i have hackathon

I think i've raised them responsibly. Can I go now? Probably not. There's that gig I need to finish. Also this business i'm growing. The son is looking for something ad don't seem to need my help. Fine. That's his process then.

Wife is still home. We have hackathon next week. I'm excited about it. It's not as fun as the first time though. Why is that? Because you already know how it works. You can do something else though. I don't think anyone else is going to use these. Just remove them later when you don't need it.

I feel the thing on my extremes. If I don't watch myself it's going to manifest as experience. What now? Be in the moment. Be that person you seek. Is everyone going to be in schoos today? Yes, except for third daughter.

I guess it's this way then. Or we can go tonight? Wife has work tonight. It has be today. I miss writing in vim. You can go back sentene by sentce then word by work in vim. It makes it easy for me to make edits but it is going to be in plain text. Also the visual and normal modes make it easy to not make errors. have a tool for each situation. If not, then you know how to make do. I finish that gig today then get on with my day. Tomorrow is the due date but I can finish earlier. I have more than enough in here anyway. I can reference the vsl.txt file for guidance. I already have that in place.

This helps you to see the difference. How can you make it so? I don't know. It's a consumer item and I don't really buy into their claims. But it's my job to write something about it. I need to go to toilet. The junk food from yestreday was poison. The soda tasted like bad medicine.

I am clearing the system today. If not then it's going to haunt me. I am still iwithn the 100 day limit. I can start tomorrow or today. Wife is still on vacation today. We do grocery later on. I think she will watch good wife today. She can't go tonight. So be it then. Let's finish this then see what happens.

There's a discomfort there. The sun is out. This daughter I have negative definitions. I am concerned she plays shit games all day. Is it that or the community? I think it is this and that. What to do today? Wife might have brunch with daughter. I can sit with that. She has a grand time going there. I have my nap times.

These things happen and next week is term break. It's not going to happen again. They know the consequences. If shit like that happens then I have a choice. I can fight it or use the energy. There's a difference. How do you use it as energy when it's an experience?

There's your answer. I am slouching. The awareness is using it as feedback then. Tomorrow is last day of school. These kids might not go to school tomorrow. I think we go when son gets home. We go around three. We finish early. Wife has others on her todo list.

That did not sound good. It's a play on words. What now? Finish writing then drive the kids. When you get back, you will have enough in your well to finish everything. It's five bucks. They are not expecting much but be on your way anyway. You can copy paste but that's not exciting.

It's better to catch fish on your own stream. You built it up anyway. I wonder how it will be like to get something there going. It's there . You know how to deal with it. You know how to use it. What's up with that?

I don't know. I can change that now but that's editing. You only need to write. I do the laundry today. I haven't run yet. Can I run today? I still have the cough. I think I can run next week...maybe sunday. That be enough time for recovery. Cough is here and there's phlegm. That was a slow word there. I don't use that often.

The common words come easy because you use them a lot. When it's not there I have stuff to wash. Why is she getting that sandwich? I don't know. Nobody wants them anyway. So be it then. I'm short on sausage. This one wasn't supposed to take one. Anyway, it's here. Use the energy.

What happens next? Play with this. Finish writing then get on with your day. How to have fun with wife is daughter is around? I don't know. Take a nap later and see how it goes. I have hackathon next week. It's fun going there. Why? I have someplace to go to in the city and spend time there. I get to talk with people. I get to be helping others.