the images online

At an angle you can see how this laptop is so dusty. I write everyday. I have connection to flow. I miss listening to headphones. Today I am doing something about it.

The hinge broke. It's plastic so i'll buy 2part epoxy to fix it. I'm not sure how it's going to be. This is path of least resistance. I can go by bike. This means I am taking the day off writing today. I finish this then turn everything off.

There was no electricity last night. That noise outside are tree cutters. Maybe there was another felled tree last night and so the blackout. Why say in colors when you mean the same thing. I don't know. It's people filter.

What then. I write when I don't feel like it. I put words down then expand see what connections I make. That's what I did last night. It's not forcing flow to come through. You open up and then write whatever comes to mind. When it feels strained though, put your pen down and go have fun.

That's the key. When you stop having fun, the reflection staels. You are not flowing it through. That's not where you want to be. I would rather have fun during the day and write four hours left. That way, the pond is well stocked with the fish in alignment.

What does that mean? These kids are fun to be with. They have grown up. This is here for me to move this fork down the road. Let's take it then. It's part of my synchronicity. I have the bike lock. There's plenty to do today. I take it then.

I can take a break but there's a lot to have for them here. The son can choose to not go to school today since it's a half day. But he's going to lose out on next week. I don't know. We'll see. I work from home and I know when they don't go to school. They tell me.

They should have their sister do it for them. One goes after lunch. I don't know if eldest is going to school. She got up early. I don't think she'll have the cabbage she bought last week. Plenty for me then. It's friday. Time flies fast.

I am tired of the ego postings on facebook. I spend less time in there. What's going to make it fun? I don't know. There be the email. I think it's connected so how will you spend your day? Doing something that interests me. If it were a chore then I make it fun and sit on it. I'd make myself comfortable.

I have that in my memory. I used to hate cutting grass. It was monotonous. It was grey. But I figured it out and it felt good that way. I have that in me now. It's being in the zone when you sit on it. Maybe that's why I write. It's part of the process. I think that's how you connect.

How can you tell? I can write a lot about a lot of things and it'll be nothing and not make sense. That's what you find mostly on theinternet. More so when the site is optimized for seo. They just put keywords in there even when they don't make sense. That's a hotwife.

What then? I don't know. Finish writing and get to the other side. No light last night and I took a nap. The afternoon nap was extraordinary. There used to be a realty with that name. I wonder how things are over there.

How will you see that? I don't know yet. It's the worry and all that but I was building on something myself. In the end, the connection went through. I guess I need to do that more often. Let's get to it then. I can put pictures in there. It's about having fun. It's still connected.

I can post the images online, then hotlink to it. Some sites don't allow it but there is something about it. Maybe there is someone working on it or something. At least you have imgur. Or there is something else I can do here.

These kids be getting ready for school now. I can go straight from there. Where do you park? There is one at the library. It don't start until 9am though. I can have coffee or something. I can hang ou at the shops or something.

Anyway. I'll do this now and get it over with. I'll ride my bike. Yes. That way I enjoy doing it. I am not doing much today anyway. I had good copy there but I think you can make it this way. You don't have to make peace there. Last night was good.

It felt good that way. It's why I kissed wife.