do the pws

I have time to write. it’s been quiet lately. Is it seasonal? This is why trading can be a great side gig. Also start a course on udemy. That can be something in here. Can i do this trading thing as a course?

I think it’s possible. Use this indicator as base, then use the lines to trade around. I may have to get those charts in place. How can you do this live? Do a screencast and see how things go from here. that’s going to take some time to figure out but it’s going to be a seires that they buy.

That would be interesting. There are people out there who just wants to buy this things. These. I used to be a target audience for that. I was a demographic. it’s a birthday today. what’s the plan? I think wife wants to go out later. We can move that to tomorrow. I just want a good steak.

We can do that. We can go to paknsave and get a good steak there i can cook. Which one though? I don’t know yet. We can go figure it out later. That lunch out is still possible though. We can go there. Or do something else.

Why did i think that way? it’s doing something that’s weird but do you want to mess things up with them? Probably not. it’s their religion that’s going to mess things up. For now, you can do something else altogether. Are you impressed by that? What do you do to impress others? You impress yourself.

And then others will come and help you. I think it’s what you do there that counts. I think that russian lady was a good addition tothe cast. But things sometimes has to move on so they are going to cut her off soon. that’s fine. this’ll evolve somewhat. Today is the start?

What happens now? Everything is from that perspective. Does it have to be strict? Not strict, but more aligned. I send out proposals every day when i can. I think i have one everyday. that’s why this is evolving. What else can i do here? If fiverr can be that quiet, does that mean i don’t write as well?

You do write well. You just need to spend more time on it. You can write and edit, but you are going to sit on it for a while so you can be more creative about it. it’s that greet. Let it go then. They greeted you yesterday. You will always have something new to get back into.

I think wife likes that motorboard thing. Is it what you call it. What happens now? One child stays at home. We can bring her with us. Or we do something else. I would rather have that steak. Or something else? We can have that and they get something they like.

That sounds interesting. let’s get cracking then. I have lunch cooling off before i pack it. Then i get something else going again. This one comes home after lunch. we’ll get going and see where this is going. For now, do something else. Like what? I don’t know yet. You have this in place.

That thing is going to need a few tweaks. There was a lot of lenovos at noel leeming yesterday. Are you getting one? Only if it can be changed from within. it’s great that linux devs can find a way around it. it’s a machine. Machines are made to follow the source code. You can change one thing and things change everywhere.

Market is going to go sideways but this pair don’t care about it. Who is that speaker? I don’t know yet. That thing is giving an error because she removed something in uninstall. So be it then. she’ll have to learn how to deal with it.

How do you check? You work in tech support. I think at that age she can get a job there. I can encourage her to do that. If she wants to. You can learn something from that job.

Why not go for something like it? These hr folks are strict about it. You will do well in a startup environment. Or not. Simply just go and see what happens. In the meantime, only do this. The next one happens next year around jan or feb. I think it could be feb. They are not having problems with that now.

Then do something else for now. Do the pws. that’s the theme for this year. You do them one year at a time. You can have a countdown. No need ofr anything else then.