i do this

I can't find something that will help me capitalize the first word in a sentence. I am upset from last night I feel I got swindled there. At least I am aware of it and I put this in here to get me down a path.

What did I get out of it? Connect to flow. I have that. They don't. I added to my ten thousand hours, but I don't need ten thousand. I only connect to flow at this moment and synchronicity kicks in. I have connection to flow. They don't. This instance reinforced that knowing in me. I reminded myself.

How to move forward from here? I have fiverr. I have my site. It's there. I will have that. I don't really need anything else but I am moving forward. It's how you respond to it that matters. Next time you know better. I was after the connection. I guess that's how it served me.

What now? I do this, break, then do yoga after around ten. I run today. Wife comes home early today. I can get epoxy. How much is it. I can check the bunnings website. I think I can get something cheap there. It don't have to be expensive. I tried that in my bike. It did break as it was carrying too much weight but it worked for a while.

How to go there? Cultivate that connection. Crystallize it. You will see its effects in a year? Not that long. I can get there sooner. I have the tools in place. All I need to do now is to change frequency and be in the light. How to do that?

You write everyday. You get gigs everyday. I have two in place. I can write long copy. It's the research that gets me. That be fine. I have the tilde. I also have the u. that helps to easily convert things. There is also a search and replace. But I don't have to go there now.

If I need a better tool, I use a word processor, libre office writer is doing fine. I write much but it's the editing I like. Let's do that later then. I can make changes here to make it work. I see. You know better this time. What else is there? I don't know. Just do this. It's money. It's just detail. You can use that as feedback. You are moving forward from here. Then I don't have to see that as a negative.

I got something out of it. I remind myself of that. It's that simple. Three kids are in school. Eldest has no school and the other two come home after lunch. It's going to be like this for a while. Why quit? It's not what I prefer. Then only do this. Connect to flow. Connect to reader. Give them something they want. It's that simple.

You already have that. The question is how do you stock the pond? With research. You know the market. Find out what they want. When you have that, show them how to get there. Give them proof credibility connections. It's something like that. I can do yoga later, then run.

This is my schedule for now. Why am I making such a big deal out of it. This is my path then. I see. Do more with less. You get that already. Why am I negative inside about it? You've been here a while. It changes. It changes based on your frequency. I feel frustrated. Don't fight it then. Allow the energy to be there. Use up the energy.

Writing is good to use up the energy. You put it out there and it works for you. How to create this then? I don't know. For now, only write. I can use sbribus if I have to but it's not for me. I can use that autocorrect? I can't find te tool for it now. I will look for it later then. So be it.

What now. Take a break if you must. You can continue now. You shifted already. You had feedback. Next time you know better. I see that. Let's get on with it then. Is it better if I do something else? I don't know. At least it's here for you.

No one else connects like it. Just be in frequency. It gets there and you already have the foundations in place. You have the connection. Allow it to be here. You are using the energy. Why am I holding on to it. There is a definition. I am aware of that. Then treat that as an echo. It's no longer there. You just see it in hindsight.

You've been here before. You know how it goes. So when you feel it, see the energy, acknowledge it and put it behind you. You use it this way. Wife comes home early today. I slept all through yesterday. Why not run every two days? That way you have enough time between days to rest.

I can do that. But I want to run today. I can run tomorrow then on sunday. It don't have to be there. I am good right now as it is. I am bat crazy about money it's than need energy you feel. What is the source code? That you need money to get in the light.

But you don't. You decide when you are in the light. It's by condition that you have it. I don't have to go there then. Daughter is having breakfast here. I write and she can see that I write. They think I am programming? I just spent time learning how these things go.

You see the difference there? Can I write about this in my blog? No need. You have these things in place anyway. Simply do this and see where it's going. There be hundreds and I have the connection. Not everyone has that. What else do we do now?

I don't know. It's back to the drawing board then. I see. I think I can make changes here. Only do this and see what happens. I can do a search query then change case. Or do something else altogether. Like what? I don't know yet. All I know is that I don't have to reinstall. It's working perfectly now.

I am no longer in dev? I think so. That is an illusion. Go to downstream. It should come easy for you. If not, then you are not in the light. You are playing tach up. It serves you but is that something that you prefer? Is it going to rain today? Do you not run in the rain? I see that.

I get your point. What happens now? You do this and that and see what happens. You put it in there. You know this is the place. Then you can get it. I am rambling. You know then.