you experience change

I like listening to piano when it’s live, but when it’s through flat frequency headphones, it doesn’t resonate with me. I can read something but that’s going to get my eyes tired. I still have to pick up the wife.

i’ll write and listen to jazz. it’s slow but it’s pleasant to the ears listening to the soundstage. I get upset when a client needs revision. I guess i have negative source code in there. it’s an opportunity for me to improve my writing. i’m not quite there yet as my source code and my state of being are different. They are not in alignment.

there’s more depth to jazz than classical music as you have different contrasting instruments. Imo, listening to classical music, the instruments are more complementing to each other. If they were colors in a color wheel, they’d be right next to each other. Analogous i think is the right word for that.

So let them ask for as much revisions as you can. They know their product well. Consider it as a charity hospital where you hone your skills as a doctor. Code black has a good story and it’s nice to see jessie’s friendship with daddy in the series. it’s like an rip tide you can’t swim against but you can’t see it in the surface.

I think the latest is season 2. it’s sad when it goes like gray’s anatomy. That one lost me a long time ago. I was hoping they’d still get the magic back, but the writers are not hungry anymore. it’s why you need those at the fringes. There are a lot of newbs and unknown actors in code black. that’s what’s great about it. They are not hot looking actors here and there.

Do i want to listen to this? Just let it play in the background. I can upload this later on. i’ll update my blog when the final submission is accepted. For now, it’ll just crowd the writing and nobody wants to read that. Are you sure about that?

I think it’s got a story appeal to it. let’s keep to it. You will see the other side. What if john caples had a website back then about copywriting? that’s how it is right now. How do you use vim on this? You can do so in an ide. I wonder if there is such a thing. You can have things load in the background.

Maybe an app like that needs to come out. I have a good script template now. i’ll use that next time. It is more in detail that way. I can see where this is going now. Keep writing and see how things go from there.

The spotify web player sucks. It just crashed when i load a heavy playlist. But i want to listen to this. I found a few playlists on deezer for jazz. i’m still playing with this. Hte mix button plays the same things over and over. What is their radio counterpart? I think it’s the listen to this thing.

I will look into that some more. Right now, it feels like i don’t need the subscription much. I enjoy the quiet times to be alone in my head when i go out for walks. When i work i have internet access anyway so i can tune in when i need a listen. Should i let daughter drive herself?

I think you should. Go by wairau. there’s less traffic now anyway. She gets to practice there. Or do a side road where there won’t be much traffic. Do milford. There won’t be cars in there anyway. Or so i think. Maybe go see a different path? Keep to the routine for now. i’m not up to it for now.

I am not watching an episode as it’s not going to finish. We go see doctor strange on friday. If it’s crowded, we need to get tickets online. Or go to a quiet place like here in wairau. We have time to do so anyway. I think it’s best that way. People in the city will gravitate towards that site.

I can have my own dinner when needed. I think i have everything turned off. I washed the dishes earlier. If they want a refund then so be it. it’s five bucks. They get what they need someplace else. I can allow that. I am not building up something else a different profile. It takes a while to get something new started anyway.

What happens now. I have something good in here. Get to the other side and see what you get out of this. What am i getting out of this? Contrast. Feedback. You are learning creation as a process. What else? Can i create out of nothing? it’s not that. You create from within. Change happens from the inside in a different dimension. You can’t see change. You experience change. that’s profound. Where did that come from.

How can you verify that?