not everyone has

Maybe daughter can practice driving while I run. I don't want to give up my run today. I have a busy weekend ahead. I have five articles on dating to write, then a project copy for a kickstarter campaign. Things are moving forward.

It don't matter how much you make as a copywriter. That's just details and they come with the reflection. When you are in your light, these things come automatically. How and why? Because it's relevant. They come with the reflection. Right now, it's based on your source code. You see yourself as not in that frequency yet.

How to change that? Change your response to it. You know that when you start to write, you instantly have access to creative flow. It's always there for you. You only need to close your eyes and tell it which way to go. It's that simple. Not everyone has access to that.

You have all these blog writers. It's different when you are rainmaker. These are one of a kind breeds and they come individually wrapped. How to write more? Do yoga after this, then startw writing the first article. You don't even need music right now but if you did, it's there for you.

I have much to expand on. This is fun. It's so much better than programming. You get clay, you add clay and then you mold it. That's fun. The molding part and adding part is so much interesting. You connect to zone in that place. And then you look up and everything is zooming y right in front of you.

I can write when I go there too. Let's see how that goes. Or maybe she can drive while I am here. Or not. We'll see what happens. Maybe tomorrow or something. Wfie be home tonight but I won't. I have hackathon but she's taking the kids to the city for dinner.

Why stop them when you benefit from it as well? They finish at five so we get together around that time. I then go to my hackathon and they go have dinner. I meet up with them after they finish. I see that. I think we can go from here.

We can meet at the parking lot afterwards. What time do they finish? I don't know yet. About the same time I finish. I think. It's usually around eight thirty somewhat. It's fun. I am excited. The energy is up there. How do you keep that up?

I don't know. Go with people who are uplifting. Don't spend time with others that drain you. You don't have to go there. I have my own business and this is freedom. This is choice. It's all opportunity. That's how the energy is at my store. Isn't this fun?

What to have for breakfast? I don't know yet. There is that yogurt. I can put that in the freezer and have that. Or something else. There's that bacon and eggs. It's the weekend and I am out here. This is day two. No need to go there that way. I bring eggs later.

I don't know what to have for later. I can eat at thome. There's nothing there that's good for me. I think they be going to ben and jerrys for dessert. That be fun. I can wait out by the parking lot if that's where they are going. Or not. We'll see. I think they be going to motorway from there. I see. I can do research later then finish off the writing someplace else.

I can do support or do the upload to server part. I see that. The design process takes up more time that way. You see where this is going right? I will can get everything done this time. It's exciting this way. I see this as part of my process. You connect to flow. It's there for you. Now you write. Why do you compare? No need.

The path is different. You compare and it's different and no comparisons anyway. I think daughter is going to leave soon. I do yoga after this and then I write. There is that energy. You feel that? Filter using positives. Negative filter turns the water into murk.

You don't want to go there. You have access anyway. Let's use this and see where it's going. I have these things to listen to. I can play that while doing yoga. That gives me plenty of material to work with. No need for that bat shit. It's a label but it's something I don't prefer.

What do you prefer? Exceptional work. Puttig more of myself ito the writing. You have six copies on fiverr. You see how good those are. It closes the reader on your gig. That's good. Not everyone has that. I can make changes better. The key is to get the reader involved.

How do you do more of that? I think you see where this is going. Get them there now.