it's because it's

For the first time in a month, I think, I don't have a gig to work on. I think it's like this whenever you change profiles. Give it time. There's nothing wrong. You are in exploration mode. Enjoy the process.

Use up the energy in here and you change the reflection. The process is that you had to check into android and see where it is. Did you really enjoy that? I can do the one hour thing in there but that's how far it'll go this time.

Second daughter is up. It's her birthday soon. I have worries. Going into this mode made me take the fork. But that was in the past. You know better now what you prefer. It's that energy while working. Give yourself room in that one hour a day. You can take every fork you want. It's giving you feedback.

I see where that's going. I'll give myself that allow that to be there then. The rest of the day, i'll stay in this mode. You don't have to go this way or that in that one hour. It's like that farm. It was good while it lasted. But when you do not give yourself joy, it's going to get into feedback.

How do you get into joy? It's your default. You let go of all the baggage and you get to zero point. That's where you find it. It's that feeling when you finish your run. When you go into one percent mode, that's joy. So go into one percent whenever you can. It's that simple and yet it's so powerful.

Is that the secret? It feels like it. You don't have to have everything else line up. You just go there. You grocery tonight? I think so. I don't spend time with that kid as much. I know. I can but if she don't like me as a parent then so be it. I don't have to force that.

This kid is up now. He has issues with school. Why does he have to do that? I don't know. Let it be there then. I just finish writing. Do I have to turn that off? no. it's giving me feedback. Use it that way. It's either too hot or too cold. I do yoga later and then I run.

I would rather have a business on auto-pilot. It's like an online shop where you check revenue at the end of the day. My blogs are like that. Do you get more? I can put in ten more into that droplet. Let's go there then.

I don't have other ideas to market but it is connected that way. That one hour will get you going in that direction. Why not see where it leads to? I can do that. Then you jest write about everything and see how it connects. I see. I can delete everything in my email. Something with dev work?

I don't have to. I just repeated myself there. That's synchronicity. You compare yourself to others. You are different. Everyone is on a different path. The process itself is different and that's what's similar there. You find what's different with yours and you are the channel.

You see where this is going? I can write about this then? If you want. If that pleases you. You only do so when it feels good. Then write about it. You only do that energy. Wife stopped doing kettle bell workouts. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe it's tied in with her work.

So be it. I don't have to fight that. There's seo and plenty of other work to do on that side. Let's see where that's headed and I can work with that. In the meantime, only do this. Do I have to do that email campaign thing? I can go there, or not.

It's all me then. Yes. You know that. I was sick last night. I thought I was going to faint. I slouch there. I can sit over there later if I wanted to. Wife has her period. I can do something else. Today is wednesday.

That was a tooltip. I just remembered. I couldn't access that yesterday. When do you do your one hour? I do that tonight when I am not writing. When I am writing I can choose something else. I see that now. Daughter knows how to converse. That's good. It's like natural for her.

My english is halted that way. How come. I don't know but you can write about it. I finish this and then put up the bed. These kids are getting ready for school. Why feel that way? It's because it's feedback. Use up the energy and you see where this is going. This just went around in circles.

I can go back.