used it up

Change is here. It's final that wife is changing employment status with the place she works in. what happens now? I shift. No more baggage. Only be in the light, choose to be in the light.

This feels like feedback and it's meaningless other than the meaning I put into it. That's what this is all about now. I go to library today? I run this morning, do yoga take a nap. Then I go to library to get some magazines. Other than that, I can do ad agencies around here and offer outsource service on that.

My site ranks on page one google now. Do you have to see it someplace else? I can check on android phone and see how it goes. But on incognito, it's on page one. What's next? More keywords. Which ones? I don't know. I have those three words in place. That's good for now. Is it going to rain soon?

I need to check that. It's friday. I was supposed to do something this morning? Not much. Wife is leaving late for an interview. I'm not sure if we have time for some action-jackson. In the meantime, only do this.

Gaming engages your brain. All neurons are fired up and engaged. It's what you want. It's so much better than reading for school. Keep it there. Watching a video that intreests you is also good. You keep to your own definition that works for you. If it doesn't work for you, why bother?

I started this in july I think and it's not getting anything? It's not that. I have grown so much. I now have my site on page one for long tail keywords. I think everything is in place. Next stop, get something going that's in the light. No need to invalidate.

You see the going around? Htat's anxiety talking. It's good though that you are aware of it. You can work with this and see how it goes. In the meantime, play with this. Why ydoes it feel like it's going to rain? I don't know. It's going to be tight if we have ice cream now.

What about grocery? You don't need that anymore. Shift to higher frequency and you'll see where you are going. It's not that you are not in control; you have always been in control you just didn't know how to do it best.

But things are different now. You know things differently. Expand on that. You can always do something else. In the meantime, you know where you are headed. Allow this anxiety to be here and use up the energy. It's what it's here for. The feelings tell you what is in your source code.

What's in it anyway? That you need to do things? Maybe that's what needs to happen. Ground the energy through action using action on the energy. You don't just choose frequency, but you gotta ground it down to using experience. How does that sound to you?

I think I see what you mean here. That felt anxious. Then do nothing today but just sit on it. Sit meaning not to do anything. You make yourself comfortable as you are about to go through the vortex. This way, you have a good vantage point on where you are going.

You have been down this road before and you made good. You got better than expected outcome. It's the same here. Remember that time? You were acting on your excitement that way. It's the same here. Even if you thought it was going nowhere, you are still supported in your path. You have let go and you are using creation as you go along.

That's the beauty of it. Keep to this path and you will see what happens next. It's not the skill you gain but the context zoomed out. It's why you go there. Zoomed in you miss out on a lot ofthings. You focus on the details when you don't really know where it's headed.

Path is on context. It don't matter what you do. Zoom out to see the perspective. That's what you do. It's all connected anyway. It's them gatekeepers--use htem by redefining your source code. They are part of creation telling you to go this way.

You put them there anyway. Use it that way. It's cloudy. These kids don't really want to go to school. It's fun this way. She's busy with a lot of things. Just want to say goodbye when she heads out the door.

They grow up fast. Is that time? You use up less of it. That's why it is different now. It's always been different. Is this near the end? It never ends anyway. The energy changes because you used it up anyway. Do you want to do inkscape?

It's a blind spot.