are permission issues

i’m not sure I want to go with the wife’s plan tomorrow. She has to be on the outside to get the state of being. I don’t need that. I only neeed a change in environment and I can match frequency. I don’t even need a change on the outside. I can only tune in and be in the light.

The only reason I am considering this is because of the son. He asked last night if I was going. there’s three kids going. The ferry to the island would be great. i’ll need food and water to make it through there. Plus i’ll need a nap or two in between.

Why not just move there? She needs a lot of the outside stuff. I don’t need them. When I say so, I get into frequency. I channel my higher self. it’s already who I am anyway. What happens now? Do you want to go or not? she’s going to be there for eight hours. I don’t want to do that. I can do four hours and i’m done. I don’t have to go this way and that.

I am leaning towrads not going then? I think so. What to do with self? I can have steak twice tomorrow. I can make my nilaga. I can look up a recipe for beef stew and make that. I have mince meat anyway. That be fine. let’s do that then. How much carbs for that? I don’t know.

What else is there? I can go out for a run. I can do yoga. there’s so much to do tomorrow. I can make that demo for tomorrow. That be fine as well. You don’t need anything on the outside. You simply be in the light. I guess I am going to stay then. I spend time with the son anyway. I spend time with each one of them during the day.

let’s stick with that. I can drive them over, then head back to post office and get some stuff. there’s probably delivery coming in tomorrow. that’s something to look forward to. Thatt be fun then. I am going towards not going. What can I get myself?

I don’t know yet. I can go to the gym. That be fun right there. let’s get cracking with that. While they are away I have a lot of things to do. Let her have a good time there. I am only going to ruin it for her. I can make good time for myself. let’s go there then.

What else is there. You might not have those pictures. Do you even need that? I can do something else here. Should I be bullish? Eventually it can be so. I have… what happened to that laptop anyway. I think that’s the one right there.

it’s gone now. She bought one with her money. that’s good for now. Pity that laptop no one can use it now. Maybe you can send it out. Your niece can use that. They can hook it up to a monitor and use that eventually. How much to send that over? I don’t know. But I can start writing them letters.

I can setup the printer on this laptop. It used to be easy. Now there are permission issues that need attention. What is that show. She needs to be watching being on the outside and not from the inside. How do you trade this? I don’t know yet.

it’s got orders in place anyway. You can leave it at that. If nothing else, you can do something else and see what happens. They follow blindly. That is the problem there. They could have done something else in the meantime. it’s too bad they had to be like that. They should have protected their own.

Why would they think it’s otherwise? They follow orders. it’s that reason why. Is that west point? Or is it something else. I think there’s a lot of flaky things there. You can do sometihng in here. You write. Demi is hot.

Who else is named that way? i’ll bet there must be some lady out there with the same name. Or not. Those are neat shoes. That is expensive. Do you want to go there. I used to be in that situation. But now things are different. I am different. I am watching thatvideo.

Is it related. That is rewarding attention. That is what you do. How do you reward attention? Give them what you want. Or there be something else out there. I can see that. Then let’s look into it and see how it goes. it’s all connected anyway. So far, it’s i’m not going tomorrow.

I will look for reasons to go if it’s there. Demi is a good reason to keep watching.