do that then

Write first, then get on with my day. I don't hae to go very fast. Just write be more concise? Not really. I don't even know what that means. A thesaurus comes handy when writing. It's that tool you need for this work.

Maybe there is a better tool for that. I think if when you right click on a word you will find it. Or not. I can always go online. There is an idiom tool for using this as well. Why not create that instead.

You will catch the relevant fish. Be in that frequency and you see. It's not that you are worse. It's what's relevant for your frequency. Putting conditions make you feel sad and frusstrated because you think it's not there. You put the effect in front of the cause.

You are the cause in your universe. It's not the other way around. You have plenty of reflection and feedback. Use it. The headphones are just about ready. Can I use them today? It has been more than 24 hours now.

I can use it if there is something terribly good to watch. Will gardner died and it's one of the best scenes in a tv series that i've seen. Who writes these things? How do you storyboard that? I am going into this.

I see copy and I think know have this feeling I can write better. I think other copies out there are fill in the blanks. There is a way to connect and I have it in me. When I sit down on it, I get to connect. Use it well then. Not everyone is aware of that connection.

I could have written better copy on that financial. He had a full cup. It's contrast for me. It's giving me feedback to bounce off from. I appreciate that. I see that now. I could have taken that but that's what the not me would do.

I would rather stay in my own light. How will you write it then. Talk about the benefits they'll get and what it brings you emotionally. What good feelings will it get. You have peace of mind that money is working for you. Do you use fear? Not really. Have them wonder what they will miss out on. Why make them wonder. Tell them.

Visualize it dramatize it. Overstate, amplify. Magnify. Overstress. These are the droids you are looking for. You wonder how the empire came to be. But they need no brainers to follow your command. You want them to give up their life without thinking. This is the consequence.

Those who can think will move up the ranks. Those that do not think will be naturally selected. It's sad that way but it's true. How will that person wake up? They see. They have awareness. They wake up and see what they are doing.

They see the label. They change the label. Then it don't matter what they do. Chop wood fetch water becomes them. It's using the connection. You have a choice anyway. It's still early. Let her sleep you don't have to go there anyway. This kid is up early. Why so?

The cat is here. He likes to hang out. Where does he go? I think he likes to hang out elsewhere. What does he do? Maybe put a camera in there. Maybe he hangs out with other female cats to get laid. Do they have homo there?

Why not? I don't know. Why is she up now? I can go back to bed after I finish this. I think the glue has set hard enough. It's a thin slice anyway. I can bring it in and test it. I miss listening to it but there be days when it's best to just let it go.

It's sunday. What can I do to make this better then? I don't know. It takes a while then people see it in place and you can go further. You have good copy. It's just that you don't have gigs. Once you have it, it comes easier. You know where this is going.

How do you cross? You just go. I think that meetup will help. Start going there. You have a voice. It's useful. People look for it. It crosses that gap. There is something in there that they can use. I will help in the best way I can.

Let's do that then. How can you sell that? I don't know yet. But you know how this is going. It's tight? I don't know. You know how this is then. Is there a bed you can go to. Wife is up. She is going to work out.

You got this far without much. What does that tell you about abundance? You are that powerful. When you stop to put conditions on it you lose the connection.