on it then

What positive can I make out of this situation?

Wife gets to stay home during the day, then go to her tv shop work at night. We get to spend more time together. This has always been the endgame for me, so why not.

I can grow my business this way. It's connected now. I do direct response and do public relations. I see the connection that way as I used to do social media marketing. It is connected in the way that I do writing in these things. Writing means to get reader to take action or not. Regular advertising is to create an attitude, to reinforce that. It is passive. I think that is a better referecne to it.

Passive mode is that it's shown to audience but they can ignore it. Actie is to get audience involved. That is what my writing does, to get people to get involved with the brand. How do you do that? Make it relevant to their needs. So it's relevant and involved. Let me make a note of that.

How do you make it relevant to their needs? Find out what their needs are and address them. I have an active candidacy in upwork. I am not sending them that referecne as I don't have them. I'm going to let it go at that. I move on and forward.

What else is good about this. How can I get a positive effect out of it? I've always wanted to spend more time with her. It's falling into place. So that means the business is about to take off. I have two in place anyway. The spotify thing rather the shopify gig did not stick so it's not relevant.

I feel that crowded has more meaning to it. I can work with nonprofits and charity orgs as well as for profit orgs. That gives me more elbow room to play with. I am sticking with this then. Do I need an email for that? It would be fun to have one. I can set up something when I finish this.

I can make that my default email as it's shorter and makes more sense. How do you include a link to that? I don't know yet. I see the path ahead and it's interesting that way. It's to-pronged. I can go this way and that. I see where this is going. Let's get to it then. Do you need a second one?

I don't know. We'll see how it goes. It's changing and it's the unknown that causes me anxiety. It's because of source code that is not in alignment. Can I change that definition? Of course. When you feel the energy, that tells you what's not in alignment with your source code.

Do you want to print out? No need. I can keep to this on my laptop. Maybe setup dropbox on the desktop so I can go there. Otherwise, it's interesting this way. I can even upload a folder to drive as I am using chrome now.

I do dev work at night for one hour since i'm not doing much. I am reviewing node.js as this was interesting for me. I can use a node.js website for my blog or something. I can restart over? Not really. But maybe I can use that for crowded since it's different? I'll look into it.

How will it feel like? I am pleased with myself. I see the experience and I feel good about it. Most of the time it's at zero point but it goes positive as it feels good that way. We get to spend more time together as the businsess can go on autopilot. I can hire someone else to do the work while I direct zoomed out.

That's more like it. I can run the business from my phone. I can bring the laptop when I need to do work. She can go shopping while I sit in a cofee shop writing work. I like that. How is not in my head right now. I don't have to know how. I just need to see the frequency. And it feels good this way. I can expand this way. Maybe do work in an open office environment and get to work with others in the industry.

That sounds good. How will it feel like right now? I feel content about it. I can look back to it and see that it was there for a reason. Keep to this frequency. When you are aware that it's off then you can look at your source code. I still enjoy coding but more so because it's fun to do that. One hour a day feels just right for me. Let's get to it.

I spend more time on my writing. Not because there's something missing but more so to crystallize more into that frequency. No need for expectations. You see it anyway. Let's get cracking on it then. Do people check your profile?