can you go

Who would've known I was going to be a writer? I think I did back in 2001. at least that's the year I refer to when I got started writing. But seriously, things started with tested advertising, it was years before that with the Artist's Way.

I found my connection to flow with the latter. The former got me into copywriting. From there I built up my confidence writing anything and everything that resonated with me. When I write, i'm a writer; if not writing, then I am not a writer.

How can it be that simple? Everything is simple. This way, you can build on top of it to make it complex, but not complicated. Everything in the universe is complex, not complicated. I just repeated myself. That sir, is synchronicity manifesting itself in a different ay. It's the universe reminding you that you are doing perfectly fine--on schedule.

So I do screenwriting now? Scriptwriting is more apt a term for me. Yes. I feel like it. Then I can do videos from here. I get me a mic and it's going to go from there. I don't really need a mic. I can work with this one that I have right now. These two are so similar they are getting on each other. Why is that?

I don't know. I am always afraid of things going there. I see. At least it's been quiet these past few months. Anyway, she's going off to uni soon. I'm going to miss her. This is part of the process. This is the norm. then you shake things up a bit in the story. The prot plays outside of the comfort zone. I am going to see that course again.

I think it's one of the best courses i've seen on lynda. There are others but this one is relevant. It's tied in with my writing. I can't go deep into that right now as I am assimilating the energy into me. I'll get there.

I ran yesterday so there's no need to run. You write enough so you get one minute per page. I can do that. I can format everything so it looks that way. It looks professional that way. I can do it that way too if you want. This is going to be exciting then. Let's make a template later on.

I keep repeating that. It's the pattern. You are writing from flow. You can edit later. Where do you want to go on your birthday? That hotel buffet was good. Let's go there with the kids again. I think they enjoyed it there. I then expand from this energy. You know how it feels. Let's get cracking there.

How are you going to spend the day? I don't know if she can take the day off. I'll ask her. We can arrange something. We can meet in the city. It'll be fun. The kids can hang out. We'll have a lot of things to do there. It's an open universe. Things can go this way or that. With every cash flow, I get a ticket to lotto.

That sounds interesting. Would you rather do that or advertise your site? The latter has a return on your investment but it comes in drips. I'll see what I can do then. There's plenty to work on with seo. I'll look into that as well. I think there's a learning path to it. It's something to look forward to. Also content strategy. I'll go over that as well.

There's plenty to go into. Things can go this way or that. It's all connected anyway. Let's see what happens. I don't start anything until it's at the starting line. I write on this laptop as the keys are shallow and responsive. The one on the desktop is deep. The neighbors downstairs were fighting last night--having an argument. It happens.

I stopped going there. You can never change anyone anyway. You change from the inside and you change the universe. It's that simple. I am going to draw something. There's hat dread? It's not dread but not knowing. How will it turn out? That is expectation. The unknow is good but with expectation, you get anxious.

That is profound right there. Keep writing. Why is it anxious. It's excitement. It's your joy but filtered through negative ideas. How is joy your default energy? It's the energy that you are born with. When you allow yourself to be in zero, you experience joy in the moment. How do you know that.

Be quiet and you will see. The joy comes up quietly. It's not happy...just joy. How can you go there be there all the time? That's a lot of icons. Has she been busy installing stuff? I need to isolate from that. It's going to infect everything? Not necessarily so. I can clean it up fast. It'll slow her pc.

Check that sometime.