife has to go to the dentist. I don't want to go. It's a long drive and i'd rather stay home and do stuff for my business. I am watching this fundraising video on youtube.

I had to take a moment there to check what how to correctly spell fundraising. That way there is the correct way. I don't get how this friend keeps asking for help on his website. I think he's in charge now of the charity. Or is that a nonprofit.

Maybe there is something here for me. It's happening. It's in my experience so it's relevant. It's how you see it from where you sit that makes sense out of it. Is the wife going to make dinner first or go to dentist first?

I think she goes to dentist first, is that a book I need to see? I have the dummies book. I can look into that when I go deep into this. How else do you raise funds? Do crowdfunding but you need to activate your crowd. Get them to commit to supporting the group. Once you have them committed then you can lead them around.

How do you get them more involved? You give them stuff. You get them to do stuff in public. That way, it gets them committed in their head and in front of their social network. What time is the wife going out? I need to go for a shower. Let's do it after I finish this. I think I can write something up.

It's about influencing and building your crowd before you crowdfund. How do you grow them? I don't know about that ticketing stuff. That puts off the other members. How else will you manage the group differently?

You already know that. You don't have to be funny or try to be one. It'll come out soon as you are there. The guys at shangrila loved it. I connected with them that way. I can go there and see how it happens. Will it work? It's not my group. I am part of it. There be limits to what you can do.

It's good for learning stuff. You get to practice on theory to see what works and what doesn't. I can go with her. We do the motorway and then turn in to something. Do you go there? Will kickstarter be better or go local?

It's a numbers game. The more you have eyeballs to your campaign, the better your chances to get an effect? I think so. It's the same as sales. How do you get connection? Tell them about your story that's relevant to their self-interest. How do you do that?

They want to feel good. Is it really? What else? They want to be a part of something big. What does that mean. Why do you go to hackathons? I get to meet people. How else? If you were just giving money to it, what moves you to do that? I don't know because I don't do it.

I go to this nonprofit because I am part of this community. Then go for that. Get people to commit. Why not make the occasion more often? That is going to cost you but if you can go to kickstarter for one and then... wife asked me to come along. I said no. I would rather do something else.

I can't have more ice cream as wife is going to have that for later. Why can't the kids have that? I am in fear. I don't want that to happen. But anything can happen. So be it then. If that happens then it's relevant. I think I can go active into this. I can work with the charity and make social stuff.

You will need a camera for it. How do you do that? I think fundraising is a fun job as it gets me talking to people. How do you get into that circle. I can see something in there. They need to register so they can be a charity. Why are they not doing that?

It gets easier if the donations are tax-deductible. I don't know. I'll find out during the weekend. I need to shower after this. How many do you need then? I'll cross the bridge when I get there. Let's get a campaign up and running then.

What will the campaign be about? I don't know yet. Work with others then learn as much as you can. Like what? Just be in the light. You see that light and you see the reflection. I am listening to this video than to the flow. Then it's not being filtered. It goes in straight and you are listening to flow.

I see. What is npr? I think it's that radio station. I like their youtube channel. That's how they raise funds? I think so. They invite artists then they make money through their videos. That is creative. How can you twist that?

it's connected this

I have jazz listening when I write. This or cello classical. I have yet to find a mix of both. It's probably out there, even if it were just one artist. For now, I write.

I woke up with an insight. It's zero point you be in the moment. It puts you right smack at the center of the universe. This gives you power to move mountains. It doesn't take a lot of effort. You let go. Everything falls into place.

Why didn't they teach this instead? Why is there a need to control? Why was there so much fear? Maybe because they didn't know as much. Maybe there was connection lost. I turned off music. I want to write now. The neighbors downstairs must have just woken up. There's talk there now although I can't understand them.

My snot is back to liquid. Wife has the bug and did it move back in? If so, be it there allowed. I can work on the c4c gig today and claim that thing. He sends snippets of work now and then and it's part of my equation. I found this theme and it works fine now. I like the way headings are lined up.

I can look deeper into this and see how it goes. For now, I am not spending a lot of time there. It was the golang blog that brought in eyeballs. How do you expand on that? Should I go back there and see how things are going?

It's that sidebar thing. You write. Is wife up? Why does she go to church? Is it based on fear? Or is it like going to the dojo to hang out with friends while immersed in an activity you enjoy doing? This latter is me. The former is the wife. I no longer go to church. They even have mass at the mall.

I don't know. It's not me anymore. Let's move forward here and see where it's going. The hot chocolate in jollibee used ot be good. It's something to look forward to. For now, it's not something you need. Why not create a youtube video about it.

You can use the traffic from in there to bring them into your site. It works that way. It's both connected. What to write about? Do what excites you. Analyze these campaigns and see how it's going to end up. Or check out recently completed ones and write about it.

You will see that there is somewhat of a common thread about it. I am from this perspective so I see them in this light. I have a good domain name url and I can milk it forward. Let's see where this is going then. I have this one cool gig up and running. No eyeballs yet.

I think it's more a niche. More people are doing other things. Maybe one percent go into that but still it's a particular niche you can use. Do you need to change text on something else? I don't know yet. Let's see how that goes later on.

These two downstairs have started talking again. It rained yesterday I did not get to go out. Maybe go out more often then. The kids be home anyway. I'll do that. Let's go sometime after naps. Daughter is going to see movies on the couch. Another one has a scoial event to attend to.

I have hackathon next week. That's exciting. Are they not in need of crowdfunding? I think it looks that way. So be it then. Do something else for now. Like what? Get deeper into it and see how it goes. I can write something here and see what happens. For now, everything is connected.

It's a lot of writing but you know what you are doing. Not everyone has that. This is your niche. You know how to expand and it's easy as pie. Let's get cracking then. Why do they argue like that? I'd hate to live with a person like that--she takes hurt in the little things. That's sad.

Why does she choose that way? I don't know. That is hell right there. How come he tolerates that? I don't know. Crazy is a prerequisite when you choose a partner. I saw that crazy once. It scared me because it moved me. I had to get away from that. She puts you in a light you haven't seen before.

The easy path downstream is to walk away. Leave everything. Give her money to go shopping and get all your stuff out. You get what it's like when it makes sense for you. They can't see the hell they're in. that's contrast feedback for you then. You see where you are relataive to their experience.

At a higher level, they serve a purpose for you. Use up the eenergy and move on. It's connected this way. It's their offering for you. Use it and expand anyway.

i have hackathon

I think i've raised them responsibly. Can I go now? Probably not. There's that gig I need to finish. Also this business i'm growing. The son is looking for something ad don't seem to need my help. Fine. That's his process then.

Wife is still home. We have hackathon next week. I'm excited about it. It's not as fun as the first time though. Why is that? Because you already know how it works. You can do something else though. I don't think anyone else is going to use these. Just remove them later when you don't need it.

I feel the thing on my extremes. If I don't watch myself it's going to manifest as experience. What now? Be in the moment. Be that person you seek. Is everyone going to be in schoos today? Yes, except for third daughter.

I guess it's this way then. Or we can go tonight? Wife has work tonight. It has be today. I miss writing in vim. You can go back sentene by sentce then word by work in vim. It makes it easy for me to make edits but it is going to be in plain text. Also the visual and normal modes make it easy to not make errors. have a tool for each situation. If not, then you know how to make do. I finish that gig today then get on with my day. Tomorrow is the due date but I can finish earlier. I have more than enough in here anyway. I can reference the vsl.txt file for guidance. I already have that in place.

This helps you to see the difference. How can you make it so? I don't know. It's a consumer item and I don't really buy into their claims. But it's my job to write something about it. I need to go to toilet. The junk food from yestreday was poison. The soda tasted like bad medicine.

I am clearing the system today. If not then it's going to haunt me. I am still iwithn the 100 day limit. I can start tomorrow or today. Wife is still on vacation today. We do grocery later on. I think she will watch good wife today. She can't go tonight. So be it then. Let's finish this then see what happens.

There's a discomfort there. The sun is out. This daughter I have negative definitions. I am concerned she plays shit games all day. Is it that or the community? I think it is this and that. What to do today? Wife might have brunch with daughter. I can sit with that. She has a grand time going there. I have my nap times.

These things happen and next week is term break. It's not going to happen again. They know the consequences. If shit like that happens then I have a choice. I can fight it or use the energy. There's a difference. How do you use it as energy when it's an experience?

There's your answer. I am slouching. The awareness is using it as feedback then. Tomorrow is last day of school. These kids might not go to school tomorrow. I think we go when son gets home. We go around three. We finish early. Wife has others on her todo list.

That did not sound good. It's a play on words. What now? Finish writing then drive the kids. When you get back, you will have enough in your well to finish everything. It's five bucks. They are not expecting much but be on your way anyway. You can copy paste but that's not exciting.

It's better to catch fish on your own stream. You built it up anyway. I wonder how it will be like to get something there going. It's there . You know how to deal with it. You know how to use it. What's up with that?

I don't know. I can change that now but that's editing. You only need to write. I do the laundry today. I haven't run yet. Can I run today? I still have the cough. I think I can run next week...maybe sunday. That be enough time for recovery. Cough is here and there's phlegm. That was a slow word there. I don't use that often.

The common words come easy because you use them a lot. When it's not there I have stuff to wash. Why is she getting that sandwich? I don't know. Nobody wants them anyway. So be it then. I'm short on sausage. This one wasn't supposed to take one. Anyway, it's here. Use the energy.

What happens next? Play with this. Finish writing then get on with your day. How to have fun with wife is daughter is around? I don't know. Take a nap later and see how it goes. I have hackathon next week. It's fun going there. Why? I have someplace to go to in the city and spend time there. I get to talk with people. I get to be helping others.

to go now

This copy is for crowdfunding campaign on fiverr. I am going for 10,000 hours writing copy. I don't know how long it takes, but it's interesting for me.

There be times when I doubt myself...if I really can write copy. On the eleventh hour, everything falls into place. I just offered my daughter to do research for me at dollar and half for five pages. She won't do much, copy paste plus organize the writing.

What do these fundraisers want? Fully funded campaigns. What would be believable? I can talk about how you do it. That investors are after their own interests; it don't matter much about the product. They just want to be a part of something outside of themselves.

That is one motivation. What else is there? They want to have something to talk about with their network. That they were part of this community that supported this or that. They want to have that emotional reward that people admire them for their generosity.

These fundraisers, what do they want? They want their campaigns fully funded. How do you prove that claim? Tell them how you do it. You can write about the motivations. I am sick. I have been sick this is the third day. I can run wednesday. Not today. Not tomorrow. I need to give this body a rest.

I teach my kids how to negotiate. Not that there's something missing there. I make it like a game for them. I think it's a good rate for them. How do they find the right content? Give them three keywords. The more specific and vertical, the better.

How will you wrrite it? Here is something you want...fully funded campaigns. This is how you get it. It don't matter if it's video or cext copy. You connect with the investor and move them to give you money.

How do you do that? I need to know how many letters or words in the campaign. That kinda sets the cap. But there's probably a lot going on there. No feedback from fiverr yet. I guess it falls into place then. Three days is pretty good.

I can go for seven but that's for later. I don't want it taking too long. If I can make it better then three to five days is good enough. I am enjoying this. When I finish an assignment it feels good. I connect with self that wrote it. In between I doubt. Why do I do that?

Because the local self wants to know see how to get there. It only needs to know what the next step is going to be. It don't have to figure out all the way. I get that now. The site is going to be a repository of all the work I make.

I need to put in that caveat to ensure that I can use them to promote my business. It's a snippet that you can add to your copy. Do you have it in place now.

Here is what you want. Fully funded campaign on due date. How can you be sure of that? Connect to audience. End of term is coming up. I think it's around 8pm. Client might want more pages. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, only do this.

Is there anything else I can do here? I don't know. At five dollars per assignment, I am learning and putting in hours to ten thousand. The customer gets something they want as well. It's a win-win situation. I guess the charity is not going to happen anymore.

How do you change things? Make it education. Most of the devs there or some are there to get experience anyway. Is it? Are they teaching you anything? I'm not sure about it. It is a good way to connect. I don't think the others are going to help with fundraising. It's going nowhere.

Then do something. I did. I offered my response. I can let it go at that. In the meantime, the kids will install an app so we'll know where they are. I can go check that later on. For now, only do this. I wonder if the wife is going to install it.

Or not. She is going to know where I am. Do you want that? I can have early dinner and then take a nap. I can do that while I heat up and write copy for crowdfunding. Is that the way to go now? You want them to be recurring. How do you do that? You put that option in. you then update them how things are doing.

I'm inside the house all day. I may need to get out more often. Today I am sick so not doing anything there. For tomorrow, we'll see how I feel.

already there anyway

Use the energy so you don't really miss it. Why do they need jobs like that when it doesn't support the whole? How or what would be a positive energy then?

Allow for it to be there, even if it were to sit there to give feedback. Someone will come along and use that feedback, even if it were just you. It's still feedback that way. Sentence structures et al. You write.

I got a bite yesterday, last night sometime before midnight. I took it on to get things going. It's to write home page copy for a dating website. What they have now is so common and doesn't get you interested enough. I haven't seen good copy for fundraisers. Their generation is past. This is my reality experience.

How will it be different with me? I give it my best, no expectations. When I get expectations, then it's time to let go for now. I put in deposit yesterday. Everything is as it should be. I can tune this up. I have man cave like this and it serves me well. It's in front of a window and a beach. Or beside a mountain. It has soundproof room.

I go there to write. I connect very well in there. Also it's good to just check in at a hotel. This way, I don't have to worry about these things but I can have two or three. I don't have to be young. I see synchronicity even in my writing. It comes up and I don't plan them.

That tells me i'm on the path. Sometimes you hit dry spells like that and it's break time. It's part of your process. You use up the energy that way. It will open up once you raise the volume but even so. You see the peaks and valleys in this music. It's what good monitor headphones can do for you.

I like these ones I have. I searched on youtube to find the good ones and that one where you get to compare the music works well for me. I go there when I need to get another one. They are not as robust as the others but it will do for now.

I think they have the more popular brands. They need to expand more. Maybe it works for them to bring in traffic to their website so you'll look for more. Then that's how you do it. How do you profit from it? The profit is the enjoyment. What's that kid doing? I don't know.

She is putting salt into water. Does she have toothache? I don't know. Maybe she learned something online. That's how the next generation is going to be. I listen to classical to block out the noise?

Not really. It's to match frequency as well. I have sound frequencies to match this way. She has throat thing as the son. Where did they get it? They should do something about it at school. Are they saving money there? It's a situation. That keeps them sick. What can you write about it?

Write and you get in their head when it connects. The videos are easy but you connect better when you write. Do it that way, then present video if you need to. Right now, writing makes sense. What can you write about? Write about them. It's always about them. Even when it's them wanting to learn about you it's still about them.

How do you expand on this? Tell them about the experience. Tell them the story of how you went from this to that frequency. Have them experience that in their head. Have them match it in their heart and you will see them compelled into action. It's how you do it then.

How do you find that appeal? You put yourself in that frequency and it falls into your lap. It comes to you. When you worry about it nothing is going to happen. I have learned much since last night. It's time to go now. I like this music here. I'll add it to my playlist.

This is being open to flow. You can build up your list this way and see how it goes. I've just added it. Weather app says it's going to rain. Let it be then. Do I take the bus or do I bike? I was planning to bike. Wife was right. It just slipped her mind and I shouldn't make a fuss out of it.

I knew that. I didn't, the local mind wanted to make sense out of it but it's already there anyway. You have it in place anyway. Do you have to be without? Only if and when it serves you. When you have to ask how then you are not in the frequency. Let it be then. How do you get into that light?

You model it after something. What is she doing? Let it ride that way.

it's out there

What now? Every moment is a box in itself. Nothing on the outside. Everything is in here. If it's not in your box then it's not relevant and you don't have to deal with it.

The kids hasn't come out of their room yet. I am clearing up dev links for now. I don't need them as i'll be focus on writing. I feel more connected this way. Let's get going with this then. Maybe a few wordpress stuff though.

The two are still sleeping. They go to bed later than the others. It's their thing. There was a connection there when they were young. I don't think it's going to change. The things I saw at the movies were boring. It's like watching poor slapstick comedy.

This is why they are losing money. How do you reverse that? I don't know. It's connected though. That gets them to the other side. If you were there you ride the wave and see where it's going.

Do I have to reinstall anything? I don't think so. You don't need anything new right now. At this time, you have everything that you need. Stick with this and see where it's going. I have to make sandwich for one of the kids. I wonder if they prefer rice.

Wife is working friday. She is off from work next week? I don't know. She says one thing and will do the other. I am not going to bet on it. Do I put away the bed? Not now. Finish writing, then you can do something else.

It's always the first gig that gets too long. Once you get something in everything else falls into place. I know better how to work this. Ride the wave and see where it's going. One more week of school and they are on term break again. I don't have to listen to music. It's why it happened. This got me to this path.

Everything worked well then. What to do today? I run. I do yoga. No assignments so I go to library tomorrow. Then what? Sit here and do nothing. Simply man the storefront. Do swipe files. Write and see what happens.

I can look up kurtz swifefiles. I can play with that today. It's different and I can easily go there. Given enough room to expand I can make good copy. Why did that one not fly? It did. It sold a few. Maybe it wasn't showing up on organic search but what if you advertised? How many eyeballs compared to converts? I think you have a good number in there.

I didn't see it that way. Now you know better. It converted good. You just did not have much to play with in terms of number but conversion was solid. How do you use that with your business? Write copy that solves a problem for them.

What do they want? They want their marketing to be on autopilot. They test a few things. They want someone who knows what they are doing so they can focus on what they do best. It's all modular. Each part doing what it does best, doing one thing well. It's the unix philosophy.

You can sell that to tech prospects. They get that. You can build on that from here on. If the product is a dud then there's not much you can do about it. You now have the formula. Get going. You can connect with them there. You are building up seo juice?

It's not the seo but the long tail content. I would rather build on that than something else. There are words that are related. I think if I were building an algorithm then that's the path I go to. Is it something you can game?

Probably not. But there's always a loophole. It's kinda chilly this morning. These kids. Did he change clothes yesterday? The biggest gift you can give is to let them give to you. That's big. That's a realization for me. Am I going to listen to kurtz today?

He makes sense for now. I can go that way. What else do I do here? See the website. Maybe there's something in there we can play with. Mine has copy i've done before. It's not completely up to date but it's something I can play with.

I have a few more out there. I can go take a look and see how it fits. For now, follow your heart. It tells you where feedback is. That gets you going down a path. If it's not here then it's no longer relevant. You don't have to go looking for it.

How to install sql? It's out there. You can do that in one hour, maybe less. I got to this side. I think there is a business somewhere in there.