that sounds interesting

I don’t know. I realized yesterday that i am on woosh, things line up easily. Or maybe it’s because i am more allowing of what is. I guess it’s that. Then let it be so. I get inquiries now and then. I am on release mode.

What does that mean? I am sleepy somewhat. No need to finish this. I put page numbers on this. It saves on dropbox so i simply open this and everything is saved. I should have used this a long time ago but i have issues. Now i see things differently.

it’s a choice actually. You carry someone else’s baggage or you don’t. You are responsible to them not for them. Responsible here means you are able to choose for your own. By giving them this example, you allow them to see your light differently. They are given a choice. Why am i not allowing that?

I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I am anxious about the unknown. But you already know how it’s supposed to be there. That if you let it be there it’s like a present waiting to be opened. You love the unknown. it’s not the same. I can run do yoga this moring. I can take a nap later. I think i can do that. Tomorrow? I don’t know. We go out later.

If i’d be walking up and down queen street, i don’t know how that is going to be. let’s take a crack on it and see how things go. Daughter took the job offer. She got a call yesterday. I think we know how this is going to be. Let it be so then. Do i want to go there? Not really.

I guess i wasn’t looking to go there after all. Do something else. Like what? I don’t know yet. you’ll see the reflection when you get there. Here is what you want. it’s simple as that. You then expand on that. You make it easy for them to take action. You simply open the door and let the flood waters come in.

Is that how you write? I hope so. I do yoga today with the headstand. it’s how you define it? I think so. What happens today. I don’t know. You want to go there. there’s that page number. I can use that to tell me where i’m headed. Or not.

Do this or do something else. Like what. I can order the tickets today. let’s do so now. I don’t know what happens next. I don’t like where it’s headed but that’s expectation. You don’t want to be there. Yeu see how these dogs are.

Why not go into marketing? Is it the same? Why is it not the same then? it’s all connected that way. Look into this and see where it’s going. Do you even want to go there? I think it’s a path to be discovered. You can do that trail thing. When are you going?

I am taking a step forward today. I clean the car but daughter has an exam today. Let it be so then. Put it in mailbox. Why do they give you a call that way? I don’t know. Put your contacts into that? it’s too complicated. Make something like this and see what happens. You simply make notes into it.

This way, you keep track of the relationship. You put a calendar and make notes or something. it’s a good thing when you do it that way. Or have someone do that for you. This way you can keep track of what’s happened in the past. I think you had something like this before.

it’s going to get big. Why not use the wordpress for that. This way, it’s ongoing. I think i can get a plugin for that. it’s available and get something with notes on it and see where it goes. I can do that today.

But when you are done with it, it’s gone. Why not use a blog or something. i’ll change that. Why does the wife want to log in to that? it’s suspicious that she has to do overnight there. But i am controlling here. Just let it be there. Let it fall into place. You can never really control anything anyway.

What happens next? I don’t know. Just put it in here and see where it’s going. You can make changes later. Why not put them out there and see how it goes anyway. Or go for apply and then offer to outsource with them. That sounds interesting. This way, you charge them monthly and you are not tied in to the commitment.

I can change the password anyway. let’s do that later. I need the password then.