there is that

I’m wrong about a lot of things. It was good that it—the relationship lasted this long. it’s time to move forward. it’s the energy. there’s nothing there for me and it’s time to move on. The last time i tried to hang on to it changing things on demand, things did not turn out good.

It’s synchronicity telling me it’s time to go. i’ve already shifted. I moved out of her bed. I can do something else from here on. I can probably sleep in the car or something. I can go in the tent. The car is going to be tight and it’s weird that way, but so be it. I can shift my energy from there. At least it’s on my terms.

What else is there for me? I don’t know. it’s just this. what’s different this time. The definitions. i’ve been down here before but last night i saw signals. They said she’s not the same. i’m not the same.

What now. I don’t know. Be in your own light. When you are in the ligth you see better. Things come to you anyway. Better that you see the frequency so you can choose what to bring in to yourself. it’s sad. i’ll use up this energy for now. No need to push things away.

How to use up the energy. i’ll mourn this passing. It was a part of me. I see that. I have moved on already. The reflection is there. I can be the contrast as it’s mine anyway. I can help others in the same light. No need to push it out. Am i weak? On the contrary, having this much energy to process shows you how much power you have.

You always have a say in all this. How do you respond? You know how. You choose to be in your own light. It don’t matter what’s out there. it’s all projection anyway. it’s your energy. So be it then. You have this blog? it’s been on for years. They are expanded now. it’s time to move on.

What to do now? I have a business to run. I can help people that way. I know how. I have connection to flow. Not eeryone has this. If they need you then i’ll be there anyway. I don’t have to push them away. it’s still connected somewhat. But it’s time to make new connections. Things are coming your way you are making room for them.

You always have a say on how these things will manifest. You have the energy. You are not given that energy from an outside source. You are energy. Why would there be anything else on teh outside. You don’t have to fight them. If it works for them then it’s valid.

Just keep to your won light. You already know how these things are. You are the best out there anyway. The energy is there for you. Just match that channel and you will project and manifest. The experience of it is real but nothing is real on the outside. You create the energy.

How to go then? You let go of the baggage. You see how that goes from there? Let go and you will see. I wonder what time it’ll deliver? Elise is going to be home. She can accept that deliver while i run. I can do yoga tonight. It feels better that way. I can go run at 11. that’s when things slow down from the pomodoro.

i’ve shifted anyway. No need to push it. Just transition already. Your choices are different if you notice. I see it. Now i know why it’s here. You see how the past in your head is connected? It points you to possible paths to take. You have access to the energy experience. Use it that way.

Everything happens for a reason. Use it that way. Then you can move forward. You scale up or down. it’s all connected. Did she shower? I think last night while i was taking a nap. it’s going to be quiet for you now. Let it be so. The energy has gone under. You are that energy.

Use the energy different this time. you’ve seen a different dimension. You can go there. You shift into it anyway. You hae a choice all the time. I see where this is all going. I can start them gigs again. No need to do adwords but if i wantedto i can play with it. I have the background anywy.

There is plenty to do in the background. You do the solutions to this. I think you see what’s happening here. Htere is that service you provide. You perfect the delivery, automate it somewhat and you have a business.

I already have it.