and relocate there

I...the yellow bag collector has more work for him on our street. I saw more than the usual number of rubbish bags. Maybe then cents lower in price, i think it was five cents—can make a difference. I need to change that autocorrect setting.

I shipped copy last night. Two kids go to school today. The other two are still in bed. I think one goes tomorrow and the other one, i don’t know yet. What happens now? I was included in a conversation but it wasn’t addressed to me but the wife. i’ll let her reply to that. She the other person, was reaching out to her. How come i don’t do that with her hubby?

Maybe i didn’t back then. Should i? I don’t know. we’ll see. Compare here and now and you see different parallel realities. that’s a mindfuck situation there. it’s interesting. You see who you are and are not. it’s like that mirror facing each other and you see infinity through it.

it’s monday. No copy work now so i resume applications. When i am in the zone these come in. I compared myself again to others. I was about to strat wrtiing. You can go down that path, or realize what it is you are doing. You are comparing your work on a first draft to someone else’s shipped copy.

that’s not fair. They too start on a first draft. You should see theirs if you want to compare notes. Nobody comes out with finished copy like that. Not even the legends do that. Besides, you are working going to your ten thousand hours. They were probably writers for a long time now. Be kind to yourself.

This is a good example of a so what situation. Find yourself in there? So what? It don’t matter. Your path is different. Do this each time and you put yourself in the light. Marvel and dc won’t buy this script because it’s not exciting as the explosions and the action shots.

You can make it so you know. How? You add them in later. In the meantime, establish your characters. What are they doing now. Then you expand and polish. that’s how you write. Maybe it’s time to come into your own light. it’s your choice. I have much in front of me. This is abundance.

You want to be in abundance than to be rich. Rich is in one category. Abundance goes all around and expands in all directions. that’s where you want to go. You have more than enough already. This pc is a year old now. Next stop wife is on leave beginning monday next week. that’s something to look forward to.

i’d have someone with me on my birthday. I think son will want to be home then. we’ll see. Ten days to go. Should i post that there. That usually means exciting times ahead. Lets get going then. i’d be fifty soon. I never thought i’d be here. It looked like a long shot when i was a kid.

I am going out to run later. This morning we do yoga after two pomodoros. that’s how i spend my day. Run so slow it’s like walking. This is the path. It gets me downstream. it’s bright and sunny today. Tomorrow is rain? I am going out tonight. it’s going to be interesting.

What happened to that? People were looking forward to it. I see where it’s going. The energy shifted. i’m kinda disappointed but i did go through a filter there. Things are different now. it’s like you came into your own light and confirmed the energy you have already.

that’s more than enough for me. No need to go through a catastrophe. The earth shook yesterday and i hardly felt it. it’s why christchurch is hard to populate. You get these big earthquakes now and then. Maybe that’s where you need to be.

How will it be then. Go in the outskirts. that’s what people are going to do then. I can start my business and relocate there. I think they offer great incentives there right now. i’ll look into it. I have something that’s quite uncommon—connection to flow. Look into it. You have a unique situation here.

How do you know. Because i feel it. it’s not on the physical level so you won’t really see anything there. it’s that knowing that when you get to the bridge, you know how to cross it. Or something like that. I forgot the metaphor, but i know.