plenty of insights

I like that other mouse. I sit here in my son's pc desk. This used to be my spot. The internet here is so much faster as it's ethernet direct to the router. Why not sit here instead? I have the laptop. I can sit anywhere anyway.

I finished my writing for the day. I wrote a blog post and it was cool. That's my bare minimum. It's my mustard seed as the person I prefer to be. I found a campaign that did not work out and wrote something about making it better next time.

I don't know if it's going to help anyone. It has self-interest written all over it. Anyway, it's part of my process so I stick with this for now. Some of the movies in the library look boring so I remove them when I see it. Otherwise, how come this pc doesn't open my xdd?

I can take a look into it but for now, I write. I took a one hour nap before I ran. It was a good run. Plenty of insights. You trust your insights more so after waking up. It's a clear communication from my higher self. How do you know it's from there. It came out of nowhere. Suddenly the idea is tehre. I follow the path.

Do I want to go to japan or amsterdam? Culturall, japan is interesting. It's just expensive. Since the interest is tehre why not go there first? Why not this and that? It's the same energy anyway. Play with it and see how the energy shifts. I like this spot. How to get back in here? I don't know. Only be in the moment and you will see.

I can sit here to work while the kids are in school. The position of the chair is differet though. I can get used ot it. Do you want to see lynda? I can check that out. I haven't been there for a while. I can see what's new.