through their videos

It's almost six and wife has to go to the dentist. I don't want to go. It's a long drive and i'd rather stay home and do stuff for my business. I am watching this fundraising video on youtube.

I had to take a moment there to check what how to correctly spell fundraising. That way there is the correct way. I don't get how this friend keeps asking for help on his website. I think he's in charge now of the charity. Or is that a nonprofit.

Maybe there is something here for me. It's happening. It's in my experience so it's relevant. It's how you see it from where you sit that makes sense out of it. Is the wife going to make dinner first or go to dentist first?

I think she goes to dentist first, is that a book I need to see? I have the dummies book. I can look into that when I go deep into this. How else do you raise funds? Do crowdfunding but you need to activate your crowd. Get them to commit to supporting the group. Once you have them committed then you can lead them around.

How do you get them more involved? You give them stuff. You get them to do stuff in public. That way, it gets them committed in their head and in front of their social network. What time is the wife going out? I need to go for a shower. Let's do it after I finish this. I think I can write something up.

It's about influencing and building your crowd before you crowdfund. How do you grow them? I don't know about that ticketing stuff. That puts off the other members. How else will you manage the group differently?

You already know that. You don't have to be funny or try to be one. It'll come out soon as you are there. The guys at shangrila loved it. I connected with them that way. I can go there and see how it happens. Will it work? It's not my group. I am part of it. There be limits to what you can do.

It's good for learning stuff. You get to practice on theory to see what works and what doesn't. I can go with her. We do the motorway and then turn in to something. Do you go there? Will kickstarter be better or go local?

It's a numbers game. The more you have eyeballs to your campaign, the better your chances to get an effect? I think so. It's the same as sales. How do you get connection? Tell them about your story that's relevant to their self-interest. How do you do that?

They want to feel good. Is it really? What else? They want to be a part of something big. What does that mean. Why do you go to hackathons? I get to meet people. How else? If you were just giving money to it, what moves you to do that? I don't know because I don't do it.

I go to this nonprofit because I am part of this community. Then go for that. Get people to commit. Why not make the occasion more often? That is going to cost you but if you can go to kickstarter for one and then... wife asked me to come along. I said no. I would rather do something else.

I can't have more ice cream as wife is going to have that for later. Why can't the kids have that? I am in fear. I don't want that to happen. But anything can happen. So be it then. If that happens then it's relevant. I think I can go active into this. I can work with the charity and make social stuff.

You will need a camera for it. How do you do that? I think fundraising is a fun job as it gets me talking to people. How do you get into that circle. I can see something in there. They need to register so they can be a charity. Why are they not doing that?

It gets easier if the donations are tax-deductible. I don't know. I'll find out during the weekend. I need to shower after this. How many do you need then? I'll cross the bridge when I get there. Let's get a campaign up and running then.

What will the campaign be about? I don't know yet. Work with others then learn as much as you can. Like what? Just be in the light. You see that light and you see the reflection. I am listening to this video than to the flow. Then it's not being filtered. It goes in straight and you are listening to flow.

I see. What is npr? I think it's that radio station. I like their youtube channel. That's how they raise funds? I think so. They invite artists then they make money through their videos. That is creative. How can you twist that?