is my practice

I discovered michael buble during christmas. he’s got good voice. i’m adding tracks to my playlist. it’s christmas morning. it’s not the religious kind. I am done with that. it’s the spirit of it. How religion has messed things up.

But that’s in the past. it’s not you anymore. Then you can move forward in this dimension. I have gout. It started last night. I am gourmet mode from here on. No more cheap stuff. Go for quality, not quantity. You have the resources now. it’s different now.

I respond in a different way. there’s much awareness that goes into it. Automate stops when you restart. You need to get in there and start them manually. Maybe tasker is better at this? I don’t know. Each one has its own merit.

It was last year that was rocky. Now we do things different. At least wife has seen the reflection there. Anonymity is still there. No need to fight it. Just be in this frequency and you will see the reflection. it’s there already anyway. Why not see the contrast? You have it there. You just need to focus more on it.

Battery on this thing don’t last an hour anymore. Going on its second year and still well used. I think that’s a good sign for you. Linux is always going to be there. Use your awareness. Even when you don’t it’s still there.

She feels poor herself. You can do this now. How about spending more time there? I can do that. let’s get this cracking then. When you are in frequency then you are in the light. Wife has an alarm even when she don’t go to work. She needs that I don’t get. Lets get cracking. it’s going to take two hours but it’s worth it.

Consider it as something you need to do. it’s your job part of your daily routine. Be in the light and you will see how it’s all connected. You don’t have to hate hate it. I have a good business up and running and it’s going to get positive even when there is negative in it. that’s what I like about it.

Then we expand on this. It goes in all directions. Why not change your listen mode. I can do that. Finish writing then you can make changes. I write all day. This is fun. I can expand into something else. I installed blender on the gpu pc. that’s where i’ll do my editing. The os can change but it’s there for a reason for you. let’s get cracking then.

What else is there? I don’t know. You can expand in any direction you want. You decide. I need to get rid of some stuff here. I am going out for a walk later. I need to shower anyway. I can clean the toilet. it’s sunday. it’s good that the wife is home. How are things going to be different this year?

We visit manila next year. That is something to look forward to? I think so. let’s get cracking on this. it’s there for you anyway. When do you resume gym? I can go check that out tomorrow. let’s do that. I am not going with them when they go out. I have work. I also have gym.

I don’t have to go there anyway. it’s great to listen to this on christmas. You can listen to lea salonga music. It gets old very fast. it’s nice to listen to something else. That was zoey? she’s hot that way. What happened there? I don’t know but it’s connected still. there’s a lot here for you.

Can you see it? I am on page two. I used to train on christmas. Now this is my practice. I have been writing for more than a decade. Some people are afraid of writing. it’s because I compare mine to tohers finished product. You don’t do that to yourself. that’s not fair.

What can we do about it then? Just write in a vacuum. You can make changes and it goes there as well. Then you can create something from nothing. there’s not much there but you go in and search what you can about the market. it’s all about research.

Battery doesn’t last long so you need to be connected easily. Why not do it more often. They don’t need my help. I offered help. I think they want handouts. If you have a good campaign, you will never ask for handouts. They don’t know that yet. They are not there. I can’t teach them that.

They need to see a good campaign in place? I think so. What about this hiphop guy? Research the market.