get a track

Four are still in bed. That last episode was great. Best i’ve seen so far. it’s the story i’m referring to here. Do I have to change autocorect for that? I don’t think so.

Everything here revolves around copywriting. I write, I research. That is a full battery. That guy downstairs is weird. it’s always different. What do you thing. Should I trade this? Not yet. it’s best to leave it alone for now.

What to do today? Write. I have a new client about to come on board. I am taking in everything because it’ll help with my practicing the writing. it’s not that. it’s the connection. it’s not that it’s not there but I am crystallizing it. I am gaining more awareness into it. Do I slouch?

So be it. I can change that. I do yoga this morning. The other one did not go to school anymore. I think she’s done. Last one is the son and he’ll finish on friday. So be it then. What happens next? Do yoga whenever you can. it’s fun that way. Or not.

it’s your choice really. What time do you go? After yoga. I go there to move the schedule. I would rather have it first thing in the morning. it’s already in place anyway. The distance makes this so. I can make changes whenever I want.

I was slouching. I can close my eyes as I write. This way, I can make connection easy. Do the pomodoro and you make the connection that way. Do I have to go there? I can change the key later on. I don’t have to but it’s this. I commenct better this way. It has gotten me this far. What now?

We grocery later. Do you need direct connection here? I don’t think so. I can create something but at least I am getting inquiries this way. it’s great that the blog is up and running. Next step is to gain more eyeballs into that profile page. that’s how we are going to get things up and running.

it’s not what you trade. it’s preserving capital? Growing the capital base. That way, you don’t have to trade much. Simply add to it, run the program and you’re good to go. Do I have to watch out for news? Ideally, you really don’t know what’s going to happen next. No matter what happens, it’s going to close at breakeven. that’s the worst that can happen. The other thing is, market might go sideways forever and that’s going to kill your margin. But that don’t really happen.

What happens is that it swings wild. You get in here, the roller coasetr moves and you get off. it’s not going to go sideways forever. So can I run the program everyday? Except for fridays going into the weekend. I think you have something good in here. That lady got on board earlier. Now she has ten million in funds. Two percent of that is two hundred thousand. that’s a lot of money. I can do that.

How do you reverse engineer that. You get referrals. You start off withone then get attention. People ask about it. You connect and you cover all the bases. How do you get people to find you. You go where they hang out. You make it visible what it is you are doing. You don’t have to go there and sell. Let them buy. there’s a difference. Let them sell themselves to it.

I think you already get the point. it’s just that clients have expectations on this. I see where this is going then. You allow for this to happen no need to push things around. Wife has great legs. What happens now. Finish writing, get on with your day. I think she comes home early today. We can have fun tonight. it’s always fun when she’s around.

This is the family thing then. Would you have things differently? I don’t know. What if I didn’t come back? i’d come visit the kids. She would have moved. She likes having her own thing. She got up late? I think she’s rushing now. So be it then. What now?

Keep writing. I can run the program. Or not. Maybe get a vps or something. that’ll keep you in the game all the time. Get a track record for that then. I think two levels is good for now. that’ll keep you in the game more often. Where do you want to close this?

I don’t know yet. Just keeps it running and get to the other side. In the meantime, do pomodoros to finish the copy. you’ve been down here before. You know what to do. I get more response this way. it’s the copy that works for you. let’s get this up and running.

Soon as I get back I do yoga.