what happens then

I found a differently more aligned marketplace at envato. It's like a high end fiverr. It's a site where businesses that already make money go to to find outsource work. I sent in my application but I have anxiety whether i'd get a shopfront or not.

Why the anxiety? Because I have a definition that I want it. What if I don't get it? Then it's synchronicity telling me to try a different path. I am in the creative path. With that shop, I can target the world. No need to worry about low income. I can put in my time in there and build up my portfolio.

In the meantime, I already have alignment. It's not making much but I am putting in hours for my outlier path. Is that the one? I can look it up as well. I have it in place. Now it's time to expand. This is how it's all connected. When it feels like one thing is ending or you feel like losing interest, you let go and try a different path.

That's how it's connected. I smelt something burning albeit faintly. I heard a sizzle a while ago. The good wife is getting to be more interesting. How do you improve on your copy? I don't know yet. I hae a good profile in place. I can setup shop in there, provide a link. You od'n put expectation into it.

You show them a frequency they can aspire to, then tell them how to get it. It's that simple. That's what I do when I write. I have all the tools I need and they are open source. It's pen and paper. This is the essence of doing more with less.

How do you know? It feels good. It's easy. It flows throug. When I take a break I am exhilirated and excited and I can't wait to get back in. I can do several pomodoros during the day. I think I can target six. That's a lot already. It don't matter which one. I can differentiatie myself in that aspect. It's simple as that.

I've seen how it goes and I can match that frequency. It's time to get going then. Don't look to the outised. Its an illusion. Go from inside and see what's relevant. That's why it's here. How to expand? If you don't see anything else, that means you already have it. You go into source code and see what's out of alignment from in there.

I got a response last time and I wasn't much doing anything. I think I have more than enough in my portfolio and I am back in the horse. If I don't get a shop in there it's not my loss. I can do something else altogether. Do they know what that means? I don't know yet. I can refercene ogilvy and mention what he said. Or not. It'll be there when I am ready. In the meantime, this is my connection. Simply write here.

It's my daughter's birthday. I gave her my leatherman multitool. It's the same age as she is. I remember it was the latest model back then and it looks almost like new. I can always get me another one when I need it. It falls into place. I already am. How will this scale up? No expectations but put yourself in that light to see how it feels. It's exciting.

I can runt this business from everywhere I go. All I need is pen and paper. Sometimes I don't even need tat as I can have it in my soul. That's how easy it is when you point downstream. Everything falls into place. You don't even have to be climbing a ladder to success. That's an expale of giving them the frequency to match. Soon as they resonate with it, they want more of it.

When you need it it's there. Trust the process. When you want more, then it's time to take a break. You are no longer connected that way. I am starting that gig later in the day. I am not in the light just yet. I can move anywhere and I just connect online even on a computer shop or in a coffee shop with wifi. I can send and receive messages that way.

From here I can do a lot of things. This is how things are different now. You can start with a story. You can tell them the story of two shops. I don't think I need to cover and blanket anything. When you need it it's at the tip of your fingertips. You have access anyway.

Create your own world. They can copy it but it's going to feel different. There's a disconnect somewhere and it doesn't click inside. You know how it goes. This is what's unique about you. Expand on this and see the reflection. You don't have to be weird about it. You are different though.

How to be? Choose your thoughts. Get in the light. Get out here and see the light. Experience it. You don't need fancy things. Those are just detials that get in the way. This is how expanded you are. You don't need revelations. That is part of the details.

It's going to be there when you are in the light. The light that you are is he reflection you see. This is how different things are right now. How to expand? No messages in there so I think they don't need help anyway. That's ok. They are left brain thinkers anyway.

You think it's that but it's all contrast. It gives you feedback as to which way to go. At least you put your light out there for people to see. You attract those in the same light otherwise they are not going to see it.

What happens then? I don't know yet. I know that this is where I am. I finish writing then get on with my day. Wife comes howme late today. I can run tonight. The sun goes down late anyway. I can start running at five. It's going to be fun. I am cleansing today. I have the rest of the year.

How to connect? Simply let go. You then find the connection. Stop paddling upstream. The canoe will then change direction and the current ill take you where you need to be. It won't end. It's a big ocean out there. You never cross the same river twice anyway. You don't have to force anything.

You simply be. You choose. It's monday and things change again. I was there. It's still connected. You always have choice. They get it. They are connected to you. They can choose but they see that you are there and they appreciate it. My work here is done?

Not quite yet.