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I don't think there's much difference between selling your product and raising funds for your product. You raise funds better though when you point out the merits of your brand, and this works with sales.

So what's the point here? That you can go this way and cover much of your path. Low tide the gas so we don't have drive sessions today. I added analytics to crowdednz site to see what's happening in there. The other plugin looked interesting but it didn't show on dashboard automatically. The other one did.

Daughter is going to the city today. She might go with her mother. I can give her money but it's in my account. Need to email warren. Should I? Done.

I have mailchimp set up but hardly use it. Is my site not getting found? I don't know. I need to drill into analytics to find out. The bounce rate seems a bit off. That tells me there's not much juice going into it. Let's see what can be done about it. In the meantime, I am setting up fiverr for another gig.

I used to get one gig a week. I am not in frequency? There was so much fear yesterday. That pointed out things in my source code. Are they ok now? I see them. I am aware of them. The source code seems legit. It's the energy? It's the ram that needs looking into. To fix this, just be aware of the energy.

I write much and I have this book that helps. What's she doing in the city? I don't know. They hang out. She's going with a friend. Is it safe? It's this and that. Anything can happen anyway. I'll tell her to keep her phone on and answer. At times it goes straight into mailbox.

Why is that? Is she avoiding a call? I don't know. Maybe she just don't want it to ring. Other daughters do that. Maybe it's the classroom situation. I guess so. Then just keep writing. It's what you do. It's who you are. Do swipe files if there's not much else out there.

You had this other client to work with. You can pick up from there. I have eyeballs on this one. Let's keep it there and see where it's going. You get one and see where it is. What was the other one? I think it was the video script.

I can make changes to that as well. I had several gigs that worked out well. I can keep back to that and see how it goes. Do you like to go there as well? I think so. Is this where it's going? I don't know what you mean. Write like you write a letter to a friend. Tell them what's happening.

You then make changes later to make it more involved. That's the right process for me. She needs to close that door. It's the wind in the room. I cleaned the bathroom and it's cleaner than how the wife cleans it.

There is a process to it. You sit down on it. You don't wish it away but keep to the process. I can tell her to close the door because of the wind. Or not. I cana write about it. How? Describe it. The door keeps swinging because of the wind. Each time it hit's the frame and grabs my attention.

There's nothing appealing to it so I get my attention back to what I am doing. It's the same with advertising. You don't just flag people, you give them something of interest to them. You don't go back. Either they buy or not. Don't spend time trying to motivate them again. When they are in frequency they'll find you.

In the meantime, you spend time better getting new eyeballs. How to get them sites up and running? I don't know yet. I think it's getting there but for now, let's see how it goes. Why not add to the funds and get that. Will it work?

I think so. I can have that self-sufficient in no time. How do you go there then? I don't know yet. Maybe there's a setting in here that'll work. See where the path is going. You can take it from there to see what happens. Man, let it go. Leave it at that and see what happens.

I get that. I was going t owirite about it but I was in edit mode. Ust write. No need to eidt s you only are connecting. You finish writing then you can edit later. For now what's happening with the world. That profit show didn't work out for her. She has issues there that need addressing.

I think her business might go down the drain from there. Or not. Maybe there is something to it.