already there anyway

Use the energy so you don't really miss it. Why do they need jobs like that when it doesn't support the whole? How or what would be a positive energy then?

Allow for it to be there, even if it were to sit there to give feedback. Someone will come along and use that feedback, even if it were just you. It's still feedback that way. Sentence structures et al. You write.

I got a bite yesterday, last night sometime before midnight. I took it on to get things going. It's to write home page copy for a dating website. What they have now is so common and doesn't get you interested enough. I haven't seen good copy for fundraisers. Their generation is past. This is my reality experience.

How will it be different with me? I give it my best, no expectations. When I get expectations, then it's time to let go for now. I put in deposit yesterday. Everything is as it should be. I can tune this up. I have man cave like this and it serves me well. It's in front of a window and a beach. Or beside a mountain. It has soundproof room.

I go there to write. I connect very well in there. Also it's good to just check in at a hotel. This way, I don't have to worry about these things but I can have two or three. I don't have to be young. I see synchronicity even in my writing. It comes up and I don't plan them.

That tells me i'm on the path. Sometimes you hit dry spells like that and it's break time. It's part of your process. You use up the energy that way. It will open up once you raise the volume but even so. You see the peaks and valleys in this music. It's what good monitor headphones can do for you.

I like these ones I have. I searched on youtube to find the good ones and that one where you get to compare the music works well for me. I go there when I need to get another one. They are not as robust as the others but it will do for now.

I think they have the more popular brands. They need to expand more. Maybe it works for them to bring in traffic to their website so you'll look for more. Then that's how you do it. How do you profit from it? The profit is the enjoyment. What's that kid doing? I don't know.

She is putting salt into water. Does she have toothache? I don't know. Maybe she learned something online. That's how the next generation is going to be. I listen to classical to block out the noise?

Not really. It's to match frequency as well. I have sound frequencies to match this way. She has throat thing as the son. Where did they get it? They should do something about it at school. Are they saving money there? It's a situation. That keeps them sick. What can you write about it?

Write and you get in their head when it connects. The videos are easy but you connect better when you write. Do it that way, then present video if you need to. Right now, writing makes sense. What can you write about? Write about them. It's always about them. Even when it's them wanting to learn about you it's still about them.

How do you expand on this? Tell them about the experience. Tell them the story of how you went from this to that frequency. Have them experience that in their head. Have them match it in their heart and you will see them compelled into action. It's how you do it then.

How do you find that appeal? You put yourself in that frequency and it falls into your lap. It comes to you. When you worry about it nothing is going to happen. I have learned much since last night. It's time to go now. I like this music here. I'll add it to my playlist.

This is being open to flow. You can build up your list this way and see how it goes. I've just added it. Weather app says it's going to rain. Let it be then. Do I take the bus or do I bike? I was planning to bike. Wife was right. It just slipped her mind and I shouldn't make a fuss out of it.

I knew that. I didn't, the local mind wanted to make sense out of it but it's already there anyway. You have it in place anyway. Do you have to be without? Only if and when it serves you. When you have to ask how then you are not in the frequency. Let it be then. How do you get into that light?

You model it after something. What is she doing? Let it ride that way.