everything is here

I am upset so I am going to write about this. I feel like my it my self? Or is it all just how I see things? I feel like my self is depriving me. Is it? Or are you not being consistent with your definitions? It must be the latter.

It feels like everyone else is having fun. That's what they want you to think. If that guy is spending that much for advertising, I think I can get better returns for the same omount of money. But they are supporting the school. There is goodwill in there but selfish motives trumps goodwill.

How will you contact then? There's a lot of leads with these advertisers. You contact ten by email everyday and you get a lot going for you. What's the proposal? Direct mail. Where to get addresses? You buy from a list broker. What else? I don't know what else. You reach to these people and they check their business emails.

What's the appeal? Them wanting business. Them wanting to not concern about marketing anymore. It's like automating marketing. You run once and forget about it. I think I can do that. So send everyone in a directory. Is that spamming? Yes. But it's not going to be wholesale spam. You send one every now and then. You may need to look that up and see how it works.

I can do that later. For now, this is where I am. No need to be someone else. I have a good domain. This new one is a specific benefit I can use. It speaks the language benefit loud and clear. Maybe I should switch to that. I don't have ammo right now. Soon as it's in place, I can switch. I think it's a better sounding one.

Dotcom is not available. I can get there with better keywords. I have far better content. I can switch that over. It's going to take a hit for a few months, but get relevant content and it's going to come back up. What happens to this one? I don't know yet. I can get my own email as well. For now, let's see where this is going.

I am going to sleep on it. There's no gigs running right now. I can set something up and see what happens. I miss that connection. It's the exhiliration that gets me. It's a hit. Someone offered to help no matter what. Do I take that? The connection is there but the signal is weak. My own phone just got an update. It looks ok but I am not doing installs for now.

I wonder if it's the new android. It probably is the latest and maybe a version back but it's latest. Then no need to concern about it. How to deal with wife? She don't want to talk then I don't want to be there. I will allo her her space. This is positive. No need to be a neg abotut it. If it's over, sadly then I say goodbye.

I had to take a moment there. That everything is possible, that is going to be some change. Those graphics look weak. Is that a good game? I don't know. This game I play right now is more interesting. Let's keep this one. Keep on top of it at all times. There must be an app that'll notify me when a new gig is bought.

I will look into that. No need to fight things. I think it's like a sim game. I can play that but it's on windows. Then I don't have to go there. I would like a windows game. I used to play sim city and I enjoyed it. I would sit on it for hours and wife hated it.

This here is a phase I am going through then. Change is the only constant. I am going to get more leverage out of this. It's when spirals like this happens and I make new highs. This is the definition I use.

I don't have to see on the outside. I only respond with this definition. Then I can feel better about things. I don't have to fake things with myself. Your source code determines how the program will run. If you get errors then there is something wrong with it.

For now, know that your source code is different and you are running this program now. Check for errors. That shows you which line to check. What do I do then? Find the error and fix it. It's that simple. It's how you got into dev work anyway. When is the next hackathon? Am I going?

It's fun. I get to go out and meet new friends. I can join the next one but the next hackathon next year could be january or feb. there won't be any on december. This sept is going to be last? Probably not. I hope not. Or I can get me a new group. Why push it there? I don'tk now. It's just this anyway.

That guy is so into himself it's boring. I see. The camera was focused right there all the time. What else can I do there. I don't know. I think here were comments on my face. So be it. It's going to go viral. I tried to hide things but it's there. So be it then. Just be mum about it.

It's part of the process. How do you shift into this then? The next one is next year. I can jump into it and see where it's going. Or I can use my own name domain. I can do that as well. We'll see how things go. For now, this sounds good. I can keep to this and see where this is going.

I'll stick with this one. I can take business from anywhere anyway. This way I get relevance. It's that way anywhere anyhow. Is that all you put in? Why not conversion instead? It's a bit laid back but that's what people are looking for anyway. It's a stated benefit in the brand. How do you use that?

I will sleep on it. No need to jump into this. It's why the energy is here. I feel groggy. Do I take a nap? I took coffee already. I can take a nap later. I can lie down and enjoy the moment. Tomorrow is friday. Yes. It's the start of the new month.

How are things with yourself. You may not have as many toys but this game you are playing is the ultimate toy. And you build it from scratch. Do you want to spend time in there again? I think so. Next step is to make them videos. Let the week pass. They were affiliate marketers anyway. You don't have to go there.

What happens next? Be in the light. Everything is there for you. Use it wisely? Not wisely. That's a label. If it's there we use it. If not, so be it. This is my path. I am about to finish the second page. It gets interesting. You know where this is going. You know what to do.

Then go.