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I'm not doing anything so I might as well do morning pages. Everyone is still sleeping or staying in bed on a bright and sunny sunday. Why not go to the flea market? Just walk around and look at the people. It's what you enjoy doing.

They go to church anyway. There's not much to do. It's going to be a long day. I think they make sushi. I can help? I think you'll need to make rice for sushi. I'll do that in a moment. I already started writing and there be plenty of time for that.

I can do yoga, then run tonight. Or do yoga, walk and mwf run next week. We'll see what happens. Sundays I usually walk. I'll see what I can do. It's a beautiful day. I walk and I can go earlier. That park is so fun to be in. let's see where that's going.

Is that why it's there? So be it then. You can be as you already are. You only experience things based on what's in your source code. Do one percent every moment that you are aware of it. When you don't write you are not a writer. That's ok to be there. Things are still changing anyway.

How can you make it purely a direct mail play? Will it be more expensive that way? Why not a gig writing sales letters? I can do that. You know the format anyway. I think people go there to check it out and I can write something about it. Done to list.

I can go check that out. Is it something you need? Not really. I can go there when needed. In the meantime, only write this. Splashing on the page. Can everyone do that? Not really. Some get so choked up they can only splash words on the page. I think that's the better term for it.

It's like colors when you paint. The thing is it has to be relevant. How do you do that? I don't know. I'm not in that energy right now. Then go do something else that's relevant. School's back tomorrow. No need to fight it as you can choose. It's your energy. I have more than enough runway.

How do you stay there? I have page numbers in place. Do you apply for work? Freelance is fun. I build up my business this way. How do you scale up? I don't know yet. I see myself here so I stay here for now. Could I have done better with that gig?

I think so. Then I can publish that now? Not yet. Give it a week and then you can move forward with it. In the meantime, only do this. How else could you have mcwaded that project? I don't know yet. I can learn or pick up the skills. It's there. I just need to tune in and resonate with that frequency.

It's what you do all day. You select the channel and see the reflection. In the meantime, the weekend has been great. I did a lot of things. I feel differently better about that last gig. Let's do more of that then. It's better than programming. That one I get stuck and the energy feels negative, or something I do not preefer.

That's how you choose you experience? I think that's what's been missing here. The action part. The part where you ground to physical reality. Was that missing? Not really. I was exploring a different path. Now that I am here, it's time to expand on that then.

I have been going back to that neighborhood a lot. Wife is getting ready for her interview. I think it has more to do with what you write. See it there and you can go for more. How do you do that? I don't know yet. What I know is that I am on this path and it feels better this way.

It's how I select what's next. Path of least resistance. Is there another way of doing things? I don't know. For now, only do this. I see where this is going. Let's do this and see what happens. I wonder if he's still going. I think he knew c++. I heard gary talk about it then. He does systems dev?

I don't know anyway. I forgot. Then it's not relevant for you. I see the page number anad it tells me how many more lines to go. Do I do one more page? no. I am done here. When you see it pick how you respond to it.

can you go

Who would've known I was going to be a writer? I think I did back in 2001. at least that's the year I refer to when I got started writing. But seriously, things started with tested advertising, it was years before that with the Artist's Way.

I found my connection to flow with the latter. The former got me into copywriting. From there I built up my confidence writing anything and everything that resonated with me. When I write, i'm a writer; if not writing, then I am not a writer.

How can it be that simple? Everything is simple. This way, you can build on top of it to make it complex, but not complicated. Everything in the universe is complex, not complicated. I just repeated myself. That sir, is synchronicity manifesting itself in a different ay. It's the universe reminding you that you are doing perfectly fine--on schedule.

So I do screenwriting now? Scriptwriting is more apt a term for me. Yes. I feel like it. Then I can do videos from here. I get me a mic and it's going to go from there. I don't really need a mic. I can work with this one that I have right now. These two are so similar they are getting on each other. Why is that?

I don't know. I am always afraid of things going there. I see. At least it's been quiet these past few months. Anyway, she's going off to uni soon. I'm going to miss her. This is part of the process. This is the norm. then you shake things up a bit in the story. The prot plays outside of the comfort zone. I am going to see that course again.

I think it's one of the best courses i've seen on lynda. There are others but this one is relevant. It's tied in with my writing. I can't go deep into that right now as I am assimilating the energy into me. I'll get there.

I ran yesterday so there's no need to run. You write enough so you get one minute per page. I can do that. I can format everything so it looks that way. It looks professional that way. I can do it that way too if you want. This is going to be exciting then. Let's make a template later on.

I keep repeating that. It's the pattern. You are writing from flow. You can edit later. Where do you want to go on your birthday? That hotel buffet was good. Let's go there with the kids again. I think they enjoyed it there. I then expand from this energy. You know how it feels. Let's get cracking there.

How are you going to spend the day? I don't know if she can take the day off. I'll ask her. We can arrange something. We can meet in the city. It'll be fun. The kids can hang out. We'll have a lot of things to do there. It's an open universe. Things can go this way or that. With every cash flow, I get a ticket to lotto.

That sounds interesting. Would you rather do that or advertise your site? The latter has a return on your investment but it comes in drips. I'll see what I can do then. There's plenty to work on with seo. I'll look into that as well. I think there's a learning path to it. It's something to look forward to. Also content strategy. I'll go over that as well.

There's plenty to go into. Things can go this way or that. It's all connected anyway. Let's see what happens. I don't start anything until it's at the starting line. I write on this laptop as the keys are shallow and responsive. The one on the desktop is deep. The neighbors downstairs were fighting last night--having an argument. It happens.

I stopped going there. You can never change anyone anyway. You change from the inside and you change the universe. It's that simple. I am going to draw something. There's hat dread? It's not dread but not knowing. How will it turn out? That is expectation. The unknow is good but with expectation, you get anxious.

That is profound right there. Keep writing. Why is it anxious. It's excitement. It's your joy but filtered through negative ideas. How is joy your default energy? It's the energy that you are born with. When you allow yourself to be in zero, you experience joy in the moment. How do you know that.

Be quiet and you will see. The joy comes up quietly. It's not happy...just joy. How can you go there be there all the time? That's a lot of icons. Has she been busy installing stuff? I need to isolate from that. It's going to infect everything? Not necessarily so. I can clean it up fast. It'll slow her pc.

Check that sometime.

why not get

I gets it. But why the expectation? Why not just be in the moment? Because local self needs to see it. Then let your self be in that but at the same time, know how creation works. It's the positive response.

Right now, before, you were worried about what you think might happen in the future. But you are in this energy here and now. You build up on that energy. You create your reality that way. Then you do create the reality that you think is in the future. How do you change that?

Wake up and see what you hold on to. You can change that by putting a mustard seed on it. Sit on it and you see what's different. That small seed will then grow into a beautiful tree and you planted that tree. It's how much different you see it that makes it so.

What happens then? You are good at what you do right now. How else do you want it to be? You go to center. You go inside and change things from in there. The outside is a projection. You can't change the outhside because it's an illusion. There is nothing there but feedback.

So you go inside and be that person already. You know that now. You are that person as it is. How to go from here then? Just be that person in every way that you see fit. When there is contrast, take it as feedback. Here is something not aligned in your source code. It's causing an error. You might want to take a look at it.

I saw mine yesterday. There was an error with the old url and the recipient is not getting the right information. That reflects terribly on you. How do you move forward then? You fix the source code. You check if it's working now. You move forward from there. I see how things are different. You see how that goes?

It's technickal. Next time you get charcoal and you drow with that in shadows. That sounds fun. Where was that old charcoal then? I don't know. Maybe I got rid of it. Draw something everyday. If possible, you can do that twice aaily. That changes your energy. You see what's possible. You go into that and you expand your energy into it.

It's amazing how these are here for me. I see it already. Even if you are in that light, you still see contrast. You have feedback and you'll know where to go. Inside. Go to center. That's how this works. You then go and use up the energy because it is your energy.

When you invalidate what is, you have no access to the energy. You are not in your power. Go there. Use it up. There is something there for you. It's how energy holds information. You line up with it and you see what's in there for you.

Wife stays home now. It's time to turn things around and be in your light. You know how to make things work from here. Check the url and see if it works. You know how to fix it anyway. Go there. You get the traffic? Of course.

Can you make it a dotcom? Not right now. I can wait on it but if nothing comes out of it then I can make changes later. Why not go to europe? I will. I'm using up the energy that's here right now. When it's used up, then the details are going to shift as well. This is how I work.

I don't have to explain this to her. She won't get it. She can't even get how her reality works. She put the power outside of her. It's her process. I can't take that away from her. That's not positive action.

Do you have to respond? I don't have to. This is my positive response. She's going to think mine won't work and that's ok. I have been fighting that a long time. I've let go of that. I see the contrast and I use it as feedback. I don't have to do things her way. I've seen the example. I put myself on both sides and it works for me.

How? You get the energy from both sides. You were all that awareness. You put yourself in those three persons. You learn from it and you can use it all the time. What if I got the financing for that. How do you change things up a bit?

You can be the positive energy there. Can I start something like that around here? Why not? Get crowdfunding? I think that's possible. People want that anywya. You saw how that works before. Get a venue then expand with that energy. It don't have to be on main street. You can work on the side streets and still see it that way.

Where to get funding? You know where it is. Plan it out and see where it's going. Grab your crowd and build up on that. How? I don't know yet. Get out there.

used it up

Change is here. It's final that wife is changing employment status with the place she works in. what happens now? I shift. No more baggage. Only be in the light, choose to be in the light.

This feels like feedback and it's meaningless other than the meaning I put into it. That's what this is all about now. I go to library today? I run this morning, do yoga take a nap. Then I go to library to get some magazines. Other than that, I can do ad agencies around here and offer outsource service on that.

My site ranks on page one google now. Do you have to see it someplace else? I can check on android phone and see how it goes. But on incognito, it's on page one. What's next? More keywords. Which ones? I don't know. I have those three words in place. That's good for now. Is it going to rain soon?

I need to check that. It's friday. I was supposed to do something this morning? Not much. Wife is leaving late for an interview. I'm not sure if we have time for some action-jackson. In the meantime, only do this.

Gaming engages your brain. All neurons are fired up and engaged. It's what you want. It's so much better than reading for school. Keep it there. Watching a video that intreests you is also good. You keep to your own definition that works for you. If it doesn't work for you, why bother?

I started this in july I think and it's not getting anything? It's not that. I have grown so much. I now have my site on page one for long tail keywords. I think everything is in place. Next stop, get something going that's in the light. No need to invalidate.

You see the going around? Htat's anxiety talking. It's good though that you are aware of it. You can work with this and see how it goes. In the meantime, play with this. Why ydoes it feel like it's going to rain? I don't know. It's going to be tight if we have ice cream now.

What about grocery? You don't need that anymore. Shift to higher frequency and you'll see where you are going. It's not that you are not in control; you have always been in control you just didn't know how to do it best.

But things are different now. You know things differently. Expand on that. You can always do something else. In the meantime, you know where you are headed. Allow this anxiety to be here and use up the energy. It's what it's here for. The feelings tell you what is in your source code.

What's in it anyway? That you need to do things? Maybe that's what needs to happen. Ground the energy through action using action on the energy. You don't just choose frequency, but you gotta ground it down to using experience. How does that sound to you?

I think I see what you mean here. That felt anxious. Then do nothing today but just sit on it. Sit meaning not to do anything. You make yourself comfortable as you are about to go through the vortex. This way, you have a good vantage point on where you are going.

You have been down this road before and you made good. You got better than expected outcome. It's the same here. Remember that time? You were acting on your excitement that way. It's the same here. Even if you thought it was going nowhere, you are still supported in your path. You have let go and you are using creation as you go along.

That's the beauty of it. Keep to this path and you will see what happens next. It's not the skill you gain but the context zoomed out. It's why you go there. Zoomed in you miss out on a lot ofthings. You focus on the details when you don't really know where it's headed.

Path is on context. It don't matter what you do. Zoom out to see the perspective. That's what you do. It's all connected anyway. It's them gatekeepers--use htem by redefining your source code. They are part of creation telling you to go this way.

You put them there anyway. Use it that way. It's cloudy. These kids don't really want to go to school. It's fun this way. She's busy with a lot of things. Just want to say goodbye when she heads out the door.

They grow up fast. Is that time? You use up less of it. That's why it is different now. It's always been different. Is this near the end? It never ends anyway. The energy changes because you used it up anyway. Do you want to do inkscape?

It's a blind spot.

night waiting to

I'm feeling negative this morning. So be it then. But I can choose what I prefer. I don't have to fight it. It's like I want to wear something blue teday. It's your decision.

How to do this then? I am looking for something on autopilot. I know how to market. Why not do that. Like joe sugarman. Business is to sell stuff online. Where do you find stuff like these?

I have a mind map in place next step is to satch onto that. How? I don't know yet. But when I am in that frequency, then I will see the reflection. I'll get feedback. I already am getting feedback. What else needs to be here?

I don't know. You can put down that baggage for now. You carry someone else's baggage. You put it down and give yourself a break. I see. And then what? You being here is adding to her credibility. I am fighting that then. I change minds? no. I am looking for something that works. It works right now.

Marketing on the internet. You provide a primera service as it is. You are not going to appeal to everyone. Why does it feel this way. You know how to use this energy. What else can we do here? Be in the light. And then what? I don't know. You know how these things go. You can create something and put it out there. You have seen these things before.

You can create wordpress designs customised according to specs. You then sell them every iteration. You put different pictures and layout that way. You put functionality into it. How do they find you? You sell them online. You create your own shop. You add to it. It's the design that's custom. You make it that way.

Mornings are ideal for me. There's plenty of ideas rushing through. At night waiting to pick up wife, I am out of energy. I should be resting then. Be in the light. Use that to be on the inside. You know how to do this. She is so negative she's using you to get out of her consequence.

It's not love when you encourage that. Be in your own light so she will see that she has a choice. You already had it. What happened? I kept fighting her. That's where the energy went. Don't fight it. You allow for her to be there but choose what you prefer. Stay in that light.

No need to convert them. That's religion. You are done with that. I see. What happens now? Be in your light. You will get there eventually. Maybe you don't need a product there. You only need to get to this part. Where do you get collectibles there? I don't know yet. For now, this is where I am. You have that part in you?

I think so. Let it simmer in there. You have them cooking already. It's tuesday. What happens today. I'll write later. I prepare food for kids school.

a different perspective

Wife is going to work today. Yesterday was ok but I could have insisted on staying home. I got back, didn't feel up and had ice cream. That was the benefit there for you then. You use that to pick you up.

How do I change that then--or at least use the energy? You see it as contrast. I don't think I can run later. We are going out to have dinner. That's usually around six. Maybe there is that small window there. If I can start at five, then I can finish at six just in time as wife is getting home.

Let's do that then. I can also check out the field if nobody's there then I can run -- that be at lunch time. Having some space there between dash and words helps with readability. I learned that from swipe files. I can be between bencivenga and sugarman. Bencivenga uses more text whereas sugarman can do the job in one page.

Maybe that's one reason why gary's copy are package control because he covers a lot more bases. But sugarman writes copy for his own business. Where do you get products then? That's where I am now. Let's get cracking then.

I can setup a niche site and take it from there. Who are impulse shoppers on the internet? Maybe the women who has high paying jobs. What do they want? Relationships. What else. How do you dig into that?

Wife farted. That wasn't nice. And then she left the room. It's sunny outside. I don't feel so good. CharityIT last year scheduled their event around this time of the year. This year they have it in wellington. I just want to attend one and get out of the house.

This then is synchronicity for you. You can go to the library and do some work there. This way, it's like an office for you where you can work. You get home and do something else. I need to get those stuff from the can. Brb.

I made better adobo yesterday for the wife. It was a great morning. We didn't have ice cream for breakfast as we already did the night before. Still, it was fun. I reinstalled linux on the desktop. This time I used manjaro the non-free drivers. That fixed the issue with the nvidia graphics driver.

These things you know over time. Usually it's the error message that you look for. It gives you feedback on how to fix things, that's what you need to breadcrumb your way through. I know enough on programming but it keeps adding to it. I can get me a job but i'm the small fish in a big pond. There are lots of bigger fishes that I am.

Writing copy, I am the big fish in the small pond. Gladwell said it's better to be the big fish in small pond. Your odds are better to be an outlier that way. Or was that the tipping point? I think it was more david and golitath. Either way, this works best for me.

Why did I not know about this before. Where is that kid going? She's all dressed up? Probably to the library to hang out with her mom. Maybe they go out for lunch there. So be it then. That's how she enjoys hanging out with her mom. She's a good kid.

The others are like that as well. Enjoy the process. This is part of yours. I think there's something wrong with that one. You can let it go at that. It took a while to restart that tells me there's something odd about it.

Waze doesn't show those things. I can go check that out. It used to have them but now they wait for input? I think there's something odd about it. What are your other options? I think the late lunch after a run is working.

What if I did so everyday? I walk on off days, and then I have brunch? Wife is getting ready to leave now. These two hae an ongoing script? Wife and I are getting old. We are shifting away from just physical and moving more into spirit. That's what you do. And it blends together not just this or that.

You know that already. It's time to expand on that and see how things go. The next one is happening next year. I never heard back from the npo so that means I can do other things. That be fine. It's a blog. You can write almost anything about it. That's the beauty of it.s

you don't have to be the expert. You just position yourself as one who has a different perspective. That's good enough for now. I think tonight we go to the city or past it. It's that pinoy restaurant. I don't think you need reservations for that. Why not hang out?

I can do that.

it's because it's

For the first time in a month, I think, I don't have a gig to work on. I think it's like this whenever you change profiles. Give it time. There's nothing wrong. You are in exploration mode. Enjoy the process.

Use up the energy in here and you change the reflection. The process is that you had to check into android and see where it is. Did you really enjoy that? I can do the one hour thing in there but that's how far it'll go this time.

Second daughter is up. It's her birthday soon. I have worries. Going into this mode made me take the fork. But that was in the past. You know better now what you prefer. It's that energy while working. Give yourself room in that one hour a day. You can take every fork you want. It's giving you feedback.

I see where that's going. I'll give myself that allow that to be there then. The rest of the day, i'll stay in this mode. You don't have to go this way or that in that one hour. It's like that farm. It was good while it lasted. But when you do not give yourself joy, it's going to get into feedback.

How do you get into joy? It's your default. You let go of all the baggage and you get to zero point. That's where you find it. It's that feeling when you finish your run. When you go into one percent mode, that's joy. So go into one percent whenever you can. It's that simple and yet it's so powerful.

Is that the secret? It feels like it. You don't have to have everything else line up. You just go there. You grocery tonight? I think so. I don't spend time with that kid as much. I know. I can but if she don't like me as a parent then so be it. I don't have to force that.

This kid is up now. He has issues with school. Why does he have to do that? I don't know. Let it be there then. I just finish writing. Do I have to turn that off? no. it's giving me feedback. Use it that way. It's either too hot or too cold. I do yoga later and then I run.

I would rather have a business on auto-pilot. It's like an online shop where you check revenue at the end of the day. My blogs are like that. Do you get more? I can put in ten more into that droplet. Let's go there then.

I don't have other ideas to market but it is connected that way. That one hour will get you going in that direction. Why not see where it leads to? I can do that. Then you jest write about everything and see how it connects. I see. I can delete everything in my email. Something with dev work?

I don't have to. I just repeated myself there. That's synchronicity. You compare yourself to others. You are different. Everyone is on a different path. The process itself is different and that's what's similar there. You find what's different with yours and you are the channel.

You see where this is going? I can write about this then? If you want. If that pleases you. You only do so when it feels good. Then write about it. You only do that energy. Wife stopped doing kettle bell workouts. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe it's tied in with her work.

So be it. I don't have to fight that. There's seo and plenty of other work to do on that side. Let's see where that's headed and I can work with that. In the meantime, only do this. Do I have to do that email campaign thing? I can go there, or not.

It's all me then. Yes. You know that. I was sick last night. I thought I was going to faint. I slouch there. I can sit over there later if I wanted to. Wife has her period. I can do something else. Today is wednesday.

That was a tooltip. I just remembered. I couldn't access that yesterday. When do you do your one hour? I do that tonight when I am not writing. When I am writing I can choose something else. I see that now. Daughter knows how to converse. That's good. It's like natural for her.

My english is halted that way. How come. I don't know but you can write about it. I finish this and then put up the bed. These kids are getting ready for school. Why feel that way? It's because it's feedback. Use up the energy and you see where this is going. This just went around in circles.

I can go back.

plenty of insights

I like that other mouse. I sit here in my son's pc desk. This used to be my spot. The internet here is so much faster as it's ethernet direct to the router. Why not sit here instead? I have the laptop. I can sit anywhere anyway.

I finished my writing for the day. I wrote a blog post and it was cool. That's my bare minimum. It's my mustard seed as the person I prefer to be. I found a campaign that did not work out and wrote something about making it better next time.

I don't know if it's going to help anyone. It has self-interest written all over it. Anyway, it's part of my process so I stick with this for now. Some of the movies in the library look boring so I remove them when I see it. Otherwise, how come this pc doesn't open my xdd?

I can take a look into it but for now, I write. I took a one hour nap before I ran. It was a good run. Plenty of insights. You trust your insights more so after waking up. It's a clear communication from my higher self. How do you know it's from there. It came out of nowhere. Suddenly the idea is tehre. I follow the path.

Do I want to go to japan or amsterdam? Culturall, japan is interesting. It's just expensive. Since the interest is tehre why not go there first? Why not this and that? It's the same energy anyway. Play with it and see how the energy shifts. I like this spot. How to get back in here? I don't know. Only be in the moment and you will see.

I can sit here to work while the kids are in school. The position of the chair is differet though. I can get used ot it. Do you want to see lynda? I can check that out. I haven't been there for a while. I can see what's new.