it's connected this

I have jazz listening when I write. This or cello classical. I have yet to find a mix of both. It's probably out there, even if it were just one artist. For now, I write.

I woke up with an insight. It's zero point you be in the moment. It puts you right smack at the center of the universe. This gives you power to move mountains. It doesn't take a lot of effort. You let go. Everything falls into place.

Why didn't they teach this instead? Why is there a need to control? Why was there so much fear? Maybe because they didn't know as much. Maybe there was connection lost. I turned off music. I want to write now. The neighbors downstairs must have just woken up. There's talk there now although I can't understand them.

My snot is back to liquid. Wife has the bug and did it move back in? If so, be it there allowed. I can work on the c4c gig today and claim that thing. He sends snippets of work now and then and it's part of my equation. I found this theme and it works fine now. I like the way headings are lined up.

I can look deeper into this and see how it goes. For now, I am not spending a lot of time there. It was the golang blog that brought in eyeballs. How do you expand on that? Should I go back there and see how things are going?

It's that sidebar thing. You write. Is wife up? Why does she go to church? Is it based on fear? Or is it like going to the dojo to hang out with friends while immersed in an activity you enjoy doing? This latter is me. The former is the wife. I no longer go to church. They even have mass at the mall.

I don't know. It's not me anymore. Let's move forward here and see where it's going. The hot chocolate in jollibee used ot be good. It's something to look forward to. For now, it's not something you need. Why not create a youtube video about it.

You can use the traffic from in there to bring them into your site. It works that way. It's both connected. What to write about? Do what excites you. Analyze these campaigns and see how it's going to end up. Or check out recently completed ones and write about it.

You will see that there is somewhat of a common thread about it. I am from this perspective so I see them in this light. I have a good domain name url and I can milk it forward. Let's see where this is going then. I have this one cool gig up and running. No eyeballs yet.

I think it's more a niche. More people are doing other things. Maybe one percent go into that but still it's a particular niche you can use. Do you need to change text on something else? I don't know yet. Let's see how that goes later on.

These two downstairs have started talking again. It rained yesterday I did not get to go out. Maybe go out more often then. The kids be home anyway. I'll do that. Let's go sometime after naps. Daughter is going to see movies on the couch. Another one has a scoial event to attend to.

I have hackathon next week. That's exciting. Are they not in need of crowdfunding? I think it looks that way. So be it then. Do something else for now. Like what? Get deeper into it and see how it goes. I can write something here and see what happens. For now, everything is connected.

It's a lot of writing but you know what you are doing. Not everyone has that. This is your niche. You know how to expand and it's easy as pie. Let's get cracking then. Why do they argue like that? I'd hate to live with a person like that--she takes hurt in the little things. That's sad.

Why does she choose that way? I don't know. That is hell right there. How come he tolerates that? I don't know. Crazy is a prerequisite when you choose a partner. I saw that crazy once. It scared me because it moved me. I had to get away from that. She puts you in a light you haven't seen before.

The easy path downstream is to walk away. Leave everything. Give her money to go shopping and get all your stuff out. You get what it's like when it makes sense for you. They can't see the hell they're in. that's contrast feedback for you then. You see where you are relataive to their experience.

At a higher level, they serve a purpose for you. Use up the eenergy and move on. It's connected this way. It's their offering for you. Use it and expand anyway.