can come down

These headphones are so much clearer than my m40x’s. I love it. It doesn’t get too hot on te ears. I can stick with this one. I walk with this on my head. it’s a long walk to the gym.

I don’t enjoy country music as much. There are a fe tracks, but they are often the exception. I have fear in me. Why do these two are always fighting? I don’t know. I can change my response to this. Do I workout tomorrow?

I can run during the day, then workout sometime around midnight. Or not. we’ll see. I will plan see how it goes later in the day. I need to get this kid here her passport photo then pick up the ones earlier. I can drive there now. Or not. I had coffee. I am doing the dishes. I am in fear.

I am raising my frequency. i’ve seen woosh before. I am going back. it’s better to woosh than to binge eat. That won’t get me very far. It feels terrible to be there. I can stick with this now. What else is there? I don’t know. it’s always that. I am affected by a schoolmate’s passing.

I feel vulnerable this way. What how to use that energy? I can listen to music. I took care of the recyclables situation. I got rid of all of it. Take it one step at a time. I got me some brisket. I can make that tomorrow. I have adobo in the works here.

What else? I write much. I can write me a story. I can do that. Maybe I can start a fiverr gig on that and see how far it’ll go. I can do that. Start with one gig. It always goes in that direction. there’s a book I am reading.

What can I do here. I feel like I go through what I went through with other people before. This show you that you can choose how to respond to the situation. It also gives you empathy. Do you feel the open-something when you are aware of it?

That is who you are. These kids grow up fast. We go to immigration on thursday with the wife. it’s going to be christmas soon. it’s ok to be without cash. You have something better. it’s the capacity to produce. You have the geese that lays the golden egg.

It don’t matter if you do not get paid. You did the work. You made solid the connection this time. that’s precious. They don’t have that in them. let’s see where this is going then. I can always get something new. You know where this is headed.

At least I have something new added to my portfolio. let’s see how things go from here. They can check out the website and see what it is they used and compare to what I created. I don’t think it is aligned with who I am. there’s always opportunity for me anyway. it’s time to move on.

I didn’t finish superbad. It should have been a movie about mclovin. What happened there. It was fun. The other two dropeed the ball somewhere. What happened to that guy? I don’t know. Do I get another one of these? I don’t know yet. This is fun. I can stick with this. How do you become more aware?

Raise the frequency and be open to what is. You will see the reflection. it’s all about resonance anyway. Just be in the light at every moment. This is the opportunity anyway. Do you see how much you have in that dimension.

You can choose to be here. what’s next then? Do the dishes, do the adobo. I think it will be enough time for a shutdown. Nothing to trade today. I think the market is going to go sideways but we don’t know that for sure. what’s up with that pc?

I can reinstall with linux. This is a far superior operating system. it’s just that the money is on that side. You can create stuff in this. I am sticking with this anyway. Do you need to create videos? Not really. Only write. Finish that book then.

i’m not into this one. I had my coffee already. The neighbors are going on a trip. it’s not my energy. When do I workout tomorrow? I can go at night. it’s more than enough time anyway. I don’t have to be so sleepy. Where to park? there’s much space you’ll find in there.

I can leave the car over there. Wife can come down to it anyway. i’ll leave at ten thirty. I get there at around eleven. So I start things at ten.