night waiting to

I'm feeling negative this morning. So be it then. But I can choose what I prefer. I don't have to fight it. It's like I want to wear something blue teday. It's your decision.

How to do this then? I am looking for something on autopilot. I know how to market. Why not do that. Like joe sugarman. Business is to sell stuff online. Where do you find stuff like these?

I have a mind map in place next step is to satch onto that. How? I don't know yet. But when I am in that frequency, then I will see the reflection. I'll get feedback. I already am getting feedback. What else needs to be here?

I don't know. You can put down that baggage for now. You carry someone else's baggage. You put it down and give yourself a break. I see. And then what? You being here is adding to her credibility. I am fighting that then. I change minds? no. I am looking for something that works. It works right now.

Marketing on the internet. You provide a primera service as it is. You are not going to appeal to everyone. Why does it feel this way. You know how to use this energy. What else can we do here? Be in the light. And then what? I don't know. You know how these things go. You can create something and put it out there. You have seen these things before.

You can create wordpress designs customised according to specs. You then sell them every iteration. You put different pictures and layout that way. You put functionality into it. How do they find you? You sell them online. You create your own shop. You add to it. It's the design that's custom. You make it that way.

Mornings are ideal for me. There's plenty of ideas rushing through. At night waiting to pick up wife, I am out of energy. I should be resting then. Be in the light. Use that to be on the inside. You know how to do this. She is so negative she's using you to get out of her consequence.

It's not love when you encourage that. Be in your own light so she will see that she has a choice. You already had it. What happened? I kept fighting her. That's where the energy went. Don't fight it. You allow for her to be there but choose what you prefer. Stay in that light.

No need to convert them. That's religion. You are done with that. I see. What happens now? Be in your light. You will get there eventually. Maybe you don't need a product there. You only need to get to this part. Where do you get collectibles there? I don't know yet. For now, this is where I am. You have that part in you?

I think so. Let it simmer in there. You have them cooking already. It's tuesday. What happens today. I'll write later. I prepare food for kids school.