on real time

I am hurting. I needs to let this go...process this energy, use it up. it’s because i don’t want this—whatever is happening in my life right now.

Wife lied to go out with a friend overnight. You know people don’t lie. They say what they think you want to hear. Why would she think that then? She has permission to sleep around. The only condition is that i know beforehand.

Maybe it’s because of her upbringing? it’s in the past. She does tend to stay and live in the past. I am doing that right now. I am processing this energy that’s why. Then use it up. I am. I am allowing myself to be upset. But i know that i have a choice. I can. I have chosen decided that she’s not a priority anymore. My relationship is no longer a priority.

From here on, she is the maternal mother of my children. I don’t have to invest much. I keep the house clean because it’s connected to me working at home. I do it for myself. I don’t drop everything that’s important to me to invest in that relationship. It has been downgraded.

i’m not invalidating that. it’s that i prefer to not invest in it anymore. I don’t have to go tere. I have an appeal for the ad. I think it’s a good publicity campaign. Social media campaign so it is. How do you make it viral? Viral is out of your wheelhouse. it’s what people think it is.

So i am not into advertising? I am into publicity. Online publicity. How do you become that? Spin doctors. I don’t know yet. let’s look that up. There are several books in the library. How do you offer that as a service? I don’t know yet. Soon as i see it there then i can go to that path. i’ll look into that.

The series on wasn’t productive. I let it finish in the background and didn’t care much about it. I think i have something in the direct response category. I saw how it worked several times. it’s not advertising per se. There has to be a different way to define that?

I don’t know. The slogan that i have is a good soundbite. let’s play with that and see where it goes. In the meantime finish writing. You got into the zone there. Use this energy to get back to healthy. You are going to use healthy moving forward.

I already have that in place. Do you still need to learn about publicity? Then you have it. You are self-taught. You are equipped to be in that level. Genius is an ego local self label. There is a higher label you can use. Connected. That is so much better. You see how you can access the flow?

it’s there for you right at that moment you need it. it’s never a second too early or too late. When you need it, you have it. Remember this. it’s why i wirte. And you are using this. How do you connect that idea to other people. Give examples of how you did so in the past.

You know what it is they want. Next you need to do is to get them into that frequency. How do you do that? it’s not here so i guess i’m not doing it anyway. I can make changes one grain of sand at a time. it’s how you change the universe. it’s that single prime radiant that makes the universe go round.

How do you know that? Because it makes sense that way. I went back to dropbox. It syncs on real-time without me having to do anything. Just put them in the box. It is kinda slow but i can work with that. The kids are still sleeping. Eldest daughter came home midnight. I allow that. She is exploring now as an adult.

she’ll guide her siblings when i am gone. I put energy into that so she can be of assistance. i’m not going to dump my baggage into her hands. I don’t even bother with other people’s baggage anyway. Why do that to dthem. I am moving forward here then. So be it. Keep writing. I feel better this way. I was able to use up the energy when i write about it. This is why i write.

Daughter is here on the table. I put a footer on this page so when i convert into pdf this shows as well. Do you want that there? I think so. it’ll help in the future anyway. I can use that to get them to see my website. From there, they can bookmark or not. it’s part of marketing.