what happens now?

Kids are in bed. I have an hour to go before wife pickup. I write. I am using the desktop pc. I am taking it easy now. it’s been a long and productive day.

I went back to developing for android. I have an account in there anyway. This can be my autopilot gig, we’ll see. I can improve my skills on upwork and fiverr. it’s more like a hobby...or is it the writing that’s a hobby?

The criteria here is that i do this only when i am interesned and excited about it. When it starts to feel like a chore, i do something else. I alternate writing with dev work. Pentesting and android. It can’t be this or that. it’s the same one thing anyway, you just use different words.

Why two? It feels right. it’s the operating system that i’m working with. I enjoy listening to music like this. it’s quiet and puts me in the zone. This keyboard is deep. I used to have this as my default. Now i am more adept at the laptop keyboard. it’s shallow and responds to less input from me.

Anyway, i am going to use this when the son is at school. He asked to not go on monday. The other two are going to be at home. At least we get to schedule everything. it’s going to get busy around here again. Why do i feel jealous of the wife? Is it the fear of loss? Or is it more a definition that i am not worthy?

it’s more like unfamiliar territory, living through the unknown. I am ok with it if she wants to have an affair. From my perspective, i am fine with an open relationship. it’s more a positive energy than being exclusive to each other. This way, she gets to explore outside of the lines—and so too, i.

I don’t care much for grammar when morning pages writing. You get the meaning anyway. What happens now? I will encourage her to have an affair. The only condition is that i know about it. No hiding. Cheating is not being open when you are allowed to go anyway.

Has she ever gone there? i’m not sure. She gets a crush now and then but she don’t do anything about least not that i know of. Anyway. I reiterate to her everytime that i am fine with it, i am open to the possibility. she’s not doing anything.

Am i doing something on the side? Not really. If an opportunity arises, then i can take on it. I will notify her of my intentions. Maybe i need to clarify this with her, but i think she gets the big picture here. I would rather we play as a couple. This way, we can both look out for each other. it’s fun that way.

I will look into that again. I think there’s something in here that i can check out. let’s do that afterwards. If not, i can start a new thread on that and see how it goes. I think there are communities in here that we can use.

How will you set up rules for that? I don’t know yet. I have managed one before. I should have saved a screenshot of that. Anyway, that’s behind me now. I took a minute to delete a track. How do you update the other playlist? I don’t know yet. Will i make this as my default then?

I don’t know. For now, it is. I am always considering renewing my subscription. There must be an easier way to do this. Just do it. But within a month, i get bored with it and decide not to renew. I do it once a month, take two monts off, then go again. Maybe it’s just that way then.

I get that. Let it be no subscribe for now. In the meantime, just do this. How come the kids don’t have enough memory on their phone? I have very little and yet i have more than enough. Maybe they can’t let go for now. I see that.

I have plenty of time. I can go check out what’s happening in upwork. I can go for those gigs that line up with what i want to do. Is there anything else you want to consider there? The fiverr gigs i can leave on overnight. nobody’s going there anyway.

If that opens up then i can finish everything in one day. I can do reseach on it anyway. let’s try that. Get a bite then minimize the rest when it’s in place. I think that’s teh only thing that holds you back.

How can you write copy for that? What is this track. I can delet this later? Or maybe just keep it there. I can go back to spotify and tune in to that. I don’t know for now, i am finished here. Just post this and i am done.