you know where

There are a number of subreddits—small communities to help you get the job done. I am a member of a number of them. They work because it’s all connected in some way. Once you see that, you know that you are on the path.

Yesterday was interesting. There was the control self that got involved. Wife was patient with it. Am i changing trades again? I think so. I want it simple. The 200ma is as simple as you can get. You trade in the direction of the h1. that’s all there is to it. What happens next? You don’t have to ride every wave. You pick the best one you can play and go with it.

I got two sandals at a good bargain price. Synchronicity happened yesterday. I was more aware of it. It always is there anyway. You are just not aware of it. The good book you can read is that other one on writing. I can work in the library.

Stopped for a moment to put water in the freezer. that’ll come in handy later. I find this work fun. I don’t have to be someone else. Just be in my own frequency and everything is falls into place. No need for grammar. Sometimes you let it be and people still gets it. There is a meetup tonight. I go.

it’s shopify. I think there is a community here i can look into joining as a regular. I am a shopify partner. I have that in place anyway. let’s see where this is going then. Do you have to go there that way? I think so. Facebook is kinda off. You can’t rate the comments. The good ones get buried anyway. I think that once a week thread is helping me get traffic.

Do more of that. In some way, you are going to get hits that way. it’s what direct marketing is about. You keep going in that direction and you’ll see where you are going. I have a new gig in place. I have adwords gig running. I can leave it there. No orders yet though. let’s see where this is going.

Daughter is up early. She and little boy are the only ones going to school now. I think we spend the day with the two older daughters. We have four. it’s been fun. I have a good time. it’s a roller coaster but seriously, you have it good. Next stop is to get me brothers and their family here. What they do out of it is none of my business. I do it for them.

I don’t know how. i’ll bring my backpack for the laptop. Is that good enough? Should you bring a second one? we’ll see how it goes. I think they’ll be there four hours. I can stay in the library and get work done. I like walking around. Maybe i can walk to the beach or something.

It was fun but it’s not me. Trust synchronicity. You are an eternal being. You know what you are doing. I am being weaned off that. You already gets it anyway. You are now playing in the game. Is it a game? it’s a metaphor that works for now. Mainstream is like it. Life better.

You live it anyway. You don’t have to stay in the classroom and lab anymore. This is better for me. what’s next? I don’t know yet. Finish this script today so you don’t have to put that in the burner. I can work this in the library. Do you need a bottled water? I can simply get one in the grocery each time.

Put it in there and everytime you need to go you just put it in the freezer. Or not. It all works together anyway that way. You set up a site and people order through that. Do you need a vpn? Not really. Cloudnymous was ok but it didn’t last long. Why not setup your own? I can do that. Maybe there was something else.

You know how to get traction. How to set up one using aws. You know how to do that. Get there and see how it goes then. You have one computer running in here anyway. Go here and connet when you need it. I have a run today. But they leave in the morning. Then i have that thing.

let’s go do that then. What do i wear? I don’t know yet. We decide when we get there. You know where you are going anyway. I need bus money for later. Wife not using hers. I can go for that. I leae at five. They can take care of themselves. That pic looks nice. I can check that out.

That lady is off to school now? I think so. You can get yourself something. It gets there when it gets there.

then see how

I may have found my system. it’s why these things happen. I am looking to trade audjpy. it’s active during my prime time—mornings. I don’t have to sit through this during the day. I just watch the open, then let the trade run its course.

Target is ten pips, move to breakeven. I think i can make something otu of this. Just need to be centered all through the day. Imagine if that woosh happened at this time. You will have a business that’s self sufficient and you simply scale up as the weeks go by.

When possible, add to lots traded with risk capital. You don’t have to dig in through that. When you add ten percent to capital, add one unit. You trade micro or nano lots. that’s when you go there. When you get stopped out, scale back.

The number then is ten percent. i’m going to have to review the game plan at the start of the trading day. Be in the light. Remember the woosh. See the ball, hit the ball. I wonder if tracey is coming today. She must have been hot when she was young.

The yogurt is frozen. I can thaw it out before i eat it. I am done there. I am making my nilaga and expand through this. I wonder if wife is going to use them cabbage. I bought another one. I did not make them last week.

let’s get cracking then. The kids are watching that cartoon with the animals. The sqirrel. Trade like the squirrel? Something like that but chicken trading is a more apt way to describe it. But the idea of a squirrel sounds good. Do you even need that one?

I think you know see where this is going. You build up that trade explorer and see where it’s going. You paid tuition there and learned something. I am moving forward with that. Now this is here. Do you have to use a different indicator? Volume? Not really. Just do this and see what happens.

You want to trade when it’s quiet. I see. I also need to move some indicators and templates to dropbox. that’s a cool name there. Does positioning work there? What how do you pull market share from that? You do it slow and sure. I think that’s how namecheap did so.

I am getting back into adwords. there’s a lot of them out there i think my connection to flow will put me in the map. it’s not what’s out there but who you are. Everything reflects off that. You know that already. Just expand on it and see what happens.

Wife will buy the other two outdoor stuff. I think wife is going to finish her shopping then. I can’t wait to try out them new headphones. Apparently there’s less heat there. I know how to write reviews. How do you get that up and running then?

Create a community around it and see how it goes. I think the forum will put you on the map. Not that. it’s going to show expand awareness of what’s already there. I see. When i get a month in the bag, then i’ll start it. Or not.

How do you get in that list? A hundred percent gain in a month. How do you get there? Add more lots. You expand on your position. You can play with that. What you want is consistent. No need to be on that list. Now you know what to do.

You have a plan there. And then what. Just do this then. I see. That thing is funny. I am going to finish that copy today. it’s why i write. I can tune out with the music. Then i finish the outline, then improve the copy.

Make it like content they can use. If you were looking into that, you don’t want to hear how good the brand is, but what you can get out of it. that’s what you write about. What do you get out of it. How to get that information.

You already know that. You see where that happens. You write about it then i can finish that then get going. How to get that adwords thing doing. I have a gig up. I can play that along and focus more on that. What else do they want? What is it about that.

I think you know what these things are happening. You already have it. You just scale up on contests then see how it goes. Now what. You are here and then you can expand. I am not concentrating enough here. You know what to do now. They are family. They support the whole. it’s all connected.

do the pws

I have time to write. it’s been quiet lately. Is it seasonal? This is why trading can be a great side gig. Also start a course on udemy. That can be something in here. Can i do this trading thing as a course?

I think it’s possible. Use this indicator as base, then use the lines to trade around. I may have to get those charts in place. How can you do this live? Do a screencast and see how things go from here. that’s going to take some time to figure out but it’s going to be a seires that they buy.

That would be interesting. There are people out there who just wants to buy this things. These. I used to be a target audience for that. I was a demographic. it’s a birthday today. what’s the plan? I think wife wants to go out later. We can move that to tomorrow. I just want a good steak.

We can do that. We can go to paknsave and get a good steak there i can cook. Which one though? I don’t know yet. We can go figure it out later. That lunch out is still possible though. We can go there. Or do something else.

Why did i think that way? it’s doing something that’s weird but do you want to mess things up with them? Probably not. it’s their religion that’s going to mess things up. For now, you can do something else altogether. Are you impressed by that? What do you do to impress others? You impress yourself.

And then others will come and help you. I think it’s what you do there that counts. I think that russian lady was a good addition tothe cast. But things sometimes has to move on so they are going to cut her off soon. that’s fine. this’ll evolve somewhat. Today is the start?

What happens now? Everything is from that perspective. Does it have to be strict? Not strict, but more aligned. I send out proposals every day when i can. I think i have one everyday. that’s why this is evolving. What else can i do here? If fiverr can be that quiet, does that mean i don’t write as well?

You do write well. You just need to spend more time on it. You can write and edit, but you are going to sit on it for a while so you can be more creative about it. it’s that greet. Let it go then. They greeted you yesterday. You will always have something new to get back into.

I think wife likes that motorboard thing. Is it what you call it. What happens now? One child stays at home. We can bring her with us. Or we do something else. I would rather have that steak. Or something else? We can have that and they get something they like.

That sounds interesting. let’s get cracking then. I have lunch cooling off before i pack it. Then i get something else going again. This one comes home after lunch. we’ll get going and see where this is going. For now, do something else. Like what? I don’t know yet. You have this in place.

That thing is going to need a few tweaks. There was a lot of lenovos at noel leeming yesterday. Are you getting one? Only if it can be changed from within. it’s great that linux devs can find a way around it. it’s a machine. Machines are made to follow the source code. You can change one thing and things change everywhere.

Market is going to go sideways but this pair don’t care about it. Who is that speaker? I don’t know yet. That thing is giving an error because she removed something in uninstall. So be it then. she’ll have to learn how to deal with it.

How do you check? You work in tech support. I think at that age she can get a job there. I can encourage her to do that. If she wants to. You can learn something from that job.

Why not go for something like it? These hr folks are strict about it. You will do well in a startup environment. Or not. Simply just go and see what happens. In the meantime, only do this. The next one happens next year around jan or feb. I think it could be feb. They are not having problems with that now.

Then do something else for now. Do the pws. that’s the theme for this year. You do them one year at a time. You can have a countdown. No need ofr anything else then.

as it can

i’m seeing patterns in trading. Trading bitcoins has too many hurdles to it. Path of least resistance – synchronicity tells me it’s best to trade fx for now.

The infrastructure is already there. it’s easier to get things going. I saw day pivots work and it was around my sweet spots. that’s something to look into. i’ll observe that. Also look to pullbacks to atr, wait for swing patterns the 2b-entry. That’s a tight trade with limited stops.

Will it work? The less you trade, the more you make. Just make sure the swing v’s occur on your lines then take it from there. You already know how to trade. You just need to be patient in the moment. Now, why did i do carbs yesterday? it’s part of your process. If you didn’t go there you wouldn’t get insight.

i’d like to advertise my service but i don’t know if it’s a package i can use. I am looking to grow this here. The turtles used atr in their trades. I think i can do something with this. Most of the time you are writing anyway. I think i can make a go of this. Every pattern you see is tradeable. See how it goes.

I have that in place. let’s move forward with this and see how it goes. Do i make a symlink to the file? i’m not sure how it works right now. The pattern is too far from atr. Do something else. Besides, you have tightening bands. Do nothing here.

Flies are coming back. What happens now? Get back to that one and see what happens. I didn’t get a notice from upwork so i suppose it’s going to be there and delayed for a while. it’s ok as i can use that for later. i’ll do that after i have my morning habits in place. In the meantime, do this.

it’s like being a sniper. You wait and see how it goes. You don’t do a rambo and go in charging and trust that the enemy will do ukemi for you. It doesn’t make sense that way. it’s not part of my source code. I would rather do this then. How do you automate that? Look for support and resistance..

although this takes moments to manage, it can scale easily with the mam and pamm accounts. That means when it is profitable, when it’s in alignment, you can do something about it. You only work in the morning, then another one on euro open. I can play with this. It makes sense that way.

Mornings you do line studies. You see how the us session worked out relative to support and resistance. You then play things from there. Always, you are in pause state here. You widen that pause. You wouldn’t have gotten tahat insight if you did not have that experience.

Wife foes to work later. In the moment, i am here and everything is perfect as it is. I can play with this and see how things go. I like my custom domain. it’s short and straight to the point. Once you know what to look for, you get what the url is. Can i go to library? The pr approach no longer makes sense. it’s because their definition of advertising don’t work.

Do you think dra will work? If you show them to target audience, then yes. it’s not going to work on all, but you can expect a three percent conversion consistently. That sounds good. How do you get eyeballs then? that’s the formula. Get copy that works, then you scale up with getting more eyeballs. If your market is small, then you have to increase conversion. This thing can only go so far. Copy has to be tight to make it work.

Bands or volatility is tightening. Do nothing here for now. You can do range trading but there’s so much risk as it can go this way and that. For now, price is on solid support. If it goes through then it’s going to go through and should have gone through by now. Volume by tick data is going down.

Maybe instead of looking at the bands, you put up volume instead? Do that on the five. When it goes below the ma, that tells you volatility is off, do nothing. When signal comes up, look to volatility. Is there such a thing as obos? I think you can use that as well for reversals.

Why not atr instead?

on real time

I am hurting. I needs to let this go...process this energy, use it up. it’s because i don’t want this—whatever is happening in my life right now.

Wife lied to go out with a friend overnight. You know people don’t lie. They say what they think you want to hear. Why would she think that then? She has permission to sleep around. The only condition is that i know beforehand.

Maybe it’s because of her upbringing? it’s in the past. She does tend to stay and live in the past. I am doing that right now. I am processing this energy that’s why. Then use it up. I am. I am allowing myself to be upset. But i know that i have a choice. I can. I have chosen decided that she’s not a priority anymore. My relationship is no longer a priority.

From here on, she is the maternal mother of my children. I don’t have to invest much. I keep the house clean because it’s connected to me working at home. I do it for myself. I don’t drop everything that’s important to me to invest in that relationship. It has been downgraded.

i’m not invalidating that. it’s that i prefer to not invest in it anymore. I don’t have to go tere. I have an appeal for the ad. I think it’s a good publicity campaign. Social media campaign so it is. How do you make it viral? Viral is out of your wheelhouse. it’s what people think it is.

So i am not into advertising? I am into publicity. Online publicity. How do you become that? Spin doctors. I don’t know yet. let’s look that up. There are several books in the library. How do you offer that as a service? I don’t know yet. Soon as i see it there then i can go to that path. i’ll look into that.

The series on wasn’t productive. I let it finish in the background and didn’t care much about it. I think i have something in the direct response category. I saw how it worked several times. it’s not advertising per se. There has to be a different way to define that?

I don’t know. The slogan that i have is a good soundbite. let’s play with that and see where it goes. In the meantime finish writing. You got into the zone there. Use this energy to get back to healthy. You are going to use healthy moving forward.

I already have that in place. Do you still need to learn about publicity? Then you have it. You are self-taught. You are equipped to be in that level. Genius is an ego local self label. There is a higher label you can use. Connected. That is so much better. You see how you can access the flow?

it’s there for you right at that moment you need it. it’s never a second too early or too late. When you need it, you have it. Remember this. it’s why i wirte. And you are using this. How do you connect that idea to other people. Give examples of how you did so in the past.

You know what it is they want. Next you need to do is to get them into that frequency. How do you do that? it’s not here so i guess i’m not doing it anyway. I can make changes one grain of sand at a time. it’s how you change the universe. it’s that single prime radiant that makes the universe go round.

How do you know that? Because it makes sense that way. I went back to dropbox. It syncs on real-time without me having to do anything. Just put them in the box. It is kinda slow but i can work with that. The kids are still sleeping. Eldest daughter came home midnight. I allow that. She is exploring now as an adult.

she’ll guide her siblings when i am gone. I put energy into that so she can be of assistance. i’m not going to dump my baggage into her hands. I don’t even bother with other people’s baggage anyway. Why do that to dthem. I am moving forward here then. So be it. Keep writing. I feel better this way. I was able to use up the energy when i write about it. This is why i write.

Daughter is here on the table. I put a footer on this page so when i convert into pdf this shows as well. Do you want that there? I think so. it’ll help in the future anyway. I can use that to get them to see my website. From there, they can bookmark or not. it’s part of marketing.

there is that

I’m wrong about a lot of things. It was good that it—the relationship lasted this long. it’s time to move forward. it’s the energy. there’s nothing there for me and it’s time to move on. The last time i tried to hang on to it changing things on demand, things did not turn out good.

It’s synchronicity telling me it’s time to go. i’ve already shifted. I moved out of her bed. I can do something else from here on. I can probably sleep in the car or something. I can go in the tent. The car is going to be tight and it’s weird that way, but so be it. I can shift my energy from there. At least it’s on my terms.

What else is there for me? I don’t know. it’s just this. what’s different this time. The definitions. i’ve been down here before but last night i saw signals. They said she’s not the same. i’m not the same.

What now. I don’t know. Be in your own light. When you are in the ligth you see better. Things come to you anyway. Better that you see the frequency so you can choose what to bring in to yourself. it’s sad. i’ll use up this energy for now. No need to push things away.

How to use up the energy. i’ll mourn this passing. It was a part of me. I see that. I have moved on already. The reflection is there. I can be the contrast as it’s mine anyway. I can help others in the same light. No need to push it out. Am i weak? On the contrary, having this much energy to process shows you how much power you have.

You always have a say in all this. How do you respond? You know how. You choose to be in your own light. It don’t matter what’s out there. it’s all projection anyway. it’s your energy. So be it then. You have this blog? it’s been on for years. They are expanded now. it’s time to move on.

What to do now? I have a business to run. I can help people that way. I know how. I have connection to flow. Not eeryone has this. If they need you then i’ll be there anyway. I don’t have to push them away. it’s still connected somewhat. But it’s time to make new connections. Things are coming your way you are making room for them.

You always have a say on how these things will manifest. You have the energy. You are not given that energy from an outside source. You are energy. Why would there be anything else on teh outside. You don’t have to fight them. If it works for them then it’s valid.

Just keep to your won light. You already know how these things are. You are the best out there anyway. The energy is there for you. Just match that channel and you will project and manifest. The experience of it is real but nothing is real on the outside. You create the energy.

How to go then? You let go of the baggage. You see how that goes from there? Let go and you will see. I wonder what time it’ll deliver? Elise is going to be home. She can accept that deliver while i run. I can do yoga tonight. It feels better that way. I can go run at 11. that’s when things slow down from the pomodoro.

i’ve shifted anyway. No need to push it. Just transition already. Your choices are different if you notice. I see it. Now i know why it’s here. You see how the past in your head is connected? It points you to possible paths to take. You have access to the energy experience. Use it that way.

Everything happens for a reason. Use it that way. Then you can move forward. You scale up or down. it’s all connected. Did she shower? I think last night while i was taking a nap. it’s going to be quiet for you now. Let it be so. The energy has gone under. You are that energy.

Use the energy different this time. you’ve seen a different dimension. You can go there. You shift into it anyway. You hae a choice all the time. I see where this is all going. I can start them gigs again. No need to do adwords but if i wantedto i can play with it. I have the background anywy.

There is plenty to do in the background. You do the solutions to this. I think you see what’s happening here. Htere is that service you provide. You perfect the delivery, automate it somewhat and you have a business.

I already have it.

and relocate there

I...the yellow bag collector has more work for him on our street. I saw more than the usual number of rubbish bags. Maybe then cents lower in price, i think it was five cents—can make a difference. I need to change that autocorrect setting.

I shipped copy last night. Two kids go to school today. The other two are still in bed. I think one goes tomorrow and the other one, i don’t know yet. What happens now? I was included in a conversation but it wasn’t addressed to me but the wife. i’ll let her reply to that. She the other person, was reaching out to her. How come i don’t do that with her hubby?

Maybe i didn’t back then. Should i? I don’t know. we’ll see. Compare here and now and you see different parallel realities. that’s a mindfuck situation there. it’s interesting. You see who you are and are not. it’s like that mirror facing each other and you see infinity through it.

it’s monday. No copy work now so i resume applications. When i am in the zone these come in. I compared myself again to others. I was about to strat wrtiing. You can go down that path, or realize what it is you are doing. You are comparing your work on a first draft to someone else’s shipped copy.

that’s not fair. They too start on a first draft. You should see theirs if you want to compare notes. Nobody comes out with finished copy like that. Not even the legends do that. Besides, you are working going to your ten thousand hours. They were probably writers for a long time now. Be kind to yourself.

This is a good example of a so what situation. Find yourself in there? So what? It don’t matter. Your path is different. Do this each time and you put yourself in the light. Marvel and dc won’t buy this script because it’s not exciting as the explosions and the action shots.

You can make it so you know. How? You add them in later. In the meantime, establish your characters. What are they doing now. Then you expand and polish. that’s how you write. Maybe it’s time to come into your own light. it’s your choice. I have much in front of me. This is abundance.

You want to be in abundance than to be rich. Rich is in one category. Abundance goes all around and expands in all directions. that’s where you want to go. You have more than enough already. This pc is a year old now. Next stop wife is on leave beginning monday next week. that’s something to look forward to.

i’d have someone with me on my birthday. I think son will want to be home then. we’ll see. Ten days to go. Should i post that there. That usually means exciting times ahead. Lets get going then. i’d be fifty soon. I never thought i’d be here. It looked like a long shot when i was a kid.

I am going out to run later. This morning we do yoga after two pomodoros. that’s how i spend my day. Run so slow it’s like walking. This is the path. It gets me downstream. it’s bright and sunny today. Tomorrow is rain? I am going out tonight. it’s going to be interesting.

What happened to that? People were looking forward to it. I see where it’s going. The energy shifted. i’m kinda disappointed but i did go through a filter there. Things are different now. it’s like you came into your own light and confirmed the energy you have already.

that’s more than enough for me. No need to go through a catastrophe. The earth shook yesterday and i hardly felt it. it’s why christchurch is hard to populate. You get these big earthquakes now and then. Maybe that’s where you need to be.

How will it be then. Go in the outskirts. that’s what people are going to do then. I can start my business and relocate there. I think they offer great incentives there right now. i’ll look into it. I have something that’s quite uncommon—connection to flow. Look into it. You have a unique situation here.

How do you know. Because i feel it. it’s not on the physical level so you won’t really see anything there. it’s that knowing that when you get to the bridge, you know how to cross it. Or something like that. I forgot the metaphor, but i know.