allow for it

i’m upset. Disappointed perhaps. there’s people negative like that still and it’s part of the process. it’s all part of the whole. There here is awareness of the energy. it’s how I use it then.

Wife is on silent mode. she’s the one who lost her phone. Then she couldn’t watch her concert and seems to blame me for it. that’s her energy. I don’t have to stay there. There is always plenty to be experienced. The energy has shifted. Why am I still here holding on?

This is a choice I make. it’s all opportunity. I have inquiry from last night. This is energy shift. It don’t matter what they have intended. it’s how you use the energy. I got ahead of the curve still. Even if I don’t get paid, I still am ahead. I got to practice. I was in the light.

It was opportunity for me to be the person I chose to be. That is enough for me then. No matter how negative the outside is, I have the opportunity to choose my energy. that’s why it’s here. Even if the world were to turn against me, it’s synchronicity telling me it’s time to shift.

What happens then? You move on. You keep to the light. You learn something from the experience and you move on. What to do today? I clean the car. Prep for next week so I don’t have to do that. I can go see that video. Is this a good playlist? I think so. I can grow that from here.

there’s plenty out there still. You can listen to this when you write. it’s part of who you are. I think it’s an art you are building on. No need for expectations then. You have it all in you anyway. What do you do with this? I don’t know yet. Path of least resistance.

How could I have responded to that energy? Choose your thoughts. that’s where it all starts anyway. Keep to the light. You were not in there. You now have a choice. it’s all connected. That happened to show you where you are. it’s feedback you can use. Use it that way then.

You dwell on it? I am. Then allow for it to be here. Sit on it. You are here for a grand reason. You may not be that, but that’s expectation you can do without. Simply be. Who says you need validation from the outside? You are. What if you changed the definition there? it’s all you anyway.

I get that part. What to do today? Finish up on the outside. it’s going to get you going in this direction. And then the new year happens. it’s saturday. No trades today and on monday. Things start to happen on tuesday.

This time we run the bot the week through. The market is going to do what it’s going to do. The account was down deep but it recovered nicely and showed a hefty profit. I think you can play with this then. Keep it running for a year. you’ll get there eventually.

You can go for investors. I think this is what we can do with it. You can use the trade explorer as a profile signature everywhere. it’s like your calling card. You not seek. You resonate with that energy. You then project and see the reflection. You don’t have to make things happen at all.

Maybe I can create that situation for myself. it’s what this energy is about. Do you have to tell them about that thing? I don’t have to. Maybe I don’t have to. Others are using it already. You can always do something with it. The bot runs and is done for the day. You are up anyway. let’s see how things go.

What happened there? I don’t know yet. I can review that charts, or not. But if everyone is running that same bot, what happens then? Can you do this with the stock market? I don’t think so. Unless you create something like autohotkey script that will do it for you.

I think that’s possible then, at some level. let’s go there then. it’s the thing. I got message from upwork. let’s see if this is a job offer. i’ll get started work on this right away. This will keep things running then.

that’s a good way to start the new year. Brother went out of town this time. I wonder if he is still active in freelancing. there’s plenty here for him as well. let’s see where this is headed then. You can activate the links. it’s in place anyway. You can use it in a positive way. I feel better now.

are permission issues

i’m not sure I want to go with the wife’s plan tomorrow. She has to be on the outside to get the state of being. I don’t need that. I only neeed a change in environment and I can match frequency. I don’t even need a change on the outside. I can only tune in and be in the light.

The only reason I am considering this is because of the son. He asked last night if I was going. there’s three kids going. The ferry to the island would be great. i’ll need food and water to make it through there. Plus i’ll need a nap or two in between.

Why not just move there? She needs a lot of the outside stuff. I don’t need them. When I say so, I get into frequency. I channel my higher self. it’s already who I am anyway. What happens now? Do you want to go or not? she’s going to be there for eight hours. I don’t want to do that. I can do four hours and i’m done. I don’t have to go this way and that.

I am leaning towrads not going then? I think so. What to do with self? I can have steak twice tomorrow. I can make my nilaga. I can look up a recipe for beef stew and make that. I have mince meat anyway. That be fine. let’s do that then. How much carbs for that? I don’t know.

What else is there? I can go out for a run. I can do yoga. there’s so much to do tomorrow. I can make that demo for tomorrow. That be fine as well. You don’t need anything on the outside. You simply be in the light. I guess I am going to stay then. I spend time with the son anyway. I spend time with each one of them during the day.

let’s stick with that. I can drive them over, then head back to post office and get some stuff. there’s probably delivery coming in tomorrow. that’s something to look forward to. Thatt be fun then. I am going towards not going. What can I get myself?

I don’t know yet. I can go to the gym. That be fun right there. let’s get cracking with that. While they are away I have a lot of things to do. Let her have a good time there. I am only going to ruin it for her. I can make good time for myself. let’s go there then.

What else is there. You might not have those pictures. Do you even need that? I can do something else here. Should I be bullish? Eventually it can be so. I have… what happened to that laptop anyway. I think that’s the one right there.

it’s gone now. She bought one with her money. that’s good for now. Pity that laptop no one can use it now. Maybe you can send it out. Your niece can use that. They can hook it up to a monitor and use that eventually. How much to send that over? I don’t know. But I can start writing them letters.

I can setup the printer on this laptop. It used to be easy. Now there are permission issues that need attention. What is that show. She needs to be watching being on the outside and not from the inside. How do you trade this? I don’t know yet.

it’s got orders in place anyway. You can leave it at that. If nothing else, you can do something else and see what happens. They follow blindly. That is the problem there. They could have done something else in the meantime. it’s too bad they had to be like that. They should have protected their own.

Why would they think it’s otherwise? They follow orders. it’s that reason why. Is that west point? Or is it something else. I think there’s a lot of flaky things there. You can do sometihng in here. You write. Demi is hot.

Who else is named that way? i’ll bet there must be some lady out there with the same name. Or not. Those are neat shoes. That is expensive. Do you want to go there. I used to be in that situation. But now things are different. I am different. I am watching thatvideo.

Is it related. That is rewarding attention. That is what you do. How do you reward attention? Give them what you want. Or there be something else out there. I can see that. Then let’s look into it and see how it goes. it’s all connected anyway. So far, it’s i’m not going tomorrow.

I will look for reasons to go if it’s there. Demi is a good reason to keep watching.

working on it

I saw that I am acting out of fear. Let it be so then. The awareness brings light into it. If I fight it then it lingers. Use up the energy instead. This points you to your source code. it’s opportunity to line things up.

We signed up for fiber broadband. Things start to happen after the 9th. Vdsl is fast enough as it is. it’s the wife that kept bugging me about it. She uses streaming video all the time. She is going to spend more time at home starting in the new year.

that’s good news. I don’t do images as much anymore. it’s out of my system? Not really. I think it’s not that relevant anymore. It is good to get new images now and then. i’ll go there then. denny’s is right there. The kids want to go to rainbows end. it’s boring for me and I have gout.

I can go with them but it’s not that interesting enough. I can go around for a walk but that’s not spending time with them anyway. i’ll stay at home and get stuff done around here. Like what? I don’t know yet. Sit here and use the energy. I can do yoga. I can go out for a walk. I can get me some meat.

I think this is interesting so I stay home then. What are my other options? Those glasses look thick enough. I think I stay home. I want to come and what ever happens is what need to happen. Me going is not going to change anything. I am hungry. I am afraid. What then? I don’t know. Only do this. I have trading with me. If I had six hundred thousand like the guy did I wouldn’t flip houses.

Why? it’s glamorous, but it’s too much work and the returns I get them better with my own business. House flips are not that liquid. The market is hot then it’s all good. But when the economy turns, you get stuck and you can’t take advantage of other business ideas.

Maybe it’s good for storing capital, but still there are other alternatives. I may go there when I have excess capital. For now, everything almost, gets reinvested into the business. The business is hedge fund and direct response. That lady is hot. Do you write? How? I think that lady then was older at that time. They look similar.

What happens today? I can take down the tree after three kings. it’s not that one really. it’s something else. Like what? How do you get there? i’m not sure yet. You can do research about it. Like what gets their attention. What is it that they want?

Look at the conversations. If you open here then you have a position you are not excitied about. You can sit this one out and see how tokyo opens. Then you can expand from that. I have good headphones now. I am at peace now. it’s good quality. What else is there to write about?

I can go to the gym? I think so. Is that part of the plan then? I think so. it’s open then I can sign up for the weekly. The business is going to be there. It starts on january though. it’ll be there for you. You have gone forward much. Take what you can. that’s part of your synchronicity.

If it’s not relevant then it’s not going to be there. If the get there at noon and stay on until four or six then you have six hours to sit around. that’s not exciting for me. I can do a lot in six hours. How about them seats. I can go to countdown by bike. I can go to the gym by bike.

While the wife is here I can’t work out. I think it’s best that I do something else while she is around. She wants to go out everyday. I can go with them tomorrow. If I get a new assignment then I may not be able to go with them.

I see. Then open up and see what comes. Trust the timing. If I get a new gig then I am working on it. I can then let that compost while I go with them. that’s interesting then. I can get that gig and play withit. It will go as far as it needs to go. There is also that lock pic thing.

that’s interesting right now. I will do that later. There is so much to do around here. I can read a book. that’s interesting for me. i’’m getting me a kindle. I am going back to reading again. I am training for speed reading. it’s not a contest. It helps you read faster when that voice is quiet.

I think I read faster now.

is my practice

I discovered michael buble during christmas. he’s got good voice. i’m adding tracks to my playlist. it’s christmas morning. it’s not the religious kind. I am done with that. it’s the spirit of it. How religion has messed things up.

But that’s in the past. it’s not you anymore. Then you can move forward in this dimension. I have gout. It started last night. I am gourmet mode from here on. No more cheap stuff. Go for quality, not quantity. You have the resources now. it’s different now.

I respond in a different way. there’s much awareness that goes into it. Automate stops when you restart. You need to get in there and start them manually. Maybe tasker is better at this? I don’t know. Each one has its own merit.

It was last year that was rocky. Now we do things different. At least wife has seen the reflection there. Anonymity is still there. No need to fight it. Just be in this frequency and you will see the reflection. it’s there already anyway. Why not see the contrast? You have it there. You just need to focus more on it.

Battery on this thing don’t last an hour anymore. Going on its second year and still well used. I think that’s a good sign for you. Linux is always going to be there. Use your awareness. Even when you don’t it’s still there.

She feels poor herself. You can do this now. How about spending more time there? I can do that. let’s get this cracking then. When you are in frequency then you are in the light. Wife has an alarm even when she don’t go to work. She needs that I don’t get. Lets get cracking. it’s going to take two hours but it’s worth it.

Consider it as something you need to do. it’s your job part of your daily routine. Be in the light and you will see how it’s all connected. You don’t have to hate hate it. I have a good business up and running and it’s going to get positive even when there is negative in it. that’s what I like about it.

Then we expand on this. It goes in all directions. Why not change your listen mode. I can do that. Finish writing then you can make changes. I write all day. This is fun. I can expand into something else. I installed blender on the gpu pc. that’s where i’ll do my editing. The os can change but it’s there for a reason for you. let’s get cracking then.

What else is there? I don’t know. You can expand in any direction you want. You decide. I need to get rid of some stuff here. I am going out for a walk later. I need to shower anyway. I can clean the toilet. it’s sunday. it’s good that the wife is home. How are things going to be different this year?

We visit manila next year. That is something to look forward to? I think so. let’s get cracking on this. it’s there for you anyway. When do you resume gym? I can go check that out tomorrow. let’s do that. I am not going with them when they go out. I have work. I also have gym.

I don’t have to go there anyway. it’s great to listen to this on christmas. You can listen to lea salonga music. It gets old very fast. it’s nice to listen to something else. That was zoey? she’s hot that way. What happened there? I don’t know but it’s connected still. there’s a lot here for you.

Can you see it? I am on page two. I used to train on christmas. Now this is my practice. I have been writing for more than a decade. Some people are afraid of writing. it’s because I compare mine to tohers finished product. You don’t do that to yourself. that’s not fair.

What can we do about it then? Just write in a vacuum. You can make changes and it goes there as well. Then you can create something from nothing. there’s not much there but you go in and search what you can about the market. it’s all about research.

Battery doesn’t last long so you need to be connected easily. Why not do it more often. They don’t need my help. I offered help. I think they want handouts. If you have a good campaign, you will never ask for handouts. They don’t know that yet. They are not there. I can’t teach them that.

They need to see a good campaign in place? I think so. What about this hiphop guy? Research the market.

maybe not knowing

If I kept the ea running last night, would it be in the black by now? Probably. But there’s a bounce. This might go sideways, we’ll see. it’s almost christmas. I loved how it felt last night when I went out.

What happened. that’s what you want in your copy. Get them hooked into reading find out what’s next. You mention something that gets them curious to read what’s coming up. You then bait and switch. I think I tweaked the formula there.

it’s more ogilvy and sugarman the way I write. Keep to it. You don’t have to be like halbert but the way he writes is contagious. it’s like an old friend writing to you and it feels homey. You want to be that writer. You already are. You write much and people read it. it’s just that they have expectations as to how things should be.

Then you don’t have to go there. You can write as Is. You can be in your own light anyway. What happens now. I don’t know yet. Create it and you will see. Be in the light and you see is what I meant. Wife goes to work, then we do grocery.

She bought phone for the dughter. This shelf is starting to fill up with junk. I can clean that up. Them shoes has to go. Need to make room for the energy shift. Imagine if this business picks up. I have two running at this time and it’s exciting to be in this space right now. I have two businesses up and running.

Both are in positive cash flow but it’s because I have support. This year we expand the awareness and make it more viable. Do I go back to sleep? I finish the copy today. It don’t have to be fancy and in-depth. You only need to connect. Just connect. Once you have that connection, you can take them everywhere.

it’s the same with aikido. You used to do that. Do I go there instead? I can do that. But there’s so much copywriting going on in there that it’s a disraction. we’ll see. I can meet people there and help out. There be people in there already anyway. Remember how the energy felt like before?

Where to get gi? I don’t know yet. I can order online. There are good gis out there. You can get one for judo. When do you think you’ll use them. I can go check that out later. it’s supposed to come out on thursday but I think you missed the deadline theer. You get them next week.

So be it then. it’s the holidays anyway. I am not keen on going out with the wife’s plan. I have things on my todo list. I can stick with that instead. Is that trash coming in today. it’s too early. let’s do that later. i’ll just do a quick check in there and that gets things done. There is a different way.

I like the material on llbean. I can work with that this time. They are a direct mail business. How do you create clothes for that market? You give them risk free transactions. that’s how you win them over. it’s the repeat business that you are after. You make money on the backend.

You already know that. Why are they on that site anyway? I don’t know. Maybe not knowing how things really work. What else do we do here? They want up front. I think you know where this is going. I used the new mouse so she can use the old one. I can revert back but it’s ok.

Daughter gets a new phone. The ones I use are so much older. How come she didn’t see that I can use a new one. I think you know that this is opportunity for you to use the energy. Do it that way then. Is that oversold? Should I be long here?

I don’t know. But it’s time to make it so. The market usually moves around during the holidays. You can use that to advantage. Is there fear in your filter. Why would you want to work? it’s part of my process anyway. I think it’s fun but this is more fun for me. I can do things.

If this was back in time, would you do things differently? it’s there for you. Use up the energy. You got some energy in there. Use it. You learned things. Now it’s up to you. I can go back but it’s no longer relevant for you. it’s time to move on then.

This battery drained.

why would you

Sitting here waiting for wife to message for pick up. I could have showered and cleaned the toilet. But it’s too tight. I have a position open. So far it’s been profitable.

I think the pair you trade has to move wide and always moving up or down in one direction--trending is a better word. You don’t want a pair that’s always going sideways or range bound. I am wondering if this will work with gdbaud. It moves wide as well but can go sideways.

i’ll have a look. I can diversify with that pair. I can share this with the bro. This way he’ll get a shot at getting it right this time. You just run the program in the morning, check for news and see how it goes. it’s easy as pie. Will they get how to make it work? They should. You can’t do everything for them.

let’s see how this goes then. So far it’s working perfectly for me. Why not help out in a different way. Maybe they have a business in there that needs capital. You can have a look at their financials. See if it has potential. If not, then let it go at that.

I don’t have to make that as my full-time work. But this here wis what I do. I can make this go wide with awareness. I think this here is what my process is about. Waiting for the wife to get home then daughter makes carbonara. I have my food up and ready anyway.

there’s left over adobo chicken. Is it as good as how my parents used to do it? I don’t know. I remember it being more greasy. Would you survive in the heat. Do you go in that frequency or are you done with it?

I am done with it already. I have something in place here. You know where this is headed anyway. it’s time to get your act together this way. This kid is waiting for his package to get here. Everything is coming in late. Some pinoy songs rely more on palabok than quality. So be it. I can skip them.

it’s universal. You can find other music like that in every genre. Where do you find the good ones? I don’t know yet. But when you are in frequency it’ll come to you automatically. it’s like they can’t help but be drawn to you. I changed my definitions and it serves me better this way. Abundance is doing more with less. It works best for me. it’s all the same anyway. it’s your perspective that makes it unique.

Your context is what makes it unique. Then expand your awareness in that direction. You don’t have to lift a finger to make this work here. that’s what it’s about. You can find something else that’s interesting. In the meantime, it’s all here. How come there’s a slow down in there?

Use the time to read through your books. you’ve alays wanted to go with that anyway. So do that later. I have two books to go through. Read them, practice then go do some more. it’s been quiet. Go for woosh. that’s always best.

I like that music coming in with the guitars. She has good music. Did she write all that? it’s interesting to see good creation connect to flow that way. Are you able to do that as well? I didn’t remember hearing this song this way. it’s why I invest in quality monitor headphones.

They were made to output music the way they were recorded. there’s no coloring or filters. You hear how they made it. You can tell the poor tracks cheap production. Is there a difference in how they produced them? I don’t know. But for now, you can hear the difference.

I am done with programming. I can help but when things point to where i’m going, I know which boat to be on. I think there was light coming in through the window. The neighbors have gone? If there’s a knock on the door then we go. I think they can peek into the doorway to see.

If not, I don’t have to go see what happens. In the meantime, only do this. I can delete those tracks that don’t work for me anymore. They show up on my radio that way. I can leave it at that. Is this going sideways again? At least this way you see where it is going.

No need to determine which way. You simply buy and sell at profit. that’s what a business is about. Why would you sell at a loss when there’s always buyers. It might pile up that way but it’s going one way eventually. Stick with this for now.

can come down

These headphones are so much clearer than my m40x’s. I love it. It doesn’t get too hot on te ears. I can stick with this one. I walk with this on my head. it’s a long walk to the gym.

I don’t enjoy country music as much. There are a fe tracks, but they are often the exception. I have fear in me. Why do these two are always fighting? I don’t know. I can change my response to this. Do I workout tomorrow?

I can run during the day, then workout sometime around midnight. Or not. we’ll see. I will plan see how it goes later in the day. I need to get this kid here her passport photo then pick up the ones earlier. I can drive there now. Or not. I had coffee. I am doing the dishes. I am in fear.

I am raising my frequency. i’ve seen woosh before. I am going back. it’s better to woosh than to binge eat. That won’t get me very far. It feels terrible to be there. I can stick with this now. What else is there? I don’t know. it’s always that. I am affected by a schoolmate’s passing.

I feel vulnerable this way. What how to use that energy? I can listen to music. I took care of the recyclables situation. I got rid of all of it. Take it one step at a time. I got me some brisket. I can make that tomorrow. I have adobo in the works here.

What else? I write much. I can write me a story. I can do that. Maybe I can start a fiverr gig on that and see how far it’ll go. I can do that. Start with one gig. It always goes in that direction. there’s a book I am reading.

What can I do here. I feel like I go through what I went through with other people before. This show you that you can choose how to respond to the situation. It also gives you empathy. Do you feel the open-something when you are aware of it?

That is who you are. These kids grow up fast. We go to immigration on thursday with the wife. it’s going to be christmas soon. it’s ok to be without cash. You have something better. it’s the capacity to produce. You have the geese that lays the golden egg.

It don’t matter if you do not get paid. You did the work. You made solid the connection this time. that’s precious. They don’t have that in them. let’s see where this is going then. I can always get something new. You know where this is headed.

At least I have something new added to my portfolio. let’s see how things go from here. They can check out the website and see what it is they used and compare to what I created. I don’t think it is aligned with who I am. there’s always opportunity for me anyway. it’s time to move on.

I didn’t finish superbad. It should have been a movie about mclovin. What happened there. It was fun. The other two dropeed the ball somewhere. What happened to that guy? I don’t know. Do I get another one of these? I don’t know yet. This is fun. I can stick with this. How do you become more aware?

Raise the frequency and be open to what is. You will see the reflection. it’s all about resonance anyway. Just be in the light at every moment. This is the opportunity anyway. Do you see how much you have in that dimension.

You can choose to be here. what’s next then? Do the dishes, do the adobo. I think it will be enough time for a shutdown. Nothing to trade today. I think the market is going to go sideways but we don’t know that for sure. what’s up with that pc?

I can reinstall with linux. This is a far superior operating system. it’s just that the money is on that side. You can create stuff in this. I am sticking with this anyway. Do you need to create videos? Not really. Only write. Finish that book then.

i’m not into this one. I had my coffee already. The neighbors are going on a trip. it’s not my energy. When do I workout tomorrow? I can go at night. it’s more than enough time anyway. I don’t have to be so sleepy. Where to park? there’s much space you’ll find in there.

I can leave the car over there. Wife can come down to it anyway. i’ll leave at ten thirty. I get there at around eleven. So I start things at ten.

of the process

Time to write. I am going to the gym in a moment. Unconditional something. I can use the word love but that’s too emotionally charged for a word to use. I would rather use positive energy. In that context, the opposite of love is not indifferent, but hate. If love is totally positive, being indifferent is at zero and hate is in the opposite side of th escale.

This is why I tend to tune in than seek outside validation. When you are always looking to the outside, you get misalignment. I can drop off the books at the library, then walk to the gym and get my workout. that’ll do for a warmup.

I was going to look for crossfit workout. I guess that’s what we are going to do this year. i’m visiting home next christmas. I am going to be in the best fit of my life. Plus the business is booming. I have everything in place. I don’t have to chase after trades. I am ahead and I can end it right here.

You can practice writing copy. it’s a ten thousand hour skill but when you choose to be in frequency, you are in the moment. Everything is projected from there. I get a ride with the wife. Is there something in the library that I cnan use? Maybe a video? i’m not sure.

In the meantime then I write. I might have a new client coming in. let’s see if they buy the gig. Then i’ll start working on the copy. If not, I have other stuff to do. Yesterday I worked polished my website, specially the ones in my portfolio. That will tidy things up a bit.

I usually get customers from the storefront on weekends. i’ll keep that running and then go on upwork everyday and check for new listings relevant to what I do. I don’t have to catch everything. I only need to or choose to be in frequency. it’s the shortcut. The one I am talking to don’t really need my help. I don’t want to be in that spac. I can let go now.

I would rather work with clients that are more in alignment with what I do. let’s focus on that. This way, you get better copy and you enjoy what you are doing. How do you sell subliminal messages. But if it’s there and they hire me, then I see that as part of the synchronicity. I will work on it as it’s part of the process. If not, that tells me there is something else. Go there. Be in the moment.

What else? I go to workout then I walk home from there. This is what I do. I can go everyday. it’s what I do now. I have this and then take a break in the afternoon when everyone is home. I can take my naps then.

This way, I get out more often and meet new people. I can partner up with someone in the gym. I think the crowd there is more my kind, more similar frequency somewhat. I will take it from there. it’s day one. This is exciting. I don’t have to worry about the kids as much. They are grown up now. I can focus on what I do here.

What I do is act on my excitement every moment that I am aware of. When I am not able to let go, then it’s part of the process. it’s simple as that. Everything you filter until it’s a habit for you and it’s on autopilot. I read some books and upskilled myself in the last few days. it’s time to get back there and keep writing.

People are setting up ecommerce business all the time. They need good copy for that and it’s what I do. I am that part of their process. it’s cool this way. I get to work from home and work on my own time. I am building up value this way. I am adding value to all that is. I am supporting all that is.

The gigs help me to practice and build up my portfolio. Rather than read books, I solidify connection to flow this way. I also learn and practice what i’ve learned and expanding on this. What happens now? Wife is getting up. I go with her. I am writing. I can worry about that later. This is what I write and I post this later.

I do my basic workout. I can do alternates since i’ll be going everyday. What time do I go? Mornings sound fine. Or sometime around lunch after my nap. I can do yoga there but it’s going to be an hour. that’s three to four hours working out.

Is that good for you? I think I need to cut the time up into segments . I don’t want to spend more time on one thing. Do one hour of each, maybe two, then take it from there.

get a track

Four are still in bed. That last episode was great. Best i’ve seen so far. it’s the story i’m referring to here. Do I have to change autocorect for that? I don’t think so.

Everything here revolves around copywriting. I write, I research. That is a full battery. That guy downstairs is weird. it’s always different. What do you thing. Should I trade this? Not yet. it’s best to leave it alone for now.

What to do today? Write. I have a new client about to come on board. I am taking in everything because it’ll help with my practicing the writing. it’s not that. it’s the connection. it’s not that it’s not there but I am crystallizing it. I am gaining more awareness into it. Do I slouch?

So be it. I can change that. I do yoga this morning. The other one did not go to school anymore. I think she’s done. Last one is the son and he’ll finish on friday. So be it then. What happens next? Do yoga whenever you can. it’s fun that way. Or not.

it’s your choice really. What time do you go? After yoga. I go there to move the schedule. I would rather have it first thing in the morning. it’s already in place anyway. The distance makes this so. I can make changes whenever I want.

I was slouching. I can close my eyes as I write. This way, I can make connection easy. Do the pomodoro and you make the connection that way. Do I have to go there? I can change the key later on. I don’t have to but it’s this. I commenct better this way. It has gotten me this far. What now?

We grocery later. Do you need direct connection here? I don’t think so. I can create something but at least I am getting inquiries this way. it’s great that the blog is up and running. Next step is to gain more eyeballs into that profile page. that’s how we are going to get things up and running.

it’s not what you trade. it’s preserving capital? Growing the capital base. That way, you don’t have to trade much. Simply add to it, run the program and you’re good to go. Do I have to watch out for news? Ideally, you really don’t know what’s going to happen next. No matter what happens, it’s going to close at breakeven. that’s the worst that can happen. The other thing is, market might go sideways forever and that’s going to kill your margin. But that don’t really happen.

What happens is that it swings wild. You get in here, the roller coasetr moves and you get off. it’s not going to go sideways forever. So can I run the program everyday? Except for fridays going into the weekend. I think you have something good in here. That lady got on board earlier. Now she has ten million in funds. Two percent of that is two hundred thousand. that’s a lot of money. I can do that.

How do you reverse engineer that. You get referrals. You start off withone then get attention. People ask about it. You connect and you cover all the bases. How do you get people to find you. You go where they hang out. You make it visible what it is you are doing. You don’t have to go there and sell. Let them buy. there’s a difference. Let them sell themselves to it.

I think you already get the point. it’s just that clients have expectations on this. I see where this is going then. You allow for this to happen no need to push things around. Wife has great legs. What happens now. Finish writing, get on with your day. I think she comes home early today. We can have fun tonight. it’s always fun when she’s around.

This is the family thing then. Would you have things differently? I don’t know. What if I didn’t come back? i’d come visit the kids. She would have moved. She likes having her own thing. She got up late? I think she’s rushing now. So be it then. What now?

Keep writing. I can run the program. Or not. Maybe get a vps or something. that’ll keep you in the game all the time. Get a track record for that then. I think two levels is good for now. that’ll keep you in the game more often. Where do you want to close this?

I don’t know yet. Just keeps it running and get to the other side. In the meantime, do pomodoros to finish the copy. you’ve been down here before. You know what to do. I get more response this way. it’s the copy that works for you. let’s get this up and running.

Soon as I get back I do yoga.

out of it

I feel i’ve been let down, dis-appointed. I feel likke it wasn’t worth it. They said it’d be bliss, it’s not. They made you bbelieve it? Is it outside that did it? I see the definitions then. I can make changes.

Do you even need it? no. I can let go now. Why did i have to hold on for so long? I feel like i’ve wasted my time here. i’ve invested so much and it feels like a letdown. What now? Find something new out side? Or just go in? I think the answer is to go inside. There is nothing on the outside anyway but a projection and reflection of what is on the inside.

How to move forward? Be in your light. No need to make things happen on the outside go in. They are so poor they have to scam people to make money. that’s poor. They can’t give what they no longer need. that’s poor. You don’t want to be there. They can’t let go of what they don’t need and give it to someone else who needs it. that’s poor.

You see it on the outside. You can use that source code for yourself. You don’t have to go there. You simply choose what’s right for you and be in frequency. You don’t have to change them. You teach by the quality of your example. What happens now? I don’t know.

It was fun but i don’t have to go there anymore. They saw you were like that and they simply reflected it back to you. Do you need taking care of? I don’t think so. You can choose to go there then. I don’t have to. I go only when it’s in alignment for me.

I can sit on my butt all day. I was in that definition. I don’t have to. I can let go now. If you don’t want to spend time with me, why should i force it. I can move on. I know my own self worth. Why deny that she don’t want to spend time with me. Where do i hang out then. Do i go in now?

Maybe it’s time to go. It feels empty on the outside. Like they are different. it’s not ever going ot be perfect because you are not perfect. You see the ruse. You don’t have to play their game. Why not ue it instead? I have something you don’t. You are not complete. But you are.

Even when you think you are not, you are using your complete to make it seem like you are not complete. that’s how much power you have. What can i do about this then. Simply be in the light. I don’t think she is going to work today. Then i can move on to the next agenda.

I can write. Just like that it’s gone. You don’t have to chase after it. I write so i can process it. It festers inside. It uses up processing power. it’s running the cpu and it’s not oing anything. You don’t have to do things that way when it’s not in alignment. Plenty to process? no.

You can choose. You are not choosing? I am. Then allow for it to be there. No need to invalidate it. When you feel bad, just be. Feel bad about it. Use up the energy. Feel bad in every way. Then you see there is contrast there. You see grey but there are hints of different colors. You can look at the other colors if you want,t or stay in grey. it’s up to you. Allow for it to be there .use up the energy.

it’s why you have contrast. There is contrast in everything. it’s because all that is is in all that is. You don’t have to teach anywone. You just use the energy of what’s in there. Then we stay home all day? If that’s what we have then so be it. I was ecstatic last week. Now i feel like a letdown. What now?

You got here because of all that. You have a choice now. They didn’t get you because your higher mind was giving synchronicity. You are aware of that. You can choose to let go now. I do not have conditions there. You see their fear? I am aware. I sense the energy. It is my energy.

You don’t have to see it there. it’s the revelation. it’s what’s keeping them glued to the church. They await that to prove that they were right all along. What i you planted that seed in their mind? What you were wrong and you didn’t know it until you transitioned to the other side?

Would it be a disappointment? no. You got there yourself. You explored deeply. You got something out of it. Then allow for that to be there.

starts at one

Just be in frequency. Why would you hide your light? You speak like in religion. Then so be it in the moment. there’s stuff to do today. I have prizegiving later at noon. Where do we park? I don’t know yet. there’s plenty around there if you look around.

I can take daughter to paknsave later. i’ll need to check out reading glasses later on. Why not there at countdown after you drive everyone off? I can stop there and do those stuff this morning, get that out of the way. it’s plenty of time to write. Why not write three pages? it’s there you know that. The conection is not visible to the local self.

What you do is you go there. When you get there and you need the connection, it’s going to be there. Trust me on that. you’ve seen that before. Wife is up already was i making too much noicse? These new contact lens feel different. I slouch. I write whatever comes to mind. What happens next?

You keep to this. You get a new client later. I have a few more to add there. You know how it’s going to turn out. I write copy but the design is different. Keep to this for now and you will see. I drive them out and off. Son don’t have to go to school. Last week of school next week.

it’s going to be busy down here anyway. it’s almost christmas. I think i have a gift for everyone now. I wonder if the wife is going to order more stuff. I finish writing then i can check that out later. Wife got more pillows for the family. These things are taken care of for you. it’s how it’s all connected. You see it that way and you see more of it.

it’s all neutral anyway. Get in this light and you will see. I don’t have gmail in my phone. it’s one more thing wanting o get attention. Why would they want that? it’s ego projection of the owners. You are not there so it’s not relevant. I like how that company name spelled out.

I can make a logo of that or something but right now, it’s irrelevant. What do you do now? Keep writing. You don’t wake... wife is going to workout now. I think it’s a mistake or disalignment the drug campaign in manila. Now that most countries are legalizing it, what’s the point with the campaign. There is sometihng wrong there. I think it’s an excuse to discriminate and take otu people. Why not fight back?

Not fight back but get together and do something about it. If i were there i’d join a hx collective and get in there. You will see that it’s already evolved. The ones they are getting are the low hanging fruits. what’s the plan today? Finish off the soup. I have a week to clean up. it’s an organ and it’s delayed that way.

What to wear? You already know that. Get to the other side and see how it’s connected then. You already know that. What then. Finish writing. I can move over to the laptop. i’ll get new glasses and make a deposit. Then i come home.

that’s how it is for now. This is where we are. I think there should be a balance right there. These people are playing with you and there is no one right way. You clean up. Everything comes from the inside anyway.

This is the process for you then. I see. Now i get to the other side and seehow it looks like. it’s the process then. Why feel anxious about it? I don’t know. I haven’t seen the source code. Now you are aware. You can do sometihng about it. it’s how you use up the energy. Then you can move on and forward from here. Am i going to drive off?

I don’t know. These two are cute. i’m getting old. it’s shifting. What happens now? Play it as it is. Yo udon’t have to direct things. You just write about it all. When you are blocked you are trying to go straight. You have expectations instead of being liquid like water be. That way you are never blocked. If water isn’t then there be blocks everywhere.

You get that by default. Now you simply write about it and you will see. I get it. I think i may have to add to the position. Where is that coming from? I don’t know yet. I have enough funds in the wallet. let’s get to that and see where it’s going. Ten bucks a week is a lot in a year. Do that and see what happens. I think we can move forward with this. I am jut going to finish up and move forward. In the meantime, i am done.

negative about it

I tried to take a nap but shift wasn’t there. I got up. I’ll try again later. I finished copy earlier. I rushed that through and finished. I can do better? i’m not sure. I gave it my best.

I moved the driver’s test to next year. It got me into negative but i used the feeling to check into source code. Now i allow that to be there and used up the energy. it’s positive. You stay in a frequency for fifteen minutes and you get the manifestation. I got that insight earlier today.

This is how things are connected. Do i trade? no. Run the ea but there’s news coming out red flag. Do nothing. Maybe do something later tonight. In the meantime, do nothing. Maybe i can add funds to the account. I am meeting daugther later after school. I take her to grocery then come back later.

Gift for daughter came in this morning. One down. One other daughter to go. I think i need to place an order for that. i’ll do so later. I have cool multi-tool delivered. I ordered last sunday. What else do we do here? I can do three hundred a week. That is good for now.

I am also building up my portfolio. That is deep and powerful. it’s like a tsunami. You hardly see anything on the surface but there is so much power moving underneath the wave. That is a power metaphor. What happens now. I am listening to this. Resonance and reflection.

That is what it’s all about. I put that on my tattoo. This is what moves forward. What happens next? Write. Post. Decide later what happens. I have an hour and a half. Son might want to come along later. He said he has money. let’s see what happens then. Who else is going?

I don’t know. we’ll see what happens. If they all go i’ll get them noodles. Or what falls into place. Wife comes home late tonight. i’ll pick up. I wonder if daughter will come along. I get test next year. In the meantime, only do this. What else is here? Write and get connected to flow. I want this pc to work on again. What else can we do here now?

I don’t know. Maybe i can hand over the laptop to my son. Do i need to get another one? That be fun. that’s a milestone of sorts. I am getting my own finally. I did so last time but that was for student allownace. This is for my own income.

I think it’s best to put them funds in the hedge fund. That way, it expands and scales up to next year and i can choose to use that next year. That is exciting for me. It’s part of my process that way. What is the chart telling you now. it’s weak but it’s going to go sideways from here. How do you trade this? I don’t know yet.

Watch and see how it goes. I have friend on line. I am listening. I am tuned in and resonating. What am i writing about? Just write. No expectations. I don’t have to do anything today. I can simply be in the moment.

I like top chef. I can watch that maybe. I start from the first season and see where it’s going. I can do that. I finish this and run to library. I ran this morning. It was a good pace. it’s at least twice weekly. I resumed yoga today. Things were tight. it’ll get back to it. Do i get ribs?

we’ll see what happens. I make my nilaga later. There is mince. I can use that. No one is going to use it anyway. I like that. it’s soup and gets me downstream. Redefine what is there. You always have choice. These people have access because they need it. it’s part of their process. Yours is different.

You have direct access because you are aware. No need to feel negative about it. Or go negative and use the feeling to check in on the source code. it’s how things are connected anyway. it’s what i do every moment. Not all the time but when things don’t line up then i check in.

Is this my process? I think so. it’s part of everything anyway if it is not. I am writing much and i get to connect with flo.w there is a difference. This is the path. Anyone can write but the quality of the connection shows. You know how much they’ve been writing. The copy i templated off was lame. It was not connected and so there was a show-off energy to it. You it’s not relevant for me so i don’t have to dwell on that.