hardly have to

I can create a logo but that's not exactly what I have in mind here. It's easy that way, no need to research, but it's hit and miss more than copywriting.

Writing copy, you know which works and which doesn't and the best way to move forward is to test. The logo thing, it's subjective. Out of ten, there might not be one to pick. Or if there was, there'd be more than one.

I had coffee yesterday and the conversation there was good. Did you sense that? I think it has to do with the conversation happening. I have local self but if there was something there, it could have been evident. But they are the ones losing out.

If it were negative, then they are going back on their definitions. You give them contrast and they got something out of it? You got the most out of it. You don't have to go there. This is exactly where I am. It's overrun already. There's billions of us here and there's a handful over there.

The child ratio is two to one. How can they catch up with that. Besides, the positive energy is coming up. Everytime I go to the city every two months something new has come up. I wonder if that community is going to get busy.

Their social media expert doesn't know how to get people involved. They know how to engage and doing that comes up short. You need to influence them into action. How to do that? Give it to them. Give them ownership. When it's top down, you only get subservience. Invert the pyramid and harness the power of crowd source.

How do you do that then? Give them reign over it. They will govern their own community. You know the narcissists in there. They had a meetup this weekend and the crowd has thinned a lot. I don't think it's going to go anywhere else. It's time to move on here.

Do you need to go there be like that? I don't think so. Be in the light and you bring to yourself everything else. I do yoga later tonight. I can do them now but there's a lot on my plate. I got to do the laundry. That's about three batches to go through. Maybe two.

I am waiting for reading materials to come in soon. Then go through that as I aleardy have the motivation part. It's self-interest and you need to address that all the time. You have to clarify the message bring it out and easy to understand. You see where this is going. Give them what they want and show them how to get it.

It's always that way? I have this lined up. Do you need to go to library? I think I cancelled that thing. I go to toilet after this. I skipped that part yesterday. You can move on now. Keep writing and you go for a run later. I can borrow son's earphones for that so I can listen to something else running.

I think i'm not interested in that. I did offer something. They can pick up on something and see where it's going. It is a disservice when you don't empower them. You gotta put effort to learn that otherwise it's not going to work. Better to have them started on blogger, them move forward from there.

I created some great stuff with that and graduated. It's a lot and I movep up the ladder with it. I then got deep into full-stack dev. That's the end game? Kind of. Now I am back to writing. What's the end game here? None. You are always changing anyway. You go where the energy takes you.

How do you know you are on track? Give up the track. No expectations. Only go where it interests you. When the trail gets cold, you look for the next thing that interests you. Sometimes you get dead in the water. That's fine too.

That too is connected. It means you stay here as you are about to find the next wave. Plus there is something here for you. Did you see the thoughts that just went through your head? That is something you can use. How do you do this then? Keep writing. You have something in here. Is it worth it to cultivate? I think so. It's connected. You use up the energy and you will see how this morphs into something else.

That is amazing. How is it? You sit and the creation unfolds right in front of you. You hardly have to make things happen. You use the energy. It's all in your head. How do you know for sure. See it from that perspective. When you are not in position you will never see it anyway.

There's always something in the way.