see the page

I'm not doing anything so I might as well do morning pages. Everyone is still sleeping or staying in bed on a bright and sunny sunday. Why not go to the flea market? Just walk around and look at the people. It's what you enjoy doing.

They go to church anyway. There's not much to do. It's going to be a long day. I think they make sushi. I can help? I think you'll need to make rice for sushi. I'll do that in a moment. I already started writing and there be plenty of time for that.

I can do yoga, then run tonight. Or do yoga, walk and mwf run next week. We'll see what happens. Sundays I usually walk. I'll see what I can do. It's a beautiful day. I walk and I can go earlier. That park is so fun to be in. let's see where that's going.

Is that why it's there? So be it then. You can be as you already are. You only experience things based on what's in your source code. Do one percent every moment that you are aware of it. When you don't write you are not a writer. That's ok to be there. Things are still changing anyway.

How can you make it purely a direct mail play? Will it be more expensive that way? Why not a gig writing sales letters? I can do that. You know the format anyway. I think people go there to check it out and I can write something about it. Done to list.

I can go check that out. Is it something you need? Not really. I can go there when needed. In the meantime, only write this. Splashing on the page. Can everyone do that? Not really. Some get so choked up they can only splash words on the page. I think that's the better term for it.

It's like colors when you paint. The thing is it has to be relevant. How do you do that? I don't know. I'm not in that energy right now. Then go do something else that's relevant. School's back tomorrow. No need to fight it as you can choose. It's your energy. I have more than enough runway.

How do you stay there? I have page numbers in place. Do you apply for work? Freelance is fun. I build up my business this way. How do you scale up? I don't know yet. I see myself here so I stay here for now. Could I have done better with that gig?

I think so. Then I can publish that now? Not yet. Give it a week and then you can move forward with it. In the meantime, only do this. How else could you have mcwaded that project? I don't know yet. I can learn or pick up the skills. It's there. I just need to tune in and resonate with that frequency.

It's what you do all day. You select the channel and see the reflection. In the meantime, the weekend has been great. I did a lot of things. I feel differently better about that last gig. Let's do more of that then. It's better than programming. That one I get stuck and the energy feels negative, or something I do not preefer.

That's how you choose you experience? I think that's what's been missing here. The action part. The part where you ground to physical reality. Was that missing? Not really. I was exploring a different path. Now that I am here, it's time to expand on that then.

I have been going back to that neighborhood a lot. Wife is getting ready for her interview. I think it has more to do with what you write. See it there and you can go for more. How do you do that? I don't know yet. What I know is that I am on this path and it feels better this way.

It's how I select what's next. Path of least resistance. Is there another way of doing things? I don't know. For now, only do this. I see where this is going. Let's do this and see what happens. I wonder if he's still going. I think he knew c++. I heard gary talk about it then. He does systems dev?

I don't know anyway. I forgot. Then it's not relevant for you. I see the page number anad it tells me how many more lines to go. Do I do one more page? no. I am done here. When you see it pick how you respond to it.