allow for it

i’m upset. Disappointed perhaps. there’s people negative like that still and it’s part of the process. it’s all part of the whole. There here is awareness of the energy. it’s how I use it then.

Wife is on silent mode. she’s the one who lost her phone. Then she couldn’t watch her concert and seems to blame me for it. that’s her energy. I don’t have to stay there. There is always plenty to be experienced. The energy has shifted. Why am I still here holding on?

This is a choice I make. it’s all opportunity. I have inquiry from last night. This is energy shift. It don’t matter what they have intended. it’s how you use the energy. I got ahead of the curve still. Even if I don’t get paid, I still am ahead. I got to practice. I was in the light.

It was opportunity for me to be the person I chose to be. That is enough for me then. No matter how negative the outside is, I have the opportunity to choose my energy. that’s why it’s here. Even if the world were to turn against me, it’s synchronicity telling me it’s time to shift.

What happens then? You move on. You keep to the light. You learn something from the experience and you move on. What to do today? I clean the car. Prep for next week so I don’t have to do that. I can go see that video. Is this a good playlist? I think so. I can grow that from here.

there’s plenty out there still. You can listen to this when you write. it’s part of who you are. I think it’s an art you are building on. No need for expectations then. You have it all in you anyway. What do you do with this? I don’t know yet. Path of least resistance.

How could I have responded to that energy? Choose your thoughts. that’s where it all starts anyway. Keep to the light. You were not in there. You now have a choice. it’s all connected. That happened to show you where you are. it’s feedback you can use. Use it that way then.

You dwell on it? I am. Then allow for it to be here. Sit on it. You are here for a grand reason. You may not be that, but that’s expectation you can do without. Simply be. Who says you need validation from the outside? You are. What if you changed the definition there? it’s all you anyway.

I get that part. What to do today? Finish up on the outside. it’s going to get you going in this direction. And then the new year happens. it’s saturday. No trades today and on monday. Things start to happen on tuesday.

This time we run the bot the week through. The market is going to do what it’s going to do. The account was down deep but it recovered nicely and showed a hefty profit. I think you can play with this then. Keep it running for a year. you’ll get there eventually.

You can go for investors. I think this is what we can do with it. You can use the trade explorer as a profile signature everywhere. it’s like your calling card. You not seek. You resonate with that energy. You then project and see the reflection. You don’t have to make things happen at all.

Maybe I can create that situation for myself. it’s what this energy is about. Do you have to tell them about that thing? I don’t have to. Maybe I don’t have to. Others are using it already. You can always do something with it. The bot runs and is done for the day. You are up anyway. let’s see how things go.

What happened there? I don’t know yet. I can review that charts, or not. But if everyone is running that same bot, what happens then? Can you do this with the stock market? I don’t think so. Unless you create something like autohotkey script that will do it for you.

I think that’s possible then, at some level. let’s go there then. it’s the thing. I got message from upwork. let’s see if this is a job offer. i’ll get started work on this right away. This will keep things running then.

that’s a good way to start the new year. Brother went out of town this time. I wonder if he is still active in freelancing. there’s plenty here for him as well. let’s see where this is headed then. You can activate the links. it’s in place anyway. You can use it in a positive way. I feel better now.