as it can

i’m seeing patterns in trading. Trading bitcoins has too many hurdles to it. Path of least resistance – synchronicity tells me it’s best to trade fx for now.

The infrastructure is already there. it’s easier to get things going. I saw day pivots work and it was around my sweet spots. that’s something to look into. i’ll observe that. Also look to pullbacks to atr, wait for swing patterns the 2b-entry. That’s a tight trade with limited stops.

Will it work? The less you trade, the more you make. Just make sure the swing v’s occur on your lines then take it from there. You already know how to trade. You just need to be patient in the moment. Now, why did i do carbs yesterday? it’s part of your process. If you didn’t go there you wouldn’t get insight.

i’d like to advertise my service but i don’t know if it’s a package i can use. I am looking to grow this here. The turtles used atr in their trades. I think i can do something with this. Most of the time you are writing anyway. I think i can make a go of this. Every pattern you see is tradeable. See how it goes.

I have that in place. let’s move forward with this and see how it goes. Do i make a symlink to the file? i’m not sure how it works right now. The pattern is too far from atr. Do something else. Besides, you have tightening bands. Do nothing here.

Flies are coming back. What happens now? Get back to that one and see what happens. I didn’t get a notice from upwork so i suppose it’s going to be there and delayed for a while. it’s ok as i can use that for later. i’ll do that after i have my morning habits in place. In the meantime, do this.

it’s like being a sniper. You wait and see how it goes. You don’t do a rambo and go in charging and trust that the enemy will do ukemi for you. It doesn’t make sense that way. it’s not part of my source code. I would rather do this then. How do you automate that? Look for support and resistance..

although this takes moments to manage, it can scale easily with the mam and pamm accounts. That means when it is profitable, when it’s in alignment, you can do something about it. You only work in the morning, then another one on euro open. I can play with this. It makes sense that way.

Mornings you do line studies. You see how the us session worked out relative to support and resistance. You then play things from there. Always, you are in pause state here. You widen that pause. You wouldn’t have gotten tahat insight if you did not have that experience.

Wife foes to work later. In the moment, i am here and everything is perfect as it is. I can play with this and see how things go. I like my custom domain. it’s short and straight to the point. Once you know what to look for, you get what the url is. Can i go to library? The pr approach no longer makes sense. it’s because their definition of advertising don’t work.

Do you think dra will work? If you show them to target audience, then yes. it’s not going to work on all, but you can expect a three percent conversion consistently. That sounds good. How do you get eyeballs then? that’s the formula. Get copy that works, then you scale up with getting more eyeballs. If your market is small, then you have to increase conversion. This thing can only go so far. Copy has to be tight to make it work.

Bands or volatility is tightening. Do nothing here for now. You can do range trading but there’s so much risk as it can go this way and that. For now, price is on solid support. If it goes through then it’s going to go through and should have gone through by now. Volume by tick data is going down.

Maybe instead of looking at the bands, you put up volume instead? Do that on the five. When it goes below the ma, that tells you volatility is off, do nothing. When signal comes up, look to volatility. Is there such a thing as obos? I think you can use that as well for reversals.

Why not atr instead?