then see how

I may have found my system. it’s why these things happen. I am looking to trade audjpy. it’s active during my prime time—mornings. I don’t have to sit through this during the day. I just watch the open, then let the trade run its course.

Target is ten pips, move to breakeven. I think i can make something otu of this. Just need to be centered all through the day. Imagine if that woosh happened at this time. You will have a business that’s self sufficient and you simply scale up as the weeks go by.

When possible, add to lots traded with risk capital. You don’t have to dig in through that. When you add ten percent to capital, add one unit. You trade micro or nano lots. that’s when you go there. When you get stopped out, scale back.

The number then is ten percent. i’m going to have to review the game plan at the start of the trading day. Be in the light. Remember the woosh. See the ball, hit the ball. I wonder if tracey is coming today. She must have been hot when she was young.

The yogurt is frozen. I can thaw it out before i eat it. I am done there. I am making my nilaga and expand through this. I wonder if wife is going to use them cabbage. I bought another one. I did not make them last week.

let’s get cracking then. The kids are watching that cartoon with the animals. The sqirrel. Trade like the squirrel? Something like that but chicken trading is a more apt way to describe it. But the idea of a squirrel sounds good. Do you even need that one?

I think you know see where this is going. You build up that trade explorer and see where it’s going. You paid tuition there and learned something. I am moving forward with that. Now this is here. Do you have to use a different indicator? Volume? Not really. Just do this and see what happens.

You want to trade when it’s quiet. I see. I also need to move some indicators and templates to dropbox. that’s a cool name there. Does positioning work there? What how do you pull market share from that? You do it slow and sure. I think that’s how namecheap did so.

I am getting back into adwords. there’s a lot of them out there i think my connection to flow will put me in the map. it’s not what’s out there but who you are. Everything reflects off that. You know that already. Just expand on it and see what happens.

Wife will buy the other two outdoor stuff. I think wife is going to finish her shopping then. I can’t wait to try out them new headphones. Apparently there’s less heat there. I know how to write reviews. How do you get that up and running then?

Create a community around it and see how it goes. I think the forum will put you on the map. Not that. it’s going to show expand awareness of what’s already there. I see. When i get a month in the bag, then i’ll start it. Or not.

How do you get in that list? A hundred percent gain in a month. How do you get there? Add more lots. You expand on your position. You can play with that. What you want is consistent. No need to be on that list. Now you know what to do.

You have a plan there. And then what. Just do this then. I see. That thing is funny. I am going to finish that copy today. it’s why i write. I can tune out with the music. Then i finish the outline, then improve the copy.

Make it like content they can use. If you were looking into that, you don’t want to hear how good the brand is, but what you can get out of it. that’s what you write about. What do you get out of it. How to get that information.

You already know that. You see where that happens. You write about it then i can finish that then get going. How to get that adwords thing doing. I have a gig up. I can play that along and focus more on that. What else do they want? What is it about that.

I think you know what these things are happening. You already have it. You just scale up on contests then see how it goes. Now what. You are here and then you can expand. I am not concentrating enough here. You know what to do now. They are family. They support the whole. it’s all connected.