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I like jazz. The chicago cubs won the world series. Everything is now possible. Not that you need permission, but when you go in, not rely on the issulios outside...just be in this moment, you already are. No expectations. Just be. This is the path for you.

No need for process. Just be. You have everything already. It's different now. I feel that question mark in me. I like this track. Do I add it? I created a jazz playlist for myself. I like to add to it when I find tracks I like. It's good to listen when you are in the zone.

What's great about it is the soundstage. You get a lot of those. No need for conditions. They have their own universe anyway. I have a great wife. It's not a perfect situation, but I have it good around here. And that is priceless already. She looks like her mom. Daughter has good judgement when driving.

I can let it go at that now. She knows how to drive. I can let it go at that. My work here is done. It's time to move on. No need to see it on the outside. Everything is here for you anyway. She is grown up now. I can write about these things and you have a good track playing here.

You can follow this playlist, or use something else. Who is going to update them. You don't know what happens next? I think this is how it evolves. Theres so much happening in popular music. You want to isolate quality. This is shibumi. This is who you are. Then expand only on this.

Has it always been like this? It's different all the time. This is why others chose to be blind. This is like chuck mangione. I like the name even. It's so jazzy a name. It's quiet jazz for those quiet moments. Even that?

I have an idea for an app. I don't have to make it cool. Just do this and get to the other side. You learn all the parts and make it work that way. Let's get going then. You want that on your phone? I have a modded android os. I think you know how to make this work.

No need to make it work. Only be in the moment. I can even write about it. Do you need the conflict? It's what gets people interested. I can even get myself funded to create the app. Let's get cracking on this. Do you even need to get out there for that?

Use bitcoin into it. It's naturally intnegrated. You make contact easy with a tap on your phone. You then get delivery to a private location and used a drone. It's a self destruct drone. Or if you have a drone i'll send you coordinates for pick up. Do you need cops for that?

How do you make delivery discreet? You put that in a secret location. You need private access and people can upvote them. That's how you do these things. Let's get cracking then. You already know where you are going. It's probably out there already. I have the framework. I can work on that and make changes.

Do you want it loud and fast? Sometimes. It depends on where it's coming from. This feels great with good coffee. Where is the nearest starbucks? But I don't have internet there? I can subscribe to this. I see. Let's see where this is going then.

I added the playlist. I feel like things just wooshed by me. It don't matter what you have on the outside. Remember that. You have to be born again. That means you are not the old you. If that don't work, then you have to find out how it works. You don't have to preach that. They don't have context for that. You have? It feels right. Yes.

I have context. How do you know that? It's like you get an error programming and you google it. The first link you click on makes sense and you fixed it. It's like that. That's context for me. People are going to work. My work is here. It's where I am right now. That's why these things not happening is because this here is for you.

Do I work there? How to do yoga? Just do so this morning. No need to run today. I can put that bottle in the freezer after I finish this. I can go later.