why not get

I gets it. But why the expectation? Why not just be in the moment? Because local self needs to see it. Then let your self be in that but at the same time, know how creation works. It's the positive response.

Right now, before, you were worried about what you think might happen in the future. But you are in this energy here and now. You build up on that energy. You create your reality that way. Then you do create the reality that you think is in the future. How do you change that?

Wake up and see what you hold on to. You can change that by putting a mustard seed on it. Sit on it and you see what's different. That small seed will then grow into a beautiful tree and you planted that tree. It's how much different you see it that makes it so.

What happens then? You are good at what you do right now. How else do you want it to be? You go to center. You go inside and change things from in there. The outside is a projection. You can't change the outhside because it's an illusion. There is nothing there but feedback.

So you go inside and be that person already. You know that now. You are that person as it is. How to go from here then? Just be that person in every way that you see fit. When there is contrast, take it as feedback. Here is something not aligned in your source code. It's causing an error. You might want to take a look at it.

I saw mine yesterday. There was an error with the old url and the recipient is not getting the right information. That reflects terribly on you. How do you move forward then? You fix the source code. You check if it's working now. You move forward from there. I see how things are different. You see how that goes?

It's technickal. Next time you get charcoal and you drow with that in shadows. That sounds fun. Where was that old charcoal then? I don't know. Maybe I got rid of it. Draw something everyday. If possible, you can do that twice aaily. That changes your energy. You see what's possible. You go into that and you expand your energy into it.

It's amazing how these are here for me. I see it already. Even if you are in that light, you still see contrast. You have feedback and you'll know where to go. Inside. Go to center. That's how this works. You then go and use up the energy because it is your energy.

When you invalidate what is, you have no access to the energy. You are not in your power. Go there. Use it up. There is something there for you. It's how energy holds information. You line up with it and you see what's in there for you.

Wife stays home now. It's time to turn things around and be in your light. You know how to make things work from here. Check the url and see if it works. You know how to fix it anyway. Go there. You get the traffic? Of course.

Can you make it a dotcom? Not right now. I can wait on it but if nothing comes out of it then I can make changes later. Why not go to europe? I will. I'm using up the energy that's here right now. When it's used up, then the details are going to shift as well. This is how I work.

I don't have to explain this to her. She won't get it. She can't even get how her reality works. She put the power outside of her. It's her process. I can't take that away from her. That's not positive action.

Do you have to respond? I don't have to. This is my positive response. She's going to think mine won't work and that's ok. I have been fighting that a long time. I've let go of that. I see the contrast and I use it as feedback. I don't have to do things her way. I've seen the example. I put myself on both sides and it works for me.

How? You get the energy from both sides. You were all that awareness. You put yourself in those three persons. You learn from it and you can use it all the time. What if I got the financing for that. How do you change things up a bit?

You can be the positive energy there. Can I start something like that around here? Why not? Get crowdfunding? I think that's possible. People want that anywya. You saw how that works before. Get a venue then expand with that energy. It don't have to be on main street. You can work on the side streets and still see it that way.

Where to get funding? You know where it is. Plan it out and see where it's going. Grab your crowd and build up on that. How? I don't know yet. Get out there.