in the meantime

Price is headed into support. On the one hour chart, support cloud is thick. I don’t think you want to trade here but when price breaks through the cloud there’s plenty of momentum behind it. How do you trade that then?

Wait for pullback. Wife is going to be home until it’s time for her to go. I think she goes out after lunch. I might go with her, but i’m not sure. Do i short this baby? there’s not a lot of trades with the grid. Maybe if i turned it on at the start of tokyo session? If it were london, then things would have happened.

The thing about this is that you need to keep adding to funds. How do you do that? Keep at copywriting. You don’t have to watch this. Just do what it is you do and the ea will take care of the positions. You just add to this like your savings. it’s like copywriting but you are stocking the pond as it automatically adds to your positions.

To automate this then you add bucks to this every week. It then takes profits when it has to. To get out of them rangebound days, you do not do anything on fridays, definitely that. Is there news coming out? Even if there wasn’t any, you have very little volume and momentum going for you. it’s better to leave the thing on once a week and when it closes everything, you wait for the next setup.

I can do that. I am going to do more reserach into that. let’s see where it goes. In the meantime, you know where this pair is going. You saw what pairs they were trading. The cat is here sleeping with the wife. Daughter left early for work. she’s grown up now. I am getting old. My body is telling me to shift. How do you go from here?

I don’t know yet. Allow for them to be here. The copywriting is glorious. I can move this over to that windows pc. Or leave it running in manjaro. The issue is that some ea’s seem to not work on a wine background. I can test that by running the manjaro thing when we have trading. This way i can pay attention to it.

How can the son not use it then? I don’t know yet. This machine here has more to it in gpu. I can use that. You really don’t need that but you can watch price action from over here. I got two mobile tables. we’ll see how we can use it. In the meantime, there’s not much to do around here but write.

I have a good portfolio now. let’s see where this is going. it’s morning. I will respond to that when the wife gets up. I get itchies now and then. I think there’s a trade opportunity here. Do you want to short this?

The stop is too deep. You don’t want to trade that. Risk reward isn’t that much. Money management is moot unless you have an edge. You already have that. there’s an equation there. You know it by instinct. You can’t define it right now. it’s from the inside. The two kids are still out? She should be up by now, usually. it’s friday. They have a few more weeks of school to go. About two weeks.

I can do yoga on monday. I can do that today. let’s get going then. I can do yoga in the room. This way i have more peace and quiet. I can give that table to daughter. I think the shipping address is already there. I just need to get going with this here. Do you want to trade that? It looks promising that way.

no. keep out of this. it’s too volatile right now. Wait for it to interact with the cloud. Look at price how it responds to that cloud. You then trade from there. In the meantime, do nothing. it’s more a trend follower then.

The moving average stays out of the way. You can use that to trade some more. Daughter is up. I need to wrap them pizzas. Did they eat that other one? I think son did. it’s fun when he’s around. He has hirit. He knows how to have fun. I wonder what he’s like with his friends around.

Things may be different. I am lack of attention here. I know. You have learned something from it. it’s time to move on now. Keep to copywriting and let the ea take care of the market. You have that as a filter. Now it’s time to move on here.

What happens next? You know where this is going. let’s get cracking and see how it goes. In the meanime, i do this. I write well i suppose. Show me then. let’s install over the weekend, then run the program overnight.