one hour sun

Last time I lost weight so much, I was out almost all the time. What about here? I can't remember much. Maybe if I went through my blogs i'll find something. There was woosh somewhat. Maybe I can write something about it.

What's different this time? I don't know. It's a simple habit. Get three and focus on that each week. I don't feel like writing. There's no cat food so I gave smoky bacon. He likes it I think but he's telling me he likes cat food.

Third daughter is up. She keeps to herself in her room all day. Let it be. If she needs attention then give it to her. Treat her with respect. They're like cats these teenagers. When they come to you then they give you a shot at giving them attention as parent.

That dog sounded weird. What's the plan today? I don't know yet. Just write I guess. Cat left. I finish writing then see whatt's out there. Maybe get out some today. Birthday is coming up. There must be one person who reads through all this. Thank you. Don't have to but there's so much gunk to go through here. I guess this is how things go.

What if there was such a person as the accountant. Who would that be? What would he be doing? What's it like? He'd keep to himself, lie low and not cause too much splashing around. You have the skills, why not go there. It don't have to be a homerun business. Just go about quietly and you'll see the results.

What then. Which way do we go. Keep to yourself here. You already have one business. Do this and see what happens. I will need a method of transaction. I think you have this in place. Let's get cracking at this. You have access to resources. Let's see where we can take this then.

Do they know? I think so. They don't get out of their rooms when mom's home. I guess so then. Let's move on. It's that one idea. You have it there. Tinder for couples? I don't know. Just let them come along and see where it's going. You don't have to be neg about it. This is what flow is about.

ok. let's keep writing then. I do the laundry. Then I do a lot of other things. They go to church and I do yoga. Wife makes dinner. I have bacon and eggs. Let's get this cracking. Respond differently. Choose how you respond. I can go out and just hang outside. I can ride the bike to the library. I did that often before.

Wife leaves at three. I can run. I think that be fun. Let's do that then. I can run at seven or six even. I can do that. She gets home late. I can do yoga this morning, then run later. That's the sun part of my day. I get out everyday then.

I go to countdown tomorrow. It moved to monday now. It's happening all the time. The neighbors downstairs are awake? I think so. It was quiet and now there's talking. Once you get started writing you go through this. How will it feel like, what do you imagine things are when you are that person?

I know how to get things going. It's not the competition but how you do things. Get adwords and put your site out there. I will need a capture page--not for the emails but to get them to send me a message. Is your about page in place?

I think it is. There's a story and a flow to it. Is that enough? It's always enough. It's part of the process. You can look at it differently later and see how it goes. I can check that out later. In the meantime I write. Daughter is having breakfast. It's too early for me to eat something now. Did I get that back?

I think you did. It's time to move on then. Just write and get to the other side. You can do otherthings later on. She saw her mom was up. She's pretty. Where did that come from? She's crazy about health. That's part of her process. You get so healthy it comes out of you.

Is that true then. It's true for each one otherwise the one is not complete. Do you make these coach videos? I can make that. You do that everyday. You write a script, you make them videos and you upload.