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I'm exploring the blues. My response is different now. The energy is changing. I see contrast now and then but it gives me feedback. I see it, aware of it, I go inside and see what I have in my source code. There's an echo. That's ok. This is part of my process. You see how anything is possible?

Deep dive into the unknown and you have access to that energy. It's yours aanyway. She thinks in the old ways and it's not my preference. It's not who I am. I can be in that, but why go thee. I would rather be myself.

The two downstairs are in a good mood now. They sing. They had sex last night I heard them finish. That's life. It's fun that way. How do you see more of that? Be in that channel. It's like tv. You only see what is in your channel.

Why is this contrast here then? It's feedback. Maybe it's synchronicity telling me it's time to get going. I am on my path. It's fun writing this way.

There is pain in my nose. Rather than doing dev work why not read your book? Dev work is learn mode still but to vary the learning process. If I do writing all the time, then at ome point it gets stuck. I can run today. I skipped two days. If the field is empty then I run. Is it? It was empty at some point. Let's see how things go. If not, then it's ok if I run tomorrow. It's part of my process anyway. I ran twice a week before. I'm still ok now. I enjoy that.

When I tune out they come easy. That's how you want it. I learned something new again. It adds up. The psychology doesn't change so you are always spiraling up. In dev work, something new comes up every time.

You don't want to be there because you are always playing catch up. Now I am aware of it. I can choose to let go or play their game. You know the answer to that. What happens next? Why was I in that path? It's part of your process. You chose to be there.

For a while it was fun. But it lost its momentum. It was time to change. Then you can let go now. It's a weekend. I think the transfer came through. I can get a family account. I have enough for five months, maybe three.

Will they use it? I don't know. They don't have much space in their phones. Where do they get their music? Youtube. She didn't close the door? I think so. I can close that later. I am listening to blues music. It's got rich layers and not too much noise.

How did that happen? I can get me some of that. For now, you only choose to be in the light. Everything else falls into place after that. What's he doing in uk? I don't know. Maybe he got that to work and now he's off my back. So it's time to move forward. Is it enough to have a crowd? You don't have to. Why not start one? Be in the favorites list and you land front page.

How do you trigger that? I don't know yet. I am on my way. I will see the light because it's in my reflection. You go there and be in the light and you will see. Can I write a book on this? Why not? That tells you what's not there and you can fix it.

It's fun this way. See how it's connected. You are supported and you find streams where you thought there was none. I am supported. The business is growing and I am growing in skills. I write everyday. It's where it's at. Now you expand on this and you will see how it's connected that way.

Now what happens. You just be in your own light. Tell your truth. You don't have to fit in with their boxes. That's their baggage. You don't need that. I am supported. It's time to expand. You have been in expansion anyway. How to get from here to there? I don't know but when you ar ethat person then you have that reality experience.

You don't even have to know how. You just be. I can stop now but the flow is connected. Do you get the family premium? Wife can use it. I think. She has enough memory in her phone. I can give her the link. I have two other kids who can use it. How long can we go there?

It's priced for two accounts. I think we can handle that. Or pull together a group and you can invite them over. I see where that's going then. Let's find out if that works out good for you. I can renew this later on. For now, the playlist is good.

Would you rather do deezer? It's ok. I like the radio function on spotify for now. It serves me alright. Is there another service you can use?