you know where

There are a number of subreddits—small communities to help you get the job done. I am a member of a number of them. They work because it’s all connected in some way. Once you see that, you know that you are on the path.

Yesterday was interesting. There was the control self that got involved. Wife was patient with it. Am i changing trades again? I think so. I want it simple. The 200ma is as simple as you can get. You trade in the direction of the h1. that’s all there is to it. What happens next? You don’t have to ride every wave. You pick the best one you can play and go with it.

I got two sandals at a good bargain price. Synchronicity happened yesterday. I was more aware of it. It always is there anyway. You are just not aware of it. The good book you can read is that other one on writing. I can work in the library.

Stopped for a moment to put water in the freezer. that’ll come in handy later. I find this work fun. I don’t have to be someone else. Just be in my own frequency and everything is falls into place. No need for grammar. Sometimes you let it be and people still gets it. There is a meetup tonight. I go.

it’s shopify. I think there is a community here i can look into joining as a regular. I am a shopify partner. I have that in place anyway. let’s see where this is going then. Do you have to go there that way? I think so. Facebook is kinda off. You can’t rate the comments. The good ones get buried anyway. I think that once a week thread is helping me get traffic.

Do more of that. In some way, you are going to get hits that way. it’s what direct marketing is about. You keep going in that direction and you’ll see where you are going. I have a new gig in place. I have adwords gig running. I can leave it there. No orders yet though. let’s see where this is going.

Daughter is up early. She and little boy are the only ones going to school now. I think we spend the day with the two older daughters. We have four. it’s been fun. I have a good time. it’s a roller coaster but seriously, you have it good. Next stop is to get me brothers and their family here. What they do out of it is none of my business. I do it for them.

I don’t know how. i’ll bring my backpack for the laptop. Is that good enough? Should you bring a second one? we’ll see how it goes. I think they’ll be there four hours. I can stay in the library and get work done. I like walking around. Maybe i can walk to the beach or something.

It was fun but it’s not me. Trust synchronicity. You are an eternal being. You know what you are doing. I am being weaned off that. You already gets it anyway. You are now playing in the game. Is it a game? it’s a metaphor that works for now. Mainstream is like it. Life better.

You live it anyway. You don’t have to stay in the classroom and lab anymore. This is better for me. what’s next? I don’t know yet. Finish this script today so you don’t have to put that in the burner. I can work this in the library. Do you need a bottled water? I can simply get one in the grocery each time.

Put it in there and everytime you need to go you just put it in the freezer. Or not. It all works together anyway that way. You set up a site and people order through that. Do you need a vpn? Not really. Cloudnymous was ok but it didn’t last long. Why not setup your own? I can do that. Maybe there was something else.

You know how to get traction. How to set up one using aws. You know how to do that. Get there and see how it goes then. You have one computer running in here anyway. Go here and connet when you need it. I have a run today. But they leave in the morning. Then i have that thing.

let’s go do that then. What do i wear? I don’t know yet. We decide when we get there. You know where you are going anyway. I need bus money for later. Wife not using hers. I can go for that. I leae at five. They can take care of themselves. That pic looks nice. I can check that out.

That lady is off to school now? I think so. You can get yourself something. It gets there when it gets there.