a different perspective

Wife is going to work today. Yesterday was ok but I could have insisted on staying home. I got back, didn't feel up and had ice cream. That was the benefit there for you then. You use that to pick you up.

How do I change that then--or at least use the energy? You see it as contrast. I don't think I can run later. We are going out to have dinner. That's usually around six. Maybe there is that small window there. If I can start at five, then I can finish at six just in time as wife is getting home.

Let's do that then. I can also check out the field if nobody's there then I can run -- that be at lunch time. Having some space there between dash and words helps with readability. I learned that from swipe files. I can be between bencivenga and sugarman. Bencivenga uses more text whereas sugarman can do the job in one page.

Maybe that's one reason why gary's copy are package control because he covers a lot more bases. But sugarman writes copy for his own business. Where do you get products then? That's where I am now. Let's get cracking then.

I can setup a niche site and take it from there. Who are impulse shoppers on the internet? Maybe the women who has high paying jobs. What do they want? Relationships. What else. How do you dig into that?

Wife farted. That wasn't nice. And then she left the room. It's sunny outside. I don't feel so good. CharityIT last year scheduled their event around this time of the year. This year they have it in wellington. I just want to attend one and get out of the house.

This then is synchronicity for you. You can go to the library and do some work there. This way, it's like an office for you where you can work. You get home and do something else. I need to get those stuff from the can. Brb.

I made better adobo yesterday for the wife. It was a great morning. We didn't have ice cream for breakfast as we already did the night before. Still, it was fun. I reinstalled linux on the desktop. This time I used manjaro the non-free drivers. That fixed the issue with the nvidia graphics driver.

These things you know over time. Usually it's the error message that you look for. It gives you feedback on how to fix things, that's what you need to breadcrumb your way through. I know enough on programming but it keeps adding to it. I can get me a job but i'm the small fish in a big pond. There are lots of bigger fishes that I am.

Writing copy, I am the big fish in the small pond. Gladwell said it's better to be the big fish in small pond. Your odds are better to be an outlier that way. Or was that the tipping point? I think it was more david and golitath. Either way, this works best for me.

Why did I not know about this before. Where is that kid going? She's all dressed up? Probably to the library to hang out with her mom. Maybe they go out for lunch there. So be it then. That's how she enjoys hanging out with her mom. She's a good kid.

The others are like that as well. Enjoy the process. This is part of yours. I think there's something wrong with that one. You can let it go at that. It took a while to restart that tells me there's something odd about it.

Waze doesn't show those things. I can go check that out. It used to have them but now they wait for input? I think there's something odd about it. What are your other options? I think the late lunch after a run is working.

What if I did so everyday? I walk on off days, and then I have brunch? Wife is getting ready to leave now. These two hae an ongoing script? Wife and I are getting old. We are shifting away from just physical and moving more into spirit. That's what you do. And it blends together not just this or that.

You know that already. It's time to expand on that and see how things go. The next one is happening next year. I never heard back from the npo so that means I can do other things. That be fine. It's a blog. You can write almost anything about it. That's the beauty of it.s

you don't have to be the expert. You just position yourself as one who has a different perspective. That's good enough for now. I think tonight we go to the city or past it. It's that pinoy restaurant. I don't think you need reservations for that. Why not hang out?

I can do that.